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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Randoman the destroyer of worlds

      by , 10-20-2012 at 08:00 PM
      Im laying in bed waiting to fall asleep right after wake back to bed and I starts to,actully hear my friends gutair in my head I know this means im falling asleep so I dont move it actully sounds like there talking across the room from me in my room I jump up out of bed and across from me were my sister bed should be is a old style radio from the 60s or somthing. So I look at my hand and it all curved up and I can stick my other finger right threw it it like my hand made out of goow or somthing I get out of bed and grap the radio and walk out my room I get to my kitchen and it seems to be the middle of the night the radio start to play realy loud so I chech my hand and to make shure it realy a dream my hand is still curved up so u walk out the front door in my underwear ,it brigjt out side like the,middle of the day around the house is,green feild,instead if LA I see a jet fly in the air about to crash black smoke is coming off of it I jump and fly up next to it and land on top of it I try to controle it to fly faster it does but begin to slow down I fly it in to space were its pitch black with a few stars and look at the earth im thinking I should not,be able,to breath but I can I grap the jet and throw it at earth expecting to blow it all up ,on impact the entire earth exploded kinds like the death,star in those old star wars moves. I relax floating in empty space with no gravity I see a peace of reckage come flying back at me I grap it and Imagion a nother earth behind me and ruen around. And there it is. I throw this reckage,at this,earth to just,to see it explode then fly away to a nothwr,earth but the closer I get it seems to be turning into a gray baren planet maybe a moon I enjoy fly around in circle and seeing the world flip around when I do]

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      lucid , memorable
    2. Starting to think my lucids just dont want to be stabilized

      by , 09-01-2012 at 02:50 PM
      This is kinda like a wild so long story short I new I was lucid im in my grandad house in the hall way and its not adding up how I got here so instead of going with it go to the front door and look out, it like a endless feild of telephone polls so I go out and start to run I want to super speed but it dosent work
      I feel the air and its cold and windy my visions blurry so I try and clear it by yelling stabilize now I do it 2 times the time I try my vioce stops working to white girls are walking twords me
      and it turns back to a normal dream
      lucid , memorable
    3. Never expected this place

      by , 08-21-2012 at 02:47 PM
      Im somwhere in the dark I realize im dreaming but I feel like I all ready new that I look at my hands it hard to see but it looks normal I start to walk loking for light to see better I find it
      I look up and I appear to be in my six grade gym

      I think to my self I havent thought about this place in years I try to stabilize by looking at the hole room and ankering my self in the dream

      I yell clarity now stablize now I spin and it works a little bit but

      Not anough
      I wake up

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      Tags: lucid, stabilize
      lucid , memorable
    4. I had this dream on the 14 of august but the internet failed

      by , 08-15-2012 at 09:25 PM
      Im lucid and I think about finding a girl in a car

      People in front of me stop and offer rides in there cars

      I punch a guy window straight threw and pick the car up
      But have trouble
      mom pull me aside from the car all mad
      I slap her and tell hear I dont have time for her beacuse this is a dream I wanna have fun

      I get on a cop motorcycle that was talking to the guy who window I broke

      The bike has pedals so I look away and look back and it a regular bike

      I go into a building and look in the mirror DC argue behind me I look in the mirror and my, reflections crazy I have to reflections one of them is looking at me and one has a hat on and looking too the side behind the first reflection

      I walk out and try too use powers

      I wind up in a yard like grandads I hear somome call my name as I clime a brick wall

      I try to use a white stick to help me fly by thinking it a flying stick it dosent work
      I want a jet pack to appear so I reapet out loud when I turn around there will be a jetpack behind me I turn around and dont see it my sister walk up says somthing incomprehinsable then walk away I

      I see the jetpack on the ground I put it on and look to the sky and yell STABILIZE NOW CLARITY NOW

      The gray clouds dessolve like soda foam it sounds the same too

      I think this is finily the dream stablizing by clearing out the clouds and making it clearer

      Then out of nowhere I feel the dream ending so I close my eye so i can DEILD but I wake up
      lucid , memorable
    5. I had this dream on the 12 of august but internet failed

      by , 08-15-2012 at 08:20 PM
      Im with my friend and hell boy comes out of the sky in a fireball right in front of us he says somthing and fly away in fire ball

      My friend and me want to follow so we get in this ladder that going to shoot us into the sky to follow him

      The ladder charged with blue energy launches us into the air

      We fly high and I smash into a building

      Were in a wastland type place my friends a skeleton type thing and I tell him he has to consintreat to be normal like me

      There is few people but the people I do see are teleporting

      I try and teleport us but just jump far my friend turn to a bird

      I start to fly through the air with ease my friend does I say I cant believe this is real and I can tell he wont believe this is real so I become semi-lucid

      I yell out what I want to happen like ka ma ha ma haaaaaaa or lightning to,shoot lighting

      I shoot a ka ma ha ma haaa at my friend he,shoot fire and the powers smash together and blast us apart

      This all happem with us fly in the air over water there is no land

      My friend attack me and I lose luciditiy and fly away

      He catches me and we make a truce so he doesent have to leave this place beacuse he aware this place give him power and make him evil

