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    Homicidal Aliens and Church

    by , 10-09-2014 at 03:48 PM (179 Views)
    I had been in this church that caught on fire. It's destruction was even shown in the news, and the smoke messed up a huge part of the city. No media knew I had been in the fire. It had been started by some candles that had been left there, and they were too close to the curtains. I was typing on my computer when the fire started. I had to bust out of the church through a wall and slyly make my way to my car so that no one would notice me. I later told my mom and a few friends about this.

    There were these aliens who were human. They were a group of people who left the earth years before the rest of the population had the kind of technology to even leave the moon. The group of people on this one ship was oddly homicidal. One of them could hide in bodies and talked like chuckie. One was very quiet and eager to visit earth, where there were so many people, but he also seemed tired and spend the whole day sleeping. One was in love with a girl on the ship, but she was a lesbian ready to find some girl on earth.

    The chuckie one invaded the body of a young girl. He and a few other aliens masquaraded as a family. This was all well and fine until one of the young invaders developed a crush on a human that was actually young. Chuckie voice started threatening her life to keep him in line.

    For some reason, I was helping people and aliens do alot of cleaning. I helped these people clean their cars for whatever reason.

    Randomly, I was in this crowd listening to this religious speeker, a middle-aged white chick with blonde hair. She was preaching about religion and the burned church, and said she wasn't talking directly to me because she didn't want to "hanna-montana" me. I had and have no idea what the hell that means.

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