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    1. riding on a hummingbird

      by , 04-16-2017 at 11:52 AM
      After some hours of sleep I awake for the second time. Birds are singing, there is heavy rain on the roof. Optimal for an SSILD session, I think. But during the first vision cycle images start to appear, so I switch to WILD and follow the imagery that densifies before my inner eye: an old room equipped with some furniture and a CRT TV. It only shows white noise first, then even on the TV images appear. I zoom in, trying to get myself sucked completely into the scene. My vision now shows a closeup of the TV and its programme. I can "switch channels" by turning pages like in a newspaper. A warehouse store catches my attention, it's a shopping location like Metro. I chose that to stay and finally manage to get into the dream with a full dream body which allows me to walk around. While I wander through rows of shelves with food and non-food products, I ponder what to do. Waking life mind is still strong, so I need to use that quickly. It's quite dark, so I will more light. It works! With more light, there seem to be also more DCs doing their business. I walk to to more quiet row and start my three step. I look at my empty left hand (which is properly sized, has only 5 fingers, even the lines are there and fingerprints), reach out with it and will an egg into existence. It appears, and it is sooooo small. Wtf will hatch from that egg, it's only the size of my little finger's pad?! I concentrate on that egg and in my mind I say "na dann schlüpf mal, kleines Ei!" (hatch!). It complies, with a funny sweet cracking sound a hummingbird makes its way out of the egg. Wings inflated, the creature is half the size of my palm and starts to hover in front of me soon after it got out of the shell of the egg. I laugh: How am I supposed to ride on that?! I manage after trying hard for some time to somehow resize it up to the size of a calf, it now reaches up to my hips. But getting onto that swirrling birdy proved to be difficult. Even more difficult is to control the animal sitting on it. It feels strange, I feel no connection. When riding a horse, I can feel it, communicate with weight, balance and intent - sitting on this bird is like it's not there, like sitting on densified, touchable air. The only impression I get is it being uncomfortable. With its size? Pondering how to proceed I lose the dream and awake.

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    2. night 24.1. -> 25.1.

      by , 01-29-2017 at 12:26 AM
      I leave the house, it is night. Without any reason I look at my hands, they look very funny. Is this a dream? Yes! I quickly walk through the urban nightscape and repeat my hand RCs. They are very funny, every time there is something different (bigger, more fingers, less fingers, colors). I wonder why. I can "make" my hands look pretty normal, though if I want to. After having that explored enough, I decide to finish some goals. I want to meet somebody, so I walk toward the neighborhood where that person lives. Then midway I change my mind and want to go for the dinner. In front of me there is a block of houses. I run towards it with the intention to pass through it, expecting a shopping mall with a nice sushi restaurant in it. It works! The feeling running through that walls is strange, like running into a hedgerow: it scratches and tickles (in fact, in Germany there is stupid fun sport called "Hecking" where people do right that!). In the mall I quickly find my sushi place. Seems the dream pulled details from three different WL sushi places I go to regularly and blended them together into something new. There are some people around. While I take a seat, F. immediately involves me into a philophical discussion about online marketing in a post-truth media world. I have trouble following his weird ideas. Well, but the salmon nigiris are awesome. Like in waking life, fatty, tasty, just as they have to be. While eating a lot of sashimi, I lose lucidity and continue to engage in chatter about whatever with my dreamed colleagues.
    3. night 19.1.->20.1.2017

      by , 01-20-2017 at 10:51 PM
      I awaken myself after some hours of sleep at 5:30 a.m. Eager to break my dry spell of the last days I take a low dose of a nice AchE and go back to bed. A quick WILD attempt brings me into a huge building that looks a much like the famous opera house Colon in Buenos Aires. I walk through the aisle and look for a quiet side room to have the dinner I planned for. Quickly I lose lucidity and the dream, followed by a time of blackness and deep sleep. The AchE did not yet kick in, yet.