      I start to use powers agian but feel the dream ending so I I try to do,deild but I wake up

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      Tags: epic, lucid, powers, vivid
      lucid , memorable
    6. I had this dream on the 10 of august but internet failed

      by , 08-15-2012 at 07:59 PM
      Im in a house with a little boy that can creat matter
      he turns popcorn too skittles they tast good

      Im flying around the clouds are pink and mostly gold it cool I looking for somone I thought I found them but it was a imposter in a jetpack they wernt realy fly on there own like me

      Im fly whith the person I found back were I came from on my back its a girl I havent been there in a long time clouds are still gold

      Im the boy that can creat matter im grown up im mad the girl took so long to come back we are standing on a lake and every where u walk the water freezes on the service of the water I walk a ice circle around the girls

      Im me agian we have took kill the bot who creats matter now beaxuse he is crazy we tie him too a stove and blow up the house

      Were outside the house trying too get away before it blow but we are delayed we are in a jeep amd john trying to get his friend in with his bike the house starts to blow up so we speed of down the street with is friends bike holding the outside of the car I think he gonna get a ticket
      Tags: amazing, vivid
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Getting closer and closer too finally stabilizing a lucid dream

      by , 08-09-2012 at 04:10 PM
      Im with A and im looking through a house of memories I tell my self that.

      I tell my self that memories are unstable and that they change everytime you look at them
      the front of the house keeps changing and everytime I open this door this clothing sign keeps changing the words on the sign

      i keep opening the door and it says SUP then I realize IM DREAMING I look down too become aware of what im wearing

      Im wearing white button up shirt and white cargo shorts I lift up my shirt and my skin is way lighter than it normaly is

      I put my shirt down and realize there a blue shirt under the white one with a yellow 2 on it with rhombus around it
      I pull the white shirt around the blue one then pull it down and look back at the blue shirt and the rhombus with the 2 in it had moved down the shirt on the left corner

      I need to stabilizes so I study the carpet on the ground I crouch down and see that the carpet is white and stringy there are other colors mixed in but mostly purple it looks like realy amazing matrial I rub the carpet too but dont remember how it feels but it looks silky I spin and I can balance on my foot easly but I cant spin faster for some reason I try to bring my arms closer to me to spin faster but I cant for some reason a force stops me then I spin agian and its like my body spins but my head stays still its weird

      I start to bend over boxes so I stop spining I look at my watch and it like the clock face got turned upside down the reflection on the glass on my watch is just the same watch upside down wierd I start to think of a power to use then I wake up

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      Tags: lucid, rainbow
      lucid , memorable
    8. Stabilizing success

      by , 08-06-2012 at 04:12 PM
      Im in a helecopter and theres a man next to me showing me how to fly it then
      The helecopter blades are realy loud

      Then out of nowhere im in front of a army base im in front of the front gate

      Then I realize im dreaming so I look at my hands and focus everything blurry so I start to spin it stabilizes it enough for me to see my hands so I look at my hands and focus it get clear I focus on what im hearing too then I lick my han to ingage all my sense it salty my shadow looks like it has my hat on but it dosent feel like I have a hat on

      I look down and start to fiddle with a electrical box thinking if I shox my self the feeling might stabilize the dream but I worry if im not dreaming this will kill me but I keep telling my self this has too be a dream beacuse it dosent make sense how I got here and just appearing outside the helecopter dos not make sense

      So I stick my hands in the wires and pull them out beacuse I still didt convence myself so I try to prove im dreaming to my self by reading thing so I try to read the soda machine infront of me but there a leave design I front of some of the letter so cant read it so I decide to go into this tv store thinking how the tv would work in a dream the tv are black and stack ontop of each other on a brown shelf they all three keep repeating the same images a clown bening over a couch then repeat and so on I look over a bed and see some girl talking I try too stay focused

      I climb over the bed take of the robe I waz apperantly wearing and get to excited and wake up

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      lucid , memorable
    9. I Am SYLAR

      by , 07-29-2012 at 02:33 PM
      Im being chased by this pysico killer who has tele kenetic powers so im running for my life but im realy good at free running so I im jumping over polls witj ease im.

      Im in a parking grage(spelling fail) so I see the stairs leding down I jump down them in mid-air grap them agian and flip over them I keep doing things like this till I jump over a green hill and over a wall that leads too the outside I cross the street still running and climp into a abandon building then cross it then keep running I jump over a fence into some yard and they want me to leave they think ima drug dealer or somthing

      So I do and I get to a nother abandon building im starting to think im running in circle and that I might get cought but this building is home to homless kids when they see me they run with me saying the cops are coming we all jump out a window together and fall lots of floors down unharmed we run into the street

      I wake up in a hostpital bed surounded by peoole I work with
      I freakout beacuse the one after is name is sylar can shape shift and he could be anyone one of them
    10. De-stabilized hands

      by , 07-26-2012 at 06:41 PM
      Im in some warehouse fighting chinease dwarfs guards with guns.

      But im not worried about getting shot beacuse I got super strength im graping them by the arms and throwing them into boxes high up.

