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    1. 12th September 2012 - 21st Lucid Dream [I'm in spppaacceeeeeeee]

      by , 09-12-2012 at 02:48 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
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      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I was hanging out with my mum and we decided to go and get some pizza for dinner. We headed upstairs in our house, which had apparently turned into a floor dedicated to restaurants and fast-food joints. We head into my parents' bedroom which was now a pizza place called "mama's pizza" or something. They had a deal where if you got 3 toppings on your pizza you got a second pizza for free. We asked for a menu and I seemed to be unfolding the thing for ages, it was ridiculously long once it had all been unfolded. I found the pizza section and they had the most bizarre toppings. We decided to go with pepperoni, plum and onion. We were debating the apricots instead of the onion, but chose against it.

      We waited for a while and finally our food was ready, although, instead of pizza they had served us up gigantic salmon fillets with our chosen toppings on. We decided to just walk out without paying and go to another pizza place.

      Across the hall in my brother's bedroom (which was supposedly Pizza Hut) we wonder why it's just a bedroom when it had a huge "Pizza Hut" sign on the door. We walk out and go into my bedroom, labelled as Domino's Pizza, and the same issue occurs.

      I become lucid randomly and, as always when I become lucid, I do the most random things to stabilise. I start grabbing onto portions of my mother's hair and stroking my fingers through it. When I'm satisfied with the level of stabilisation I head over to the wall I always use to phase through in my lucid dreams. I remember the Advanced Task of the Month and will myself to go there, but when I walk up to the wall I just smack my face into it. I keep trying to push myself through, but nothing happens.

      I give up on this goal for now because I didn't want to waste the lucidity. I go downstairs and in the living room I decide to try conjuring up an energy ball in my hands. Nothing really happens at first, I'm holding my hands with a small ball shape space in the middle and specks of ambient light are shining out of it as I try to conjure the energy ball. I move on to trying to do a "Kamehameha Wave" from the Dragonball series. I pull my hands back and it works right away, an orb or blue light starts growing in size in my hands and but when I release it, a beam of light is just projected in the direction I point with no destructive force. I try again multiple times with varying degrees of success, when I notice how stunning the outside world looks.

      It almost looks like it's snowing, although it's far too dark for that. I assume it's ash, like what you get after a volcano erupts. Somebody had placed a huge cover over my Dad's car, but the rest of the street was completely barren, not a car or person in sight.

      I was going to phase through the window to get outside, but I remember the failed attempt with the wall so I decide to just punch the window, breaking it. Initially there's a huge fist hole in the glass and slowly it begins shattering into tiny pieces, soon spreading to all other panes of glass in the window. It's fascinating to watch as it crumbles apart.

      I climb up through the window and head outside. It's no longer snowing ash and most of what settled on the ground seems to have disappeared. The next portion is somewhat blurry and I think I briefly lost lucidity. I was using a wall as if it was a keyboard and typing to a friend, saying something along the lines of "Isn't it awesome how I'm sending you this message from inside a lucid dream?!"

      Afterwards, my lucidity fully returns and I walk out into the middle of the street performing reality checks to stabilise. There's a zombie behind me wrapped up in chains and slightly in front of it I notice a truck with cages stacked on it slowly making its way down the street. Up the front of the truck was another zombie in one of these cages and then I notice even more similar cages lined up down the street in front of everyone's houses.

      I fly up in the air, deciding to ignore the distraction and remembering my goal to fly into space. I fly higher and higher until I get to a point where the scenery in the distance just kind of "cuts off", as if it's a chunk of Google Maps which is taking a while to load. I turn around and ignore it, continuing to fly up. I'm at the highest I've ever been while flying and I can see the curvature of the world now.

      I notice how awesome the sky looks, there's lots of dark clouds interlaced with white ones and a deep blue sky. Over in the distance I notice a thunderstorm starting, so I hurry and fly up through the clouds before it makes its way over to me.

      Upon reaching the atmosphere I'm astounded by the awesome appearance of the sun as it shimmers over the Earth's surface. The clouds had cleared now and it's almost cartoon-like how detailed I can see the Earth's land from this high up. I turn around, briefly blinded by looking directly at the sun, until I find the moon.

      I fly towards it leaving the Earth behind. When I reach it I'm shocked at how small my subconscious had chosen to depict it, it was so small I could see a pretty sharp curvature after landing on the moon's surface. I look towards the Earth and notice again how unrealistically small it is, my subconscious had depicted it as so far away from the moon. Regardless, I'm amazed at how everything looks. From here I can see the other planets in our solar system in the distance and the sun glimmering over the Earth.

      At this point I'm reminded of the video game "Portal", and just that thought is enough to trigger a schema and an orange portal is formed on the moon's surface, right in front of me. I'm pleased with my first ever portal creation, albeit somewhat small. I stick my head through it and see what looks like a lab with DCs discussing something on the other side of the room. I pull back out of the portal and try to make it bigger without much luck, so I just try squeezing through.

      I end up being sucked in and I'm now standing upright in this lab, portal closed behind me. I quickly discover that what the DCs were talking about was a self-destruct sequence for this room. Myself and two others were left behind in here and we were rapidly trying to find a way out. The hatch the other DCs used to escape had been sealed and upon trying to open a new portal it doesn't lead anywhere as the previous portal exit had closed.

