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    Finding my DG Round 1: FAIL

    by , 05-20-2011 at 11:05 PM (733 Views)
    After a couple of days of crappy recall, I had a LD today:

    I'm chatting with some friends via Skype, planning on play some online game. One of them called me via phone and said something I couldn't understand (except a part like "We won't play anithing today"). So I go to the living room to read some DJs in the laptop. A guy called Lou has a very detailed and long entry, so I keep reading. I scroll down and there's something like this:

    Oh, It's true! A voice says "remember to stabilize, remember to stabilize". This time, I Did the nose plug RC and stabilized the dream before hearing that voice, but It's great to have someone to tell me what to do if I forget the essential first steps (maybe he/she is my guide and doesn't want to reveal itself yet). Anyway, let's go on. I decide to look for my DG. I shout " I wanna go where my DG is". All becomes black.

    I'm in a dark, labyrinth-like village. A tiny black guy asks me to follow him. He takes me to my dad's room. My dad says to me something about the canoes, and He is quite annoying , so I leave the room. I ask to myself "I'm not lucid, Am I? I went to the street and did some RCs (nose plug and and the other with the mouth). It is pretty funny, so I keep doing It a while. I'm going back home, when all starts vanishing...

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