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    Two Houses

    by , 01-17-2016 at 05:07 AM (163 Views)
    I was in my hometown. I was going to ride a plane. I was packing my things and thought I was late. I hurried out to the airport, which turned out to be right beside our home, where the municipal building was supposed to be. The plane is no longer there. I was told that it's near the market area, and it turned the roads to a runway. I walked to the market. There's a fair. It was a sunny day. When I reached where I thought the plane was supposed to be, it was dark, night, and flooding. I think it was raining. I was on top of some sort post. I looked down at some of the debris being swept away by the flood. I didn't feel fear. A bit of fascination.

    I was walking along the road with mom and sis in a subdivision. Sis mentioned about renting a place. The one she's currently in is horrible. The space is small, the light is dim yellow, security is awful. It also looks cheaply made. I led them down the road. There's a bit of flood on the road. It was raining. There were cars passing by. I was impressed by one car that looks expensive but was able to go through the flood without sputtering. We reached the place, a house I was renting (all on my own or sharing?). I pointed out how the setting is perfect. Sunlight does not go inside too often, only on the east where it rises, and on the west, there's a building that will block it. The house looks decent. Mom wanted to hurry back home. I thought sis was supposed to back home with mom but apparently she's staying. She was in the living room working on her laptop.

    I was in my hometown. I was going to ride a plane.



    - I woke up pre-dawn and wrote keywords for the first paragraph. I slept and woke up around 10am and wrote keywords for the second paragraph.
    - Had a hard time sleeping. I went to bed around 2am.
    - I tried going to gamma through alpha but I keep getting distracted.
    - I will have to go back to basic meditation.

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