      I tell one of the DCs with me, a tall man with dark hair, to grab onto my hand and squeeze it. I use his squeezing as an anchor onto the dream world so that I can close my eyes and use lucid powers to find a way out of here. He grabs hold of my hand but starts questioning me as to what I'm doing. I tell him to shut up as I can't concentrate and, finally, I close my eyes and focus on the squeezing sensation from his hand.

      Soon I get a "vision" of sorts in the darkness. I see a ventilation shaft that we can escape through. I explain this to them and we rush towards it, slipping down through the tight gap.

      We appear on the other side and the scene transition has made me lose lucidity, which I'm frustrated over because I would have been able to complete the Basic Task of the Month.

      We seem to be in an engine room, but I soon discover that we've simply become incredibly small, or we're just on a huge circuit board. There are transistors, a CPU and huge wires which look like vines. Everything in here is running at extreme temperatures so we have to avoid touching any of them, otherwise we'd turn into roast human.

      The others leave me behind and I struggle to make my way through without touching anything. I briefly scrape against a small white box and feel the heat scorch my arm. I cringe and move on, making my way to this ladder and burning myself multiple times in the journey.

      We all climb the ladder together and I wake up.

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    2. 4th September 2012 - 19th & 20th Lucid Dreams [Follow the dark path!]

      by , 09-04-2012 at 02:15 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      19th Lucid Dream:
      I was back in school with all my old friends and for some reason I had taken my dream journal with me. Somebody asked me what it was and I avoided the subject in fear of them reading my dreams.

      After a short while of talking about all kinds of subjects (most of which I don't even recall) we got back onto the subject of lucid dreaming. Apparently one of my friends had a lucid dream by accident and everyone was calling her crazy for thinking she could have had this experience. I whipped out my dream journal to prove to them that it did exist. When they were all convinced we started talking about fun things to do in a lucid dream. Somebody was talking about how awesome it would be to have a really dark and sadistic dream. I decided to see if I could have a lucid nap, so I laid my head on the desk and "fell asleep", despite already being asleep.

      There was a pretty instant scene transition and I was immediately lucid. I was at the bottom of this beautiful grassy hill with white fences leading up a paved path and at the top a castle with a huge, grand entrance. I climbed the hill and upon reaching the top I recall reading something about following different signs in a dream for the style of dream you want to have. In this case I had two very distinct paths, an angelic, glowing white entrance to this castle and a dark, dead graveyard-looking scene to the right hand side.

      I was compelled to head towards the dark path, considering the conversation I had in the non-lucid prior to this. I jumped down off the small ledge and ended up in what looked like a dead wheat field. It was all dark greys with these blood-coloured crystals scattered around embedded in stone pillars. In the middle was a ruined stone shack and I climbed up on top of it. Below was a cellar which had been exposed, and I was ready to jump down into it.

      Before jumping I figured I would reality check to solidify my lucidity. As I did the scene became increasingly vivid and I began thinking about the fact that when I woke I would have to write down this dream in the middle of the class that I had fell asleep in. Not knowing that the previous experience was just a dream and I was actually asleep in bed.

      I jumped down inside, it was an extremely enclosed space of ruined stone walls. Through a hole in one of the walls I saw these stones moving about by themselves. I slipped through the hole and on the other side I saw all of these stones come together and form a sort of earth elemental creature. He charged at me but I grabbed hold of his stone hand and swung him around in circles, like I was doing an around-the-world with a yo-yo, and let him go, smashing him into the ground and breaking him apart. He reformed and almost squashed me amongst all of the rocks coming together on top of me, but I ducked and managed to avoid it.

      I noticed more of these stone creatures forming to guard this bridge in the distance so to kill two birds with one stone (no pun intended) I ran up to this closest earth elemental and avoided the sword he started slashing at me. I grabbed hold of him again and launched him the other earth elementals in the distance, smashing them all to pieces.

      As I started walking up to the bridge, the dream faded to black and I woke.

      20th Lucid Dream:
      I was sitting in my kitchen with my parents, I can't remember what we were talking about but I do remember the torrential rainfall occurring outside.

      At some point the rain briefly stopped before snow started gushing out of the sky. It got increasingly large until snowball-sized snowflakes were falling down. I was convinced that I wasn't dreaming, but I seemed to get the idea to reality check anyway.

      As I checked my hands, I was baffled when I discovered I was in fact dreaming. I had to check multiple times to believe it. I stood up and headed to the door, and instead of opening it to go outside like I've done in my previous dreams I figured I would just phase through it.

      I walked through and I got the same sense walking through it as I did when I scene transitioned when walking through a wall in a previous dream. All of the images rushed by my view, clearing way for pitch blackness. I was sitting in a sort of void, waiting for a new scene to form but nothing was coming, I was just a floating consciousness in the pitch blackness without a body.

      Somehow, I started walking regardless. I was stepping aimlessly through the darkness and trying to come up with a scene that I could create. My attempts, however, were futile. As I continued walking I seemed to just step into the waking world and found myself back in my bed.