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    Trinity de Liberas

    by , 08-10-2013 at 02:13 AM (542 Views)
    WARNING: Sexual content

    NOTE: Numbers do not signify any particular order. They're just for ease of reference for interpretation.

    A phrase: ''Trinity de Liberas'' . No idea what it meant.

    1. Justice. I was in a room. Reminded me of a room I rented in college near a river. He was in the room beside mine. Although there were 'holes' in the plywood separating our rooms, I did not peek into his room, though I was sorely tempted. I heard him talking to someone, but I sensed or knew he was alone, so it must be a phone. I lied down on my bed, looking up at the ceiling, and noticed that the plywood wall does not go to the ceiling, so there's an open space between our rooms near the ceiling. I was looking at the opening when I saw him start to peek through it, all while he was talking on his phone. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to sleep, but I can still see him somehow. He crossed over to my room, still talking on his phone, and he looked me over.

    2. A guy got pregnant. At first it was me, and then it wasn't me. When they took the 'baby' out of his (or my) stomach, it turned out to be a frog. Turned out that there's a particular species of frogs (it was clear when I saw or heard it but then forgot it when I woke up) that insert their eggs through the skin, and then it goes in the stomach/uterus to grow. I became careful not to go out with my body parts exposed.

    3. I had sex with a guy, with me on top. I wanted it to be the guy on [1] but it seems it's not. This one is darker. After sex, we discussed the amount, or maybe it was a flashback. The room costs 3000, and he wants 600. He/I complained about the cost of the room.

    4. I was outside our house in our hometown. I was naked, but didn't really mind. I love the cold. I was near the well-pump area. I saw my dad come out of the 'front' door, and he saw me. I waved. He quickly grabbed a towel to cover me and brought me inside the house. My brother was also there. (NOTE: I have no male sibling).

    5. I was inside a house. A guy (L? He looked thinner.) caught a huge roach, about the size of an adult person's forearm and thick. The guy held on to its huge body with his left hand, and used his right hand to cover or play around with the head of the roach. I warned him that it might bite him.

    [Woke up. Went back to bed.]

    6. I was inside a traveling train. It slanted a bit, and I played along by slanting my own body. There were a lot of people there. Caucasian. Then suddenly, the train went out through the 'door', almost hitting a girl on her way out and almost ripping my arm off by the door. It continued running off track through some wilderness. We passed near a gorge, running up along the cliffs and looking down the river. The wilderness was blue and green; it was beautiful. We continued trailing away from it, and through some tall grasses. We even crossed an old, rusty railroad. We finally stopped near a small river. There were people on the other side, and we had to cross the river and get our feet wet to get there. My sister was already walking in the river. I looked around for a dry path. The rusty railings. Some dry cemented area. Finally, on the other side, I looked around and saw a small grassy field and some 'trees' beyond it. Somebody mentioned 'glen'. I looked around, this time with more awareness that we may be in a magical glen.

    7. I was in a hall, with a huge book displayed on the wall. The red and orange or yellow cover was ripped/vandalized, as well as some of the pages. I can see some of the writings inside, and they looked old, like a grimoire. I mentioned this to Rob. He took it out and put it on the table like he didn't mind the fact that it was ripped apart.

    8. Justice. I was in a room. It reminds me of our room in first-year high school.

    More notes:

    * I ate nothing but bread and butter the whole day prior.
    * I avoided sexual activity for the whole day.
    * An old neighbor visited while I was topless. I felt 'exposed.'
    * Before I fell asleep, I happened to think of a dorm mate back in college who I had some sexual activity. He's dark skinned.
    * I went down this morning to use L's toaster grill, and I found a roach inside. I'm thinking whether it was precognition or I simply thought of the Madagascar hissing roach before I slept. Did I? I'm no longer sure.
    * I was supposed to read a small red-white-black book last night, but I decided not to.
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