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    26th June 2012 - Eighth & Ninth Lucid Dream [DEILD Chain]

    by , 06-26-2012 at 03:08 PM (991 Views)
    Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
    Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
    Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
    Purple Text = Lucid Segment

    I awoke from a really crazy non-lucid and figured I would try a DEILD. I lay there, counting back from 10 and as I did so I eventually got an image of a video game character kind of "gearing up" for lucidity. I remembered what Sageous said about not really experiencing hypnagogic imagery when doing DEILDs, which is what I first assumed it was, but I opened my eyes and I was inside of a dream.

    I'm in my bathroom at this point, I look at my hands to make sure it really is a dream and notice that my hands look surprisingly normal, only that I had somewhat shorter fingers. I do a nose plug test just to make sure, and sure enough, I'm dreaming.

    I follow with some stabilisation techniques, when I rub my hands together I can barely feel my left hand as if it was numb, I remember I was laying on that hand as I done the DEILD so I guess the numbness carried over into the dream.

    When I was sure the dream was stable, I decided I wanted to try changing the dream scene. It's something I've never really played around with before. I wasn't too sure where I wanted to go but I just wanted my subconscious to throw me into some whacky environment. My first attempt involved trying to create a "portal" on a nearby wall that I could walk through but with no luck, and doing so made the dream somewhat fuzzy again.

    I walk into a bedroom and spin on the spot, figuring that would stabilise the dream and maybe teleport me elsewhere. It stabilised but no