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    1. Jobs

      by , 07-30-2019 at 01:59 PM
      In real life, I landed an interview for this job on Wednesday for 11 am. In my dream, the lady called me Tuesday morning to say "why don't you come today at 11" or something like that, in a way that made it clear it was an order. But I was sitting on Meme's couch in pajamas, no idea where my professional clothes might be, and it was already 10 am when she called. It would be impossible. I wondered if this was their way of getting in a surprise drug test: if the candidate doesn't even know when the interview will be, they definitely won't know when the drug test will be.
    2. Fragments

      by , 03-25-2019 at 10:13 AM
      I walked into the bathroom to see the entire toilet, from the top part you have to remove to the part where you lift the lid and pee, had been engraved by my roommate like a angry ex keying a car. It said something like "if this room isn't clean, you'll have to get a new roomate" or something

      I was in my bed. I woke up to Meme and my roommate's boyfriend having sex. Someone came into the room and asked the boyfriend for shoes which, as he handed them over, hit my face a bit. The person asking for shoes told him 'you're such a libra'. I told him he hit me with a shoe and he apologized. Meme was smiling about something, then she left. I don't remember the dude leaving but he kinda dissapeared

      I was in a cavern-like place kinda like in the movie US when the girl was dancing. I was walking back and forth, trading positions with someone I was trying to communicate with. We weren't exactly doing sign language, but we were trying to communicate with wierd hand signals. It seemed like we were trying to communicate something importatnt.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Weird Pieces of a dream

      by , 12-18-2018 at 05:29 PM
      broken table
      There was a sound, and all/most of my immediate family came into the kitchen and gathered around the kitchen table of my parent's home. I had my back to the windows, and was facing my dad, who had a blue t-shirt on and was assessing the damage. It looked like a tree had jst fell into the table, or maybe a chandelier or something, but essentially something big enough to do serious damage. My mom asked him "are we going to replace the table" (he, in real life, is serious about 'not a scratch' on this table and fining us for damages). He, still staring kinda focused/dazed at the damage, slightly shook his head no in response

      creepy grandma
      I was in the shower. The shower itself seemed like a small version of the basement bathroom: where the basement bathroom is a large rectangle, this bathroom was a moderate-sized square. I was showering,minding my business, when much like Bea, my Grandma d busted in.

      I ddjn't mind this, it was my grandma. She was talking to me about something as I finished my shower and was drying off and stepping out. She was sitting on some bench-like thing. It was right next to the bathtub, it was parallel to the bathtub, and she was sitting such that she faced the mirror. (Funny enough, I don't remember actually looking in the mirror). She was also to the left of me. When I stepped out of the back part of the tub furthest from the showerhead onto a towel, the towel rack and the wall were to my right and my grandma d was to my left. There was also space on the bench for me to sit as well.

      Before I stepped out, I remember thinking something like "being comfortable being naked around other people shows confidence" (I was probably having thoughts like this due to the Charisma on Command videos I was watching on youtube before I went to sleep) so I chose to not worry about being naked and act like it didn't phase me (not that I was significantly worried before, mind you).

      At first it was normal, but when I sat down next to her to put clothes on, she started touching me. Kinda like a dude does when they don't want to ask for consent but want to push the boundaries: touching my thigh and piking at my clothes at we talked, things I acted like a didn't notice (as I usually do in real life: play dumb til you can get out the situation). I quickly put on clothes, acted like I didn't notice any creepy touching, and called it a day.

      Right after this experience, i had two inter-related thoughts. 1) Imma write this in my journal (this is so cool, I'm trying to get into the habit of journaling, and it seems to be a habit if it's popping up in my dreams) and 2) I gotta tell Bea (which would help if I wrote it down)
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Celie Switch

      by , 12-19-2016 at 07:15 PM
      I was Celie from the Color Purple, and I was on the porch with Albert. I was wearing an outfit that I think she actually wore at some point during the movie, a blue plaid dress with an apron. the porch was mostly white, with a few chairs on it. It was outline by those fenclike porch things, with an opening in the middle direcly in front of the door, leading to the stairs. I didn't see from Celie's point of view, though I was her. My point of view was as if I was standing in from the viewpoint of someone standing in front of the porch, so that the porch, the house, and some of the surroundings of the house were in my field of vision. The house, as far as I remember,was outlined in white at the top, though there might have been some grass at the bottom.

      I was serving him in some inspecific way, I could have been getting him water or something. Then, for some reason, the situation changed. All of a sudden, I told him "You're my servant now" or something like that. We were going to switch positions. He looked shocked and kind of angry when I said that, but he respected whatever authority I based my decision upon. I can't remember what that authority was or why the situation changed like that, but it did.

      His clothes changed from the lounge-wear he had on before to clothes more similar to what I was wearing. Then, I thought about changing my clothes to reflect our new relative positions. I thought about my red dress and went into the house to find it and put it on.

