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    Into the Whirlpool


    by , 02-16-2013 at 03:09 PM (312 Views)
    - Two takes of a movie supposedly starring Rihanna. In the first take she seems to have a pretty major role (the movie seems to be about some sort of relationship drama), but in the second take she barely features. Both takes of the movie include a scene in a sit-down restaurant that is playing an odd mix of lounge and club music; there is a stage in the room and Rihanna is standing on it, singing to the music, with a fancy retro-looking microphone in front of her. In the second take I am told that this is actually a cleverly dressed impersonator, not the real deal.

    - Some sort of airborne virus is set to infect the entirety of Europe, and from there (via people traveling, etc.) it will spread to several other countries, including the US eastern seaboard. I see a map with this information; virus-infected spots are green, and I'm told the total death toll will be something like 30 million people (which strikes me as kind of a lowball estimate given the virus' predicted range). After I learn this I realize I am somewhere in Europe with my mom and brother, possibly right before the virus is supposed to break out. I wonder briefly why we're here at the epicenter, but then reason that since we're probably going to die anyway, why worry about it? No one else seems concerned at all. We're sightseeing in some kind of forested highland; it feels like late autumn. There are these incredible animals that look like furry giraffes: they have intelligent eyes and swatches of bright neon color on their faces, and they seem peaceful. They're also huge, like the size of dinosaurs. I'm fascinated by these creatures and want to know more about them, but then I wake up.

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