      Then in a new dream that suddenly started I meet Mona, a girl I was pen pal with in younger years. I recognize her immeditately despite we never met in waking life. She changed her last name to the German word for "leaseholder", probably because she got married. I notice that strange bit and do a reality check (floating), it works and I lift up a little over the floor. Yes! I am Dreaming! We continued to chat and I asked myself if I should awake myself and record the dream, google that strange name. I use a mnemonic trick to remember and continue the dream, losing lucidity later on.
      Just to find myself (FA) at my parents place earlier in time. I'm in the kitchen and notice that this must be a very important moment in their timeline. Several reality tests fail, telling me this is real life. But I'm quite sure to be (still) dreaming, and finally the good old push-my-hand-through-solid-stuff works. Now that I'm confirmed fully lucid, I dissolve my dream body, I am no longer phyically there, just an observer. On the table there lies a newspaper, the Süddeutsche Zeitung from August of the year 1985. I listen to my parents talking to each other in another room. When they enter the kitchen, I awaken.
    4. spellbee2s summer lucid competition 2016 night 3

      by , 08-01-2016 at 09:46 PM
      Lucid journey
      WILD after WBTB
      The dream starts in a room that is my room but it is not like mine at all, I'm certain that I'm in the dream state now. I leave the room and enter a hallway with windows to a kind of patio, I am at a quite high floor, the 5th or 6th story of the building. As vision gets blurry, I'm still fully lucid and decide to go/jump though a closed window to stabilize the dream. I works, after morphing through the glass (a funny feeling, like wandering though pudding), I hover down to a rooftop, and my vision is great again. In the corner of my vision I realize a mexican woman in traditional clothing on the rooftop, she notices me. I feel like being caught in the act of being somewhere I should not be. Instead of making contact I teleport away.
      With no special target in mind, I land at a highway at night. There is a huge traffic jam, where I encounter a random family of people I don't know (mum, dad, two teenage sisters who wear ways to short skirts, a boy). I ask them where they wanted to go before they were stucked in the traffic jam. The adult man says "Manchester". I nod, then I wave my hand like "Q" in StarTrek and will them and their car to their destination. It works, they disappear. I'm proud that this dream control task worked, but I'm also disappointed by the story (or the lack of) of the dream, so I teleport myself to a crowded city center.
      I materialize at a pedestrian precinct, it is early evening, short before sundown. Remembering one of my goals to do some dancing, I will a suitable nice girl to be around the corner. And there she is: a tall blonde long-haired girl about my age, clear blue eyes walks out of a shop towards me in very gracil movements. We greet, shake hands, like remembering each other (I never saw her, neither in waking life nor in dreams). Then I do something I stopped doing years ago: I talk to her about the dream state. "Hey! Do you know and acknowledge that we are dreaming right now and you a dream figure in my dream?" She looks closely at me, she understands the statement but is unsure. We continue to discuss the nature of the reality, and my dream fades away during that, I awake. I reality test, yes this was a real waking after a real LD!

      eating at a Bavarian restaurant
      My GF, a befriended couple and myself are eating lunch at a typical Bavarian restaurant. The huge place is crowded, but we have a reservation. Food is good and it is totally normal to drink big glasses of beer for lunch. I want to pay as we are finished. Our waitress asks für 1400€! Srsly? 4 persons for lunch costs 1400€? I test reality and here we go: this is a dream and the waitress really has the nerves to continue to insist that I owe them 1400 bucks for a f*** lunch. I laugh out loud and we spend a moment that feels like eternity to figure out why the hell the POS system thinks we have a 1400€-bill. We find out that a noshow-reservation of a big company was booked at my table. They correct the mistake, I "pay" my now reasonable bill and we're ready to leave. The only reason I spent so much dream time with such a stupid situation was that I wanted to peek into their booking and POS system and experience how that technical devices work in my dream. It was quite expected that they were consistent and plausible like in real life, as long as I just watched the dream story happening without interfering much. We leave the restaurant and the dream continues as my GF and me walk to a cottage at a mountain pasture. I really want to seduce her there but at first she resists because a maid who lives and works there might walk into us at any time. In the end I succeed and lose lucidity over it
    5. crashing through wallss

