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    quorthonafull's tornado of dreams

    9/12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 recall

    by , 09-19-2010 at 05:36 PM (644 Views)
    I had some problems with recall during this week, mainly caused by sleep schedule changes (most days I had to get up earlier, and the alarm screwed up my recall).

    9/12, 14, 15, 17 and 19



    Metalinga! fanzine

    I made a Heavy Metal fanzine with some friends, the Metalinga! Fanzine. It had some Metal albums reviews and a lot of crap. Despite being a fanzine, the design was very professional, with full color pages and amazing graphic work.


    Big IAC

    I go to IAC (Instituto Argentino de Computación), an institute where I go to PC repair and LAN management classes. But this time the classroom was three or four times larger., and looked like an old train station. I am with a lot of classmates (in the real class we are like 10 students only) and the two teachers, Mariano and Matias (the last year teacher). Mariano is gossiping with my classmates about Paparazzi, an argentinian tabloid (WTF?), and Matias is finishing a program to the next assignment. I go with to help him (He's a bit confused because Mariano started to make the files but He can't find them). He tells me: "This will be your next homework, but I can't find It". I saw an icon called "pipa" (Mariano always calls his programs with names like that), so I told hin I found the batch file (we always work with .bat files).


    Fake SD

    I am playing a First Person Shooter with my brother and a misterious guy. Somehow, I manage to survive pretty well, and I give a tough fight to them, but then, things start to get harder. I must start to run away more and more times. The "map" was pretty big, like a megamansion, and I ran away across the entire playable area several times. But later, I am going through undeground stairs, and i appear in my grandma's house (It is right next to my house). All looks very realistic, I know I am dreaming. Suddenly, a woman appears next to me. She is quite good looking, with blonde hair, beautiful eyes and a gorgeus body. She gives me a bunch of pirate DVDs and says "take your Black Metal DVDs". She disappears.

    I woke up (really), and decided to continue the story, I DEILD'd back to the dream.

    Now I am back in my grandma's house. I watch the DVDs for a while (They were amazing Black Metal live shows), but then, I woke up (FA). My grandma comes very scared. "Matias, go to see what's happening to your brother". I know what happened, but I don't understand why. It's related to the shooter game, but I don't know how a SD could be scary for my brother. He is in his bed, covered with blankets, sweating alot, like posessed by a demon (the "demon" of shared dreaming?). "Well, this is quite confusing, I'll wake up". And i woke up.

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