      Now, my point of view is Ceile's point of view. I go into the house, and what's inside is an extreme version of the living area of the suite I live in at college. My point of view is the same as if I'm entering my suite from the only door there is to enter the suite, although the doorway view isn't obstructed by one of the walls that make up the bathroom like it is in real life, and it's dead in the center of the suite instead of being closer to the left side.
      I don't see the couches, the tables, or the microwave, though I do see a tall tan lamp (which we don't actually have in real life). The floorspace is way bigger, with the same green, brown, and other color carpet. However, all the doors to each suite are elevated: stairs run up the left and right sides of the suite to lead to the doors that lead to the two rooms. However, the positions are switched. Me and my roommate, on the left in real life, are now on the right, while the other two are now on the left.

      As I come in, Olivia comes down the stairs from our room, smiling like she was just laughing about something. I think I asked her where the dress was, and she shrugged her shoulders or said I should just check my room. In any case, I checked my room and I couldnt find it. I headed up the stairs to the other room and Olivia said something like "it might be in there" but I didn't want to go through anyone else's stuff to check. So, basically, I never found the dress.

      Something was going on in the dorm tho. I think I had made the transition from being Ceilie to being myself. There was something going on over the intercom that led me and Olivia to try and find these four thin, metal, pointed things that were hollow and apparently functioned as pens. We found the four, and we headed to this new place.

      The new place had the floor and ceiling pattern of a cafeteria. There were tables right next to some railing, as if there were some stairs next to us and another floor below us, though I never saw that part. I was trying to find a table, and I looked where Olivia sat and found that all those seats had been immediately occupied by her friends, and I felt kind of sad. Then, I looked and found that tables were quickly filling up, and I hurried to find a seat.

      I ended up sitting with that white girl from school that was the daughter of the healthcare teacher and her friend. I was not happy to be there, but they were nice enough. I still had all four pens, and Olivia needed two, so when we made eye contact across the room, I hurried over. Her face was so small: I didn't realize how far away from her table I had traveled. I handed her the two pens, and when I got back to my table, I see the white chick drawing with my pens, as if she's checking to see if they work.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. hmmmn...

      by , 06-24-2014 at 04:20 PM
      I was a hermaphrodite. I had a dick above my regular stuff. I was in the bathroom, and it was hard. Because I was supposed to be meeting up with a friend to have sex with her. however, she never made it to the bathroom, so it didn't happen.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    6. loony toons and zombies

      by , 03-15-2014 at 12:20 PM
      It was a show about a house, or the house was real. But anyway, it was full of all kinds of creatures, including Daffy duck, who started out as the main focus. Instead of his usual personality, he was the sweetest character. Like usual, although my dream identified him as Daffy Duck, he didn't have the appearance of Daffy; instead, he looked like a blue bunny.
      My view of events isn't first person, my vantage point looks is more like being a camera in the corner of the ceiling. I can see everything, but I'm not taking part in anything.
      All of the doors were locked, but seeing someone outside, daffy unlocked them and let in what he thought was a 'friend'. As daffy is smiling and talking, the zombie gently takes his hand, then his arm, then suddenly bites half off it off and eats it. Daffy's face is one of horror. He can't move. The zombie eyes the wounded arm oddly, as if saying "why does he still have my arm (my food) attached to him?"

      The zombie is attacked by all kinds of cartoons as he goes through the house, including a little blue thing with crab-hands and characters from Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Calm down

      by , 11-07-2013 at 11:53 AM
      I was with one of my friend with brown hair. We were walking around on the sidewalk at one point, her in front of me with her head turned to look at me. She was teaching me three different things, and I feel like they had something to do with calmness.
      dream fragment
    8. of course im not emotional

      by , 10-05-2013 at 05:29 AM
      this is a lucid dream within a dream. it confuses me too. anyway:

      i'm on my bed with this chubby chick. she's telling me about her violent past. then i become lucid, and in a moment of clarity, i realize i dont have to listen to this. and then i realize that a dream is the perfect place to play out your sexual fantasies

      i start kissing the girl, and i can feel that i'm losing awareness. then there is a flash of someone eating me out, and then i completely lose lucidity

      because i 'wake up' and go to school, think about my dream and what it means, and get on my laptop

      and then i really wake up on my couch, feeling a bit of 'wtf'
    9. biology

      by , 09-08-2013 at 01:45 PM
      i was taking biology notes for some chapter and at the end were a bunch of thing that i needed to find answers for, like titles and subtitles without anything under them and terms without definitions or pictures.
      i was in spanish class and my entire field of view as comprised of plessica sitting in her regular seat in that class with her left elbow down and head resting on her left hand, her classes on, and her medium length black hair down. I tapped her on the shoulder and said something like "so now you know how crazy my life is at my job"

      before I went to sleep this night, i had been doing my notes for ap biology chapters 3 and 4, aaand that chick tapped on my shoulder while I was bagging and said hi, so this makes sense

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Pants

      by , 08-21-2013 at 12:19 PM
      I was in the bathroom and some tall white dude was trying to write something on my face with a brown marker. Later on, my white pants were really dirty, as if i had crawled through the woods. I had his bright red stain on the entire back pocket of my pants, but apparently no one noticed. on the inside the color was purple.
      nothing really amazing happened in this dream, it was just weird...
      non-lucid , dream fragment