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    1. 25th August 2012 - 18th Lucid Dream [Meeting my mother in her childhood]

      by , 08-25-2012 at 07:12 PM
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      As expected, my dry spell finally broke when most unexpected. I went to bed late last night and was worried about dream recall, let alone lucidity. I woke up for my WBTB and remembered no dreams but shortly after I tried to go back to sleep I was disturbed by my Dad. Apparently we had a power cut and he wanted me to call the power company to find out when it was back on. This resulted in a much longer WBTB than I usually have (About 30-40 minutes, as apposed to my 10-15 minute normal ones). I went back to sleep after a lot of rolling around trying to relax after waking myself up so much and the following dream occurred.

      I was in a supermarket of some kind queuing up with my mother when we bumped into my aunt, my sister and my niece. We all decide to go for a picnic and as we're heading to the park my niece picks up a blade of grass, attempting to perform a grass whistle but doesn't seem to be succeeding. I laugh and figure I'd show her how to do it later on.

      We get to the park and we set up on this picnic bench. My sister pulls out these cards and wants to try this game with me. I'm not entirely sure what happened with the first game, she had some Pokemon drawn on these cards and it was something about matching their colours to country flags. Really confusing.

      The second game was much more interesting. The cards now had moving images on them of old 1950s style streets, with retro cars driving around them and the game was to count all of the cars in the scene. At some point I just became part of the scene, I was no longer looking at the cards and watching it, I was walking around the streets myself. I then noticed on the side of the road a lime-coloured extremely modern car which first prompted my awareness.

      As I continue walking I enter a sort of layer zero mindset, somewhat knowing what I'm experiencing wasn't waking reality but not fully lucid yet. I'm heading down this street and keep trying to pull my awareness forward, it's really hard to describe, almost like flicking switches in my brain to become lucid.

      I finally reach a point of awareness where I know I'm dreaming. Everything looks amazing, the wind against my skin and the vividness of the trees around me. I even notice the warmth of the sun and how it makes me squint as I walk into it.

      At this point I remember to reality check, just to stabilise myself more into the dream state. Something I've been forgetting to do in any lucid experiences recently which have resulted in them quickly dying out or fading back into non-lucidity. I lift my hands and my fingers had their normal odd lengths so I knew I was dreaming. I got really exciting, finally I was lucid again!

      I decided to stray away from the path of the dream and phase myself through this hedge on the side of the road that I'm standing on. I enter somebody's yard, it's huge and inside the house I see a man cooking dinner but decide to ignore him. As I'm walking down the side of this house, tracing the grey cobbled wall, I remember that I wanted to summon a dream character. I also remember that the best way to do this would be passively.

      I come to near the end of the wall that I'm tracing and I say to myself "When I get around this corner, my mum will be standing there." for some reason at this point I look down to the ground and the wall seems to extend further beyond its original point, my subconscious obviously toying with me. I pay more focus to this wall and finally reach the end.

      I turn the corner and I'm disappointed, nobody was standing there! I'm about to walk back behind the wall to try again when I see a character running towards me from a distance. I recognise that it's my mum immediately, although, she looks about 6 or 7 years old and tagging along behind her is her twin sister and my aunt. I'm completely baffled at my subconscious power to do this without me even suggesting it or having anything to prompt it!

      They're running around me laughing and I can't help but laugh with them. The hilarity of meeting my mother as a child was just too much. I go to sit down with them on a bench and again am insanely glad that I'm finally lucid!

      I start thinking about where I fell asleep, for some reason while lucid I thought I fell asleep in the park from my non-lucid segment before this DILD. I was going to wake up and not have my dream journal to write the lucid down in! Thinking about waking must have shocked my subconscious because the dream sort of "jumped", as if it briefly zoomed in and then zoomed back out rapidly before fading to black and the dream ended. I didn't have any time to stop it.

      I fade back into waking life, and at first I'm somewhat confused that I'm in my bedroom considering I thought I was in a park in my lucid. I jump up and immediately write down my lucid in my dream journal, ecstatic that my dry spell was broken.

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