      I realize this must be a visulization so I wait for my self to snap snap back to my real body but when I dont I realize im dreaming so I look at my hands right away but I cant see them it too dark all of a suden I only see the outline so I run to ware I see light in the warehouse.
      I stand under a industryal light bulb the kind that are realy long when I do I see my hands but it looks like im looking through a magnifing glass then out of nowhere my right hand disappears so I look at my left hand and it disappear too

      This piss me off beacuse how can I stabilize the dream if I cant see my hands I didt have a backup plan my hands
      Re-appear out of the corner of my eye but when I look directly they vanish I can still feel them but not see them
      The dream de-stabilize and I woke up and I voud to have a plan A B and C for next time.

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      lucid , memorable
    11. Rainbow spout

      by , 07-25-2012 at 03:48 PM
      Im in my bro house but it wierd beacuse I just got back from georgia I get this wierd phone call from this repair guy about my cari find this wierd beacuse I dont have a car.He's telling me to hurry up and make a deal or somthing and i tell him no thank you I hang up on him. There a half naked poster of a girl on the ground it just got hear but I dont know how and there a girl at my feet but I dont recognize her then I look at my hands and realize Im dreaming I start to spin to stabilize the dream but chrismas rapping paper is around me so I walk into the hall and look at my hands my finger keep geting longer and shorter and the marks on my palms keep changing I look at my forarm and it does the same thing but everything get clearer I study the door frame too I walk into the living room I start to float amd fly through the window of the front door as I look around its snow everywhere and the clouds are frozen blocks of ice in shape of clouds I want too fly but I keep floating back down so I tell my self gravity dosent exist hear it works a little but not much so I look for a flying aid. I try to make a jet pack apear but it dosent work so pick up a peace of ply wood it long and skinny. I stand on it and fly up as I do I see this rainbow spoutshooting up from a roof cover in snow as I pass through the cloud layer I see it countinues up too I float back down to the roof I drop the ply wood and step into the rainbow spout. it like steping over a heating vent I feel warm almost hot kinda uncomterbal I see rainbow colors dancing on my palms I breath in deeply and it feels like breathing hot air I fly up agian but everytime I pass a cloud layer there just another one I deside to fall to see what it feels like from this hight but the clouds are to close and I lose my sight I wake up for a second in bed but I dont move then I feel my self falling and im back in the dream im falling from realy high up and everythings in black and white I see a farm house and crop feild far below as I fall closer and closer I look at my hands but it too late I wake up

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      lucid , memorable
    12. I join the mythbustersw

      by , 07-17-2012 at 04:46 PM
      Im in front of the wall at grand parents house. But there house is not there a sky scraper is there and at the base of the wall is a white car and im with the mythbusters.

      They keep pulling a string with a hook on it and it launches the car next to the building I ask can I try and they let me

      I graped the hook with my left hand and the string with my right beacuse the strings long I pull it with both hands and the car launches perfectly up and over the roof and lands on it were all happy and congraduating each other
    13. Stealing vampire pack I

      by , 07-13-2012 at 07:42 PM
      Im in some kind of store with group of people I know them all but only recongnize some my sister see 2 dog in a small glass box she poke him and he says stop my sister wants too steal the dog so we go back to the front of the store and go into arcade there a guy in a black suit he looks like sucirty guard my sis make a deal with him then money flys through the air and into his hands he give it to my sis and I take some I go buy re,ees peacies and starburst cheese crackers jerky im a little kid around 5year$ mrchelle the csheer she dosent recongnize me I run out the store beacuse I know my sis stole the dog were all running down a sidewalk at night were vampires I beend this poll back to valt my frienzds forward
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. I it was real

      by , 05-19-2012 at 10:49 PM
      IM in my room and i can move things with my mind i make penciles and stuffed animals all over my room float and turn i have realy good controle . I think this has to be a dream and i look at my hand, a couple of my fingers are smaller than normal but then they flash back to normal.I think back to whenever i can move things with my mind im usly dreaming so i keep thinking its not real, but i realy want this to be real so i let it go.i see a can of arizona and i make it rise then i make a crushing jester with my hand and its smashes to gether like someone sqeesed it. I have coal from outside and i make it rise then i smash both my hands together and it turnds to black dust in mid air i leave my room then and go to my kitchen.I am in my grandad house my mom is cooking a big meal i think it might be thanks giving i make a spoon in her bowl spin around brittnee says somthing about it like it a normal thing for me to do everyone one acts like it normal. I smash some more cans of arizona and they spill on the table and i use my powers to make the juice rise and shoot into my mouth.
    15. Son of posidnen

      by , 05-19-2012 at 07:54 PM
      IM ON the beach with other people i dont recongnize this guy in front of me has a trident thats baby blue and white just like ocean waves and see foam the

      sand is a golden yellow.He keeps tapping the chest of a girl in front of him with the trident to take over her mind but its not working. i feel its not working

      beacuse he not a son of posiden but i thought he was one so im confused. I take the trident from him and raze it in front of the water and a water spout shoots

      in to the air from the ocean then i feel a weakness in my arm and the trident and the water spout falls i do it agian and the same thing happends but i get the

      the water spout to turn a little in the air.IM A SON OF POSIDEN
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