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    1. Finding my DG Round 1: FAIL

      by , 05-20-2011 at 11:05 PM (quorthonafull's tornado of dreams)
      After a couple of days of crappy recall, I had a LD today:

      I'm chatting with some friends via Skype, planning on play some online game. One of them called me via phone and said something I couldn't understand (except a part like "We won't play anithing today"). So I go to the living room to read some DJs in the laptop. A guy called Lou has a very detailed and long entry, so I keep reading. I scroll down and there's something like this:

      Oh, It's true! A voice says "remember to stabilize, remember to stabilize". This time, I Did the nose plug RC and stabilized the dream before hearing that voice, but It's great to have someone to tell me what to do if I forget the essential first steps (maybe he/she is my guide and doesn't want to reveal itself yet). Anyway, let's go on. I decide to look for my DG. I shout " I wanna go where my DG is". All becomes black.

      I'm in a dark, labyrinth-like village. A tiny black guy asks me to follow him. He takes me to my dad's room. My dad says to me something about the canoes, and He is quite annoying , so I leave the room. I ask to myself "I'm not lucid, Am I? I went to the street and did some RCs (nose plug and and the other with the mouth). It is pretty funny, so I keep doing It a while. I'm going back home, when all starts vanishing...
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    2. Back to DJing!

      by , 05-11-2011 at 03:55 AM (quorthonafull's tornado of dreams)
      It's my first DJ Entry in like six months, but anyway, I don't have that much to say. My recall was going down day after day like the amount of healty liver tissue in an alcoholic, and now I'm back from scratch, trying to improve my recall. I can only recall two lucids, one was the last year and the other one was a couple of weeks ago:

      An afternoon with Chuck Schuldiner in Barcelona

      I'm in my grandma's house (just behind mine), in her room. I'm watching a concert in DVD, called "Death: Live in Cottbus", with my brother and a tall guy with a black guitar, like Chuck Schuldiner's (Chuck is Death's the main guitarist/vocalist, He died because a tumor in his head). The band is playing Spirit Crusher, and that guy starts playing his guitar (unplugged), He plays so damn good (as Chuck used to), not even a singlenote is misplaced...

      Wait, this cannot be real, We're in Spain (I was in my grandma's house, but I felt the atmosphere quite "spanish", like being in Barcelona) with Chuck (yes, that guy was Chuck Schuldiner playing guitar in front of me). I'm bored, so let's go outside. Chuck keeps playing, but he left his guitar in the room, so the sound comes from nowhere. I "pick up" an air guitar and start playing behind him, like an air guitar duel, for the rest of the song. After thar, He says "follow me, machine" (like "maquina", "fiera" or "campeón", ways to call other people in the local slang). Following him in the streets of Barcelona, some people starts poking me. I keep walking, but They are so annoying, like trying to knock me down. I fall to the floor, and all fades into nothingness...

      Going back home

      I am with my brother in a warehouse, our warehouse (huge dreamsign, we have no warehouse). I decide to go home. I'll be there in a minute, I just need to walk a couple of blocks. The moon is quite shiny this night. A little nigger comes to me asking for some pennies. I hate those parasites, so I've disfigured his face with my so feminine fist. Lolwut? I look like a woman (a very hot woman), but I don't get lucid despite the big dreamsign. Another nigger comes to me (a big one). He grabs me from my back and puts a knife in my neck with the purpose of stealing my money. I see my dad in the other side of my block, so I drag him there slowly in the struggle. My dad takes a glass bottle from the floor and hits him in the head. He falls unconscious. I run scared like a coward girl (now I can't avoid the dreamsigns).After running for a minute, I calm down and realized I'm in a quite vivid dream, inside a hot lady's body. What can I do? There's some obvious, options, but first of all I must take vengeance. Quo can't waste his (or maybe her, this time) time having sex with his/her gorgeous body when payoff calls the door. I start running back to the "crime scene". The moon seems very beautiful, and I can see the trees shaking with the wind. Finally, I am back, blood thirsty and crushing that nigger's bones. I'm so blind when it comes to attackig people! It would be funnier with a hammer and a screwdriver (like "3 guys 1 hammer"). Anyway, I had two "victories" in a single night.

      Yesterday, I dreamed I was in a very crowdy train. I turn my head to the right and I see a mysterious girl. When I saw her face I got lucid (and unfortunately, I woke up). Now I can remember, I've seen her some time ago, taking the bus every wednesday for a couple of months. I knew She would trigger my lucidity because all the DCs in my dreams seem to be so boring, so common..., and I didn't see her in the dream plane until now. I can't wait to meet her so her mysterious look will lead my way to lucidity again (I hope).
    3. Cybercafe and the Jedbangers (like two months ago)

      by , 08-02-2010 at 12:13 AM (quorthonafull's tornado of dreams)

      I went to D-Mission (the cybercafe I used to go years ago), with Javier (my brother) and Gonzalo (a friend). We played Counter-Strike a while, and I've seen some magazines. I asked the employee about the price of Jedbangers magazine, She said me It costs $5. We went out. I count my cash: I had five pesos and some coins for the bus. I say to my brother "wait me a minute", and I go to buy the Jedbangers.

      "One Jedbangers, please". She gave me the bill, but It says $11! . Now, she says that I have to pay that $11 before leaving the place. I say "You said me $5, so I'll pay You $5", and she spits a bunch of bullshit trying to force me to pay that $11". So, I had no choice but go with her boss to tell him the problem.

      Right after that, I'm walking in the street with the the boss. I tell him the problem, and He says "do You have the bill?". Suddenly, we are alone in the cybercafe, looking for the bill. He says "hey, I found it". Surprisingly, now the bill says $5!.

      We are back in the street again, and He says "The ticket says $5, so go back to the cybercafe and tell her I say You're only going to pay $5".

      Now, I'm walking back to the cybercafe, when all becomes strange. "Wait a minute, I've seen this before, It's the sunlight entering through thw window... I'm am dreaming! I realized I missed a lot of dream signs (those in red). Damn sunlight, It will keep bothering me, so let's finish this quickly". I decide to enjoy that too much as I can, and what could be more enjoyable than shouting and spitting right to the face of that annoying girl?

      I go right to her. She looks terrified, like knowing what to expect. I start hitting the desk with my fists, then I shouted and spitted right to her face, reproaching that "I was right, I was right, I WAS RIGHT!" . I paid the $5 and grabbed the magazine. That was amazing!

      Then, I could wake up knowing that I've reached my goal.

      BONUS: Then, I bought a Jedbangers IRL. I paid $12.

      PS: that guy in the picture is an argentinian actor, Alfredo Castellani, and "the boss" looked like him.

      Spoiler for spanish version, with more details (quote from my Facebook page):

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