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    Weird Pieces of a dream

    by , 12-18-2018 at 05:29 PM (170 Views)
    broken table
    There was a sound, and all/most of my immediate family came into the kitchen and gathered around the kitchen table of my parent's home. I had my back to the windows, and was facing my dad, who had a blue t-shirt on and was assessing the damage. It looked like a tree had jst fell into the table, or maybe a chandelier or something, but essentially something big enough to do serious damage. My mom asked him "are we going to replace the table" (he, in real life, is serious about 'not a scratch' on this table and fining us for damages). He, still staring kinda focused/dazed at the damage, slightly shook his head no in response

    creepy grandma
    I was in the shower. The shower itself seemed like a small version of the basement bathroom: where the basement bathroom is a large rectangle, this bathroom was a moderate-sized square. I was showering,minding my business, when much like Bea, my Grandma d busted in.

    I ddjn't mind this, it was my grandma. She was talking to me about something as I finished my shower and was drying off and stepping out. She was sitting on some bench-like thing. It was right next to the bathtub, it was parallel to the bathtub, and she was sitting such that she faced the mirror. (Funny enough, I don't remember actually looking in the mirror). She was also to the left of me. When I stepped out of the back part of the tub furthest from the showerhead onto a towel, the towel rack and the wall were to my right and my grandma d was to my left. There was also space on the bench for me to sit as well.

    Before I stepped out, I remember thinking something like "being comfortable being naked around other people shows confidence" (I was probably having thoughts like this due to the Charisma on Command videos I was watching on youtube before I went to sleep) so I chose to not worry about being naked and act like it didn't phase me (not that I was significantly worried before, mind you).

    At first it was normal, but when I sat down next to her to put clothes on, she started touching me. Kinda like a dude does when they don't want to ask for consent but want to push the boundaries: touching my thigh and piking at my clothes at we talked, things I acted like a didn't notice (as I usually do in real life: play dumb til you can get out the situation). I quickly put on clothes, acted like I didn't notice any creepy touching, and called it a day.

    Right after this experience, i had two inter-related thoughts. 1) Imma write this in my journal (this is so cool, I'm trying to get into the habit of journaling, and it seems to be a habit if it's popping up in my dreams) and 2) I gotta tell Bea (which would help if I wrote it down)

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