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    Vampires and Harry Potter

    by , 10-12-2013 at 05:20 PM (305 Views)
    I was seeing a sepia image on this old TV. The words "preview of harry potter" were in my head for some reason. I saw these people dressed up like characters off Labrinth in a forest. Some were hanging from vines, one was close with her back to the camera. She was in a crouched pose and was screaming her head off. There was a fallen log far in front of the which the other carnival-type people were playing around.

    The characters were the main character in the modern version of Carrie, the supreme and the daughter of the supreme off of American Horror Story Coven. Carrie and Fiona were chatting in the kitchen when the uptight daughter Cordelia comes in. The mood changes, and Carrie starts acting like the little girl she hasn't been since she became a vampire/witch. Cordelia asks them how they are doing, and Carrie replies in a high-pitch little girl voice "fine, I've only been dead for 20 years" and Cordelia, who isn't up to playing games, simply replies " good".

    Harry Potter, aka me, and this family are on a strip of beach made narrow by a line of trucks parralel to the shore. The family wants to kill Harry, who they think is responsible for taking their daughter's life, but they all figure out it was the vampire Carrie. Carrie comes walking down the beach with no shoes on from a long way off. Harry starts power-walking away from the family, not wanting to get away, but also knowing that the vampire is much to fast for him to be able to. Carrie starts doing that vampire pop-up thing where they sprint so fast to one location it looks like they have teleported there. Her mouth is slightly open, she has this lazy killer expression going on. The family is going crazy, but they aren't traveling away. By the time she get there, E;m far away, and I see her killing them all.

    Me and Ron were being stalked by this chick, who had now turned into the old gay vampire Russel Edington off of true blood. My view was of everyone in a building, and it was like looking down into a dollhouse with the roof cut off. In one room me and Ron were on a bed and had somehow rigged a shower-head. From my view, water was coming up towards me and over a wall. It hit Russel, who was in the hall, on the face.

    Russel, who was Carrie again, was walking with his arms around each of us. We were terrified and trying to act like we were her friends. She turned to me and said "You know what, I forgive you." Then she went back to Ron and I thought she was going to say "I don't forgive you" and rip his head off {cuz I remembered that from the last time I had this dream} but she did him like she did me.

    Carrie became Tyler Hooks, and most of us forgot she was Carrie. We were all auditioning for chorus for some reason. Ron left for some reason, and then Tyler left right after him.

    I was walking with her in her current form of Tyler Hoods, and I knew she had killed Ron {I had this dream before, and I remembered from the last time I had it} but I was pretending I didin't and was saying things in an attempt to make him/her guilty, which didn't work. We were walking the halls of some school, and I wondered why I hadn't thought to leave when Tyler was leaving to go kill Ron.
    I imagined finding Ron dead and imagined what would happen if he was alive. I imagined him coming out of a boat naked, smiling. I imagined Tyler later thinking about how to kill him again, and calling Ron only to hear Ron say "yeah, i don't remember anything", and Tyler re-considering....then probably choosing to kill him anyway. I imagined finding out Ron had been poisoned and the effects took a while to kill people, and Ron dying suddenly after we thought we were lucky. Then I imagined finding him dead in a lake.

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