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    Two Parks

    by , 11-11-2015 at 07:55 AM (239 Views)
    I was in a park with dinosaurs. Or mutants. We were able to escape to the neighboring park, which for some reason is free from all that. It was sunny. We talked with the owner how horrible it was in the other park. She's an old lady. She talked about how a company was trying to buy off her land/park.

    I was on a grassy field. A football/soccer field. There are some people I know there: Am and Jo(Sun). We laid down on the grass. I laid down between them, and I noticed how Jo moved a bit away. I thought that was strange, and maybe it's really just how guys don't like to be too close to one another, but then I noticed that Am didn't seem to mind that my leg was over his other leg. I ignored Jo. He might have sensed something, and shortly after moved his leg closer.

    I was in the house in our hometown. A door was being fixed. I told mom that thieves could get in. She said not to worry coz our neighbor will be bringing in the fix. It was night.

    I was watching a shredder of sorts. I saw someone put kittens into it. I didn't see the cats being shredded but they went down.

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