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    23rd May 2012 - Third Lucid Dream [Though, quite short]

    by , 05-23-2012 at 02:01 PM (625 Views)
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    Prior to this dream I had been taking Sageous' advice for WBTBs from his WILD class, as well as dream incubating and generally telling myself that I was going to recognise that I was dreaming next time I was in a dream.

    The dream before this I also achieved another milestone, I was successfully able to "chain" two dreams together after incubating the previous dream. I didn't become lucid in that one though.

    I was at some sort of theme park with my mum, my sister & her children and my brother & his girlfriend. I forget large portions of the beginning of the dream, there's fragments of us going around the park on all sorts of different rides and doing different activities. Although, I'm not entirely sure if they are fragments or just drastic scene changes, as drastic scene changes are a common occurrence in my dreams.

    Near closing time for the park, me and my mum depart from the group to go find our car as we couldn't remember where we parked it. We were walking up this hill, which upon waking I realise how realistic it was. I could feel my legs getting tired and struggling to walk up this hill after a day of walking around the theme park. Eventually we reach the parking lot, we look around for our car but there are so many we don't seem to be able to find it.

    We meet back up with my brother and sister who we queue up with as we're going out the park, we all get in my brother's car and start driving off. I question what we're going to do about my mum's car because surely we can't just leave it at the park. I'm assured that it's fine and we can just pick it up next time we come to the park.

    I start becoming suspicious, going to theme parks with my family isn't a common occurrence, but somewhat brush it off anyway. We begin discussing when next we would be coming and planning a date, when I realise we're no longer driving on the road. We're on the sidewalk next to the road, driving over patches of grass and rocks.

    I do a reality check by counting my fingers, which fails, although I'm still suspicious. Awareness kicks in and I'm realising that despite driving over this rough terrain the car's driving along smoothly, as if it was flying above the ground slightly. I also realise there doesn't seem to be any sense of gravity of G-Force from the moving car.

    I force my mind to get in the "Reverse Reality Check" mindset that Sageous has been teaching in his WILD class and begin "pulling" my consciousness into the dream world by solidifying my place in the dream, and realising what that truly means. I count my fingers again, but it still fails. I decide to try another reality check, I plug my nose and am shocked when I am able to breathe!

    I'm still sceptical, I was thinking about jumping out of the car but after so many failed reality checks I didn't want to risk that just incase it was real life. I put my finger up to the window of the car and try to will it through the glass, but it fails also. I undo my seatbelt and definitely begin to realise there's no sense of realistic gravity here, there's nothing pulling me back into my seat when I sit forward.

    I try to imagine myself floating and then going out through the roof of the car, I float up somewhat but don't quite make it all the way out of the car and fall back into my seat. I look at the window again and really try to will my finger going through, pushing harder and harder on the glass but with no luck, it seems solid.

    I become frustrated, I know it's a dream but nothing I seem to do is working. I guess because of how sceptical my mind was after all the failed reality checks.

    At this point the dream starts becoming fuzzy, I can feel myself losing the dream so I become calm and focus to the best I can. The dream fades back in momentarily but as soon as I drop focus it instantly goes to black and I find myself back in the waking world.

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    1. littlezoe's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by RareCola
      I become frustrated, I know it's a dream but nothing I seem to do is working. I guess because of how sceptical my mind was after all the failed reality checks.
      Yup, that seems like the exact reason You should think like it would be sure that you can do anything. To think that it's normal and shouldn't give you a problem to put your hand through glass, to float, ect

      Positive thougths = success

      But congrats on the third lucid nonetheless ^^
    2. Wurlman's Avatar
      I'll have to learn from this hasn't happened but bound to nice lucid though I like how u noticed no g force from the car