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    Into the Whirlpool

    Imminent Shipwreck/Avoiding the Wedding

    by , 01-06-2012 at 02:25 AM (301 Views)
    I'm in a submarine with several others, and we become aware that the ship is about to lose its balance/twist at a crazy angle underwater, such that the inside of the ship will be subject to massive pressure changes. (We'll probably all survive, though, for some reason.) I have this vision of a row of rivets that pop loose with a loud metallic clang one after the other.

    Later in the dream I'm walking around a mall with Heidi. I could have been attending Mike and Andrea's wedding during this time, but instead I'm here pretending to be Heidi's husband while she has a lesbian wedding ceremony. Not that the ceremony is actually taking place or anything; we just seem to be wandering around the mall aimlessly. I get bored and start looking up information on Natalie Merchant. I learn that in her early career she and her husband had separate musical acts; she headed a group called Natalie and the Merchants. I wonder whether I'll find any information on her fake British accent, but I don't come across anything.

    At some point I meet Mike and Andrea and we exchange photos on our phones. Apparently their wedding consisted of them and some friends hanging out in an apartment while everyone dressed up in some sort of marching band uniform. The whole thing had the atmosphere of a college party rather than a wedding.

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    Tags: friends, wedding
    non-lucid , dream fragment