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    Tumbling Elevator

    by , 05-22-2016 at 01:49 PM (966 Views)
    The mood was anxious.

    It was night. I was with friends. We met somewhere but then decided to take a friend's car going somewhere. We passed by some buildings then the place became unfamiliar. The owner asked the driver where we were and if we would pass by some place (I don't remember the word) through this route. The driver answered, and the owner was satisfied. I thought the place looks familiar now.

    We ended up having to go down by a checkpoint. For some reason, we had to stop and go down and eat. It was an outdoor eatery. The military at the checkpoint said some demeaning things to those who don't want to volunteer for the military and praised those who do. I remember then there was a list that we supposedly signed a while back. Those who want to enlist will choose to stay in that area. Those who don't want to can leave after. I got worried if I chose to stay, then I mentally changed my answer in that list.

    I was riding an elevator. At first, it went straight up, or I just didn't notice it moving anywhere but up. I was with friends. Not sure where we were going. We stopped at a floor. We went back to the elevator to get somewhere else.

    I was with one friend. We were going up the elevator again. This time, I felt it tilt to the side, and I felt gravity pulling me down. Then it kept moving all over the place. My friend was holding on to a horizontal bar at the chest level inside the elevator to keep himself from moving, and he was still "standing" on the "floor" even while the elevator is upside down.

    Arrived at an office. He invited me there but turned out he was applying for work and I'm working for the same company. I said hi to a few people, even one who's about to leave. I was supposed to talk about an incoming meeting but felt like I had to hurry when my friend said we're about to leave.

    I went out the office and looked back. I saw our local head, but he looks like Obama after years of being president: tired, grey haired. I waved but he was just frowning. I wondered, should I be here in the first place? I went to the next room and went right to some sort of a "fun" room: there were sofas, clothing, bean bags, etc. People were lining up to go into the comfort room. Interestingly, the person's outline inside is visible. It's like there's a yellow glowing line inside that makes the person's outline visible through the wall. I saw the outline was sitting then stood up. I decided I'd rather look for another comfort room.

    It was still night.


    I took ibuprofen + paracetamol before I fell asleep for the pain in my head.
    I recently told a friend about an opening at work.
    I'm anxious about going back to our hometown.
    I'm anxious about the dirt that went into my fingernails.

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