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    1. Sit down, I've got something to show you!

      by , 03-06-2015 at 12:45 PM
      Am sat on a bed in what looks like a hotel room. My friend P is walking about in a fit of worry, saying this and that about all sorts of problems. As I sit and listen, I at some point realise I'm dreaming. I then interrupt her constant talking by saying, "P! Sit down, I've got something to show you!". She sits down next to me. With my left arm on her shoulder, I show her my right hand and then flip it, which then causes two of my fingers to become joined together by more skin. "We're dreaming!" I say. 'This is a dream?!' She says.

      Now in this dream, I genuinely believed that this person was actually the dream body of P, so that we were sharing the dream together. I thought that by realising it was a dream, I was helping her to have her very own first lucid dream!

      I then do some stabalization by looking around the room and shouting "stabalize lucidity!". I wonder if P thinks it's weird for me to be shouting that, but think that she'll have to get used to it if she wants to lucid dream.

      I start thinking what I can do to show her how amazing lucid dreams are. I step onto the balcony, which is actually what looks like a window cleaner's hanging ledge. I swing it from side to side, knowing that this would normally be incredibly dangerous but that I'm safe in the dream, shouting out "this is all a dream! I'm really asleep in Sheffield!". Now if only I had stopped to think about what I just said, I would have realised P was a dream character and probably become more lucid!

      The scene then changes to the garden of the house where I grew up. P is sat on the garage. I then decide to try do some earth bending as I remember that we watched the Avatar series together, so she'll love this! I stomp the ground with a wide stance which lifts a chunk of earth out the ground, which I then punch away from me. It worked! I did it a few more times, feeling joy at the fact that I was actually earth bending!

      'She'll love flying!' I think. I lift off and try to do a somersault. This is quite disorientating! I land and feel I probably shouldn't do that again as it might make me lose dream stability. P is at the edge of the garden, looking a bit at a loss. I say to her, "You can go wherever you like! Do whatever you want! Try flying!". She does it little jump. "You've just got to really believe you can fly" I tell her. Then very suddenly I black out and am awake.
      I do a nose plug test just in case, but alas, I am actually awake!

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    2. Friends? Where did you go?

      by , 03-02-2015 at 12:44 PM

      I feel like I'm back at school. I see a big drop with a trampoline in the middle, leading to a balcony on the other side. I really want to jump it! But I feel this would be terribly naughty, and the head teacher is just over there...

      Part of me knows this is a dream and that my mind conditions the people around me, so I use the logic 'well if I do it confidently enough, then everyone else will share my confidence and everything will be okay'. I also have supreme matrix style jumping power, which I then use to launch onto the trampoline and bounce to the other side. Sweet! Head teacher seems impressed. I clear the gap back and forwards a couple more times.


      I'm finishing up at some kind of fitness class in what looks like my old school hall. I'm trying to pack my bag, but it's all messed up and I keep feeling I've forgotten stuff and that everything about this bag is wrong. I eventually feel ready to leave. A guy makes a comment about the band Dream Theater, and I say excitedly "I saw them last night!". I hadn't actually, but my dream self seemed to believe he had. I wave bye as I leave and they all wave back, including what looked like a little girl trapped inside a glass jar. I briefly consider this to be a little weird, but shrug it off and continue.

      I then remember that my friends Beth and Catherine were with me, but they seem to now have ran off without me. I find this quite stressful! I wander round looking and desperately trying to figure out where they could have gone. I then give up, and decide to figure out how to get home from this market town in the middle of no where I seem to be in. I calculate it will take about 2 hours of bus journey.

      At the bus stop, I start messing about with the stuff in my bag again. I can't shake the feeling that there's something wrong with this bag! Where's that thing I'm looking for? And why can't I remember what on earth that thing is that I'm looking for? I then notice I'm only wearing my underwear. This bothers me slightly, but I assume there's probably a good reason for it.

      I then find myself in a house. I notice my friend Lee, and then see Beth one of the girl's I was looking for! We eat spaghetti bolognese together. Some others are eating what looks like gnocchi? I start telling Beth about the lucid dream I just had...


      This dream followed a lucid dream. There were many times I was potentially close to becoming lucid it seems, if I could just stop and reflect instead of explaining stuff away!
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    3. Embracing the Hand Muncher

      by , 03-02-2015 at 11:27 AM
      I'm at a crowded party in a large sloped room with two girls. Everyone is lying casually on the floor. One girl starts kissing me. I go along with it! Is quite pleasant. The other girl is like 'my turn now!' And takes over This is less pleasant, as she is going a bit mental with her tongue. Was pretty gross actually...

      The party ends, and as I am leaving I find myself staring at a girl standing on the exit stairs. She looks a bit unreal and her image seems unstable. I move my hand across my view of her and notice that she's disappearing every so often. 'Cool!' I think. I tell her something like, "wow! do you know you're disappearing?"

      I then realise I'm dreaming. I look at my right hand to try and stabalize the dream. This wasn't working so well and I almost blacked out, but I managed to bring it back. I walk outside into what looks like the historical centre of a fancy town, with large open paved spaces and a Cathedral. I pay careful attention to my surroundings until all becomes vivid.

      I then remember my dream plan: to summon and embrace my shadow! I recall my planned words, 'I wish to meet my shadow, the part of me in conflict'. I then look at the sky and shout out, "shadow, now!" My voice echoes dramatically, and the sky turns a bit darker. Ominous! I then look around to see if anything has changed, reminding myself that this is a dream and I now have an opportunity to practice fearlessness. I try to fly onto the roof of the Cathedral, but a force pulls me back down to the ground after a brief lift off.

      I see an unnaturally tall dark and slightly bent figure down the street. 'Aha!' I think, 'this must be it!'. I walk towards it, preparing myself to face whatever it is with love and acceptance. But to my surprise, it's my dad! "Dad!" I say smiling, and put my hand on his shoulder. We walk and talk. He tells me about what he's doing with Mum at the moment in the waking world, and that all is well. I entertain wondering if any of this is actually true. Unfortunately I can't remember what he said to test it out!

      Dad leads me through tight corridors and crawl spaces, like we're in the bowels of a submarine. There's an almighty force pulling me back, making it very difficult to move. I remind myself this is a dream, and that recognition makes my walking a little easier. I then suddenly find myself blacking out.

      I feel around to see where I am, and realise I'm back in bed. I do a nose pinch test just in case I'm still dreaming. And I am! I feel chuffed with myself for remembering to RC It's dark and I try to turn the bedside lamp on. Doesn't work, and I remember that that's normal in dreams. I get up and go to the door. 'This is it' I think, 'my shadow is through this door'. I feel both excited and nervous.

      I open the door, and a goblin like creature jumps at me! This gives me a shock, but I'm soon smiling and giving the creature a hug. "It's okay" I say, "I love you!". Looking down, the goblin has now turned into what looks like a giant microbe with a big mouth and many tiny razor sharp teeth. He's munching down on my hand, which is completely in his mouth. This feels quite uncomfortable, like intense pins and needles. But I keep smiling, reminding myself this is just a dream and this hand muncher is a part of me. "No fear", I say to it, and hold it close to me as it keeps munching away. The thought 'well I guess it's a part of me now' comes to mind, as it has now become a physical extension of my arm. I wake up wondering what it will be like to have an arm munching microbe for a hand from now on...

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