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    by , 03-25-2019 at 10:13 AM (162 Views)
    I walked into the bathroom to see the entire toilet, from the top part you have to remove to the part where you lift the lid and pee, had been engraved by my roommate like a angry ex keying a car. It said something like "if this room isn't clean, you'll have to get a new roomate" or something

    I was in my bed. I woke up to Meme and my roommate's boyfriend having sex. Someone came into the room and asked the boyfriend for shoes which, as he handed them over, hit my face a bit. The person asking for shoes told him 'you're such a libra'. I told him he hit me with a shoe and he apologized. Meme was smiling about something, then she left. I don't remember the dude leaving but he kinda dissapeared

    I was in a cavern-like place kinda like in the movie US when the girl was dancing. I was walking back and forth, trading positions with someone I was trying to communicate with. We weren't exactly doing sign language, but we were trying to communicate with wierd hand signals. It seemed like we were trying to communicate something importatnt.

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