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    1. 24th July 2012 - 16th Lucid Dream [My sub-conscious sure is creative....]

      by , 07-24-2012 at 11:42 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I'm at a convention of sorts, similar to ComicCon, there's people all around in costumes and lots of booths for all different kinds of TV Shows and games.

      I'm fighting my way through the hustle and bustle when I realise that I've lost my friends. I look around for them but can't seem to find them anywhere, when I notice a board that mentions a chess tournament will be happening in a few minutes, something that my dream self was really interested in going to. Though I don't know why, I never play chess in waking life!

      I head to the conference hall where the tournament was being held and queue up. There are a lot of people apparently wanting to play chess, as the queue is ridiculously long. Eventually when I get inside I'm guided to a table and sit down with this old man and a girl with long, ginger hair.

      I immediately notice the intricacies of the table and the chess board that's built into it. It's made of some kind of expensive wood and looks like it must have taken hours to craft all of the details in the chess pieces and the table itself.

      The tournament is about to start when I notice I'm missing a sheet of paper, which was required to partake in the tournament as we had to note something or other down, though, I forget what exactly. I ask for a piece of paper from the tournament host, she walks away and brings me this blank sheet of paper.

      I look up, thank her, and when I look down again my sheet of paper is now filled with text that I can't make out, besides the name "Jane" signed at the bottom. I flip it over and it's blank on this side, but I'm becoming suspicious. When I look away and back again, this side is now filled with words too.

      The ginger girl sitting on the table turns around and mentions that I got handed an already filled piece of paper to the tournament host, while I look down at my hands and reality check. I become lucid, though because of the long dream beforehand I guess I was nearing the end of my dream and I can feel the dream fading after the bump in consciousness.

      I'm focusing on the wrinkles in my hands to stabilise a bit, before swiping my hands over the wooden table to solidify my presence in the dream world and everything comes back into view.

      Ginger girl is still talking to the tournament host, I stand up and for some reason my not fully conscious lucid-dreaming self decides to attempt to blast wind from my hands to make her hair poof up, as if she was in a hurricane. I set up expectation and imagine how it would occur and gesture my hands towards her. Nothing happens with her hair but she simply shouts out "POOF!" in the middle of talking to the tournament host.

      I try again and again, "POOF!, POOF!, POOOOOFFF!" until she turns her head and glares at me, clearly angry that I keep interrupting her conversation. I'm somewhat startled and the dream fades to black and I find myself back in my bed.

      I briefly attempt a DEILD but my mind seems to wander too much and I can't fall back asleep anyway, presumably because of how late it was in my sleep cycle (already about 8 hours) and decide to just get up and write down my dream.

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