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    by , 06-21-2014 at 03:04 PM (165 Views)
    There was a preying mantis around this bumble bee. It was cute, because the mantis and the bee would be chilling at the restaurant and around the school together. However, one night, the mantis and the bee were on top of my roof, which was glass, so I could see them. The bee was being very jittery, and the mantis was throwing its hands down, as if in frustration. Then the mantis all of a sudden used its sharp claws to cut the bee’s head off and the mantis ate it.
    From then on, I was afraid of the mantis and dreaded seeing it around the school. It’s eyes would follow me. Somehow, my mom caught it in a shoe box, and I stomped on the box until I thought it was dead. I thought I saw it roll away from under the box, but my mom assured me it was dead. Then, I was on the roof near my biology teacher, who was waiting to head down the stairs to her class. I asked “Afraid of the mantis?” She was. She was happy to find out that I had killed it.
    We were building a house with screen, and we found another mantis. I was trying to explain to my Papa Harry that there were way too many holes in the screen of the door, and the mantis would be able to get it. It got in. And I jumped over the fence from my grandpa’s house to my house. It waited for a while, but it started to follow me. I would jump over the fence time after time. Then, the mantis turned into this muscular humanoid, kinda like the green lantern. Somehow, that was less scary, and we went over to talk to it. Apparently, it hadn’t been chasing me. It had been attracted to scents certain people were spontaneously making on each side of the fence, such as farts (yeah…I know).

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