      by , 01-23-2016 at 10:30 PM
      I'm visiting a trade fair and join a small group of female shamans for a workshop. They talk about archaic practices to highten awarenes, especially an exercise where one has to sleep on the top of the roof, which automatically keeps awareness high enough to sleep but not fall over. As we talk about that, I'm warped onto a roof and have to do the exercise. Outside, at night, I nearly lose grip when falling asleep and that makes me lucid. "This already IS a dream! Thank you guys" I think and start to levitate above the house. Then I fly, higher, faster, like a drone above the city. Steering is easy and as I have great control, I like to try to deliberately fly into houses. I expect to softly morph through the ceiling, but I crash though the wall hard. It does not hurt, but the wall bursts and after me going through there is plenty debris. I repeat that for fun a few times, deliberately crashing into walls from fast flight. Then I focus on a big building and after crashing into it, I stay there and look around. I now have to pack stuff and organize clearing the building and move out, as a group of DCs which are some sort of a team I manage, tell me. I start doing that, losing a little of my lucidity in the action, as I stumble over a plastic bag full of rotting trash effusing a horible smell. I quickly leave the room into the hall where a twenty-something old guy aproaches me with a tulip. He mumbles something about an earlier meeting and a promise I would have made. I don't remember anything about that and feel very uncomfortably, besieged as his intentions are clear and I'm not gay. I decide to leave the scene, saying that I have to leave. I then awaken.

      That dream happened around 6 am after WBTB and "failed" SSILD.
    6. fun with mirrors in the forest

      by , 01-15-2016 at 10:59 PM
      From the dark void I enter into my favourite dream starting scene, expecting to reach a little lake at night. The dream teleports me into a forest and now it is daytime, daylight. Coloring is enhanced and seems a little overexposed: too light, too green but a wonderful forest. I am alone here, surrounded by big and tall trees, moss on the floor, big roots everywhere. I decide that I want to have mirrors here (to play with, because I can). Small and big ones appear, hanging on the trees. I try to look into them, try to use them to enter another dreamer's dream. All I see is white empty rooms. Every time I get close enough to a mirror to look into it and I check the emptyness behind, it morphs away. I draw a huge rectanle in the air, painting another golden-bordered mirror into a tree. Again I see a blurry myself and then a white empty room. As I try to step into the mirror, I'm kicked out of the dream. I manage to reenter the dream but then lose lucidity shortly after being involved in a picnic in the woods.
    7. first visit to lucid city

      by , 10-18-2015 at 01:24 PM
      [18.10.2015, ~12a.m., WILD-attempt]
      Having in mind to complete the move in quest, I prepare for WILD. My body relaxes and my mind wanders. I use hypnagogic imagery that appears to form my room. Moments later it seems to be stable. It seems to be day, there is shady sunlight and now I stand inside a room. First I check the main door. It opens inwards and is made from wood with a brazen handle. On the left side of the room there is a king size bed which has never been used. On the side of the room there is a desk and a wardrobe with a huge mirror. When I look into it, I see my normal day-to-day mirror image. I costs a lot of concentration to view the image and a feel a strange pull into the mirror. To avoid being sucked in, I look away and search for the glass door that lead to the garden. I see it, it has no handle at all, so I ask myself, how it is operated and protected. I simply ask the room/dream: "How is this door operated?". A Startrek computer voice explains it's voice operated and reponds to owner only, offers me to setup my profile now. I accept and get "authenticated". My AI has no 3D avatar. It is simply there and voice operated. That's fine, I probably like it that way best.
      The room itself seems a little small, so I decide to have it bigger. The dream responds and stretches it, now there is more free space between bed and desk. Now I want to get out of the room and look for a pub. The moment I step out of my room a loud noise in waking life makes me wake up.
    8. new girl moves in

      by , 10-18-2015 at 01:03 PM
      [18.10.2015 ~5 a.m. GMT+1; not lucid]
      In the late evening I arrive at the place where I live. It is dark, heavy rain falls as a park my car. A new girl moves into a flat in the house. She is slim, long blonde hair, wearing a white trenchcoat. With her, a white cat with stunning green eyes appears. I laugh as the girl's eyes match the color of the cat's. I plan to talk to her later as she caught my interest. First I go home, unload my stuff and run into a neighbour who lives there a long time. We chat a little and watch ridiculously huge masses of water running down an aqueduct from the roof of the house next us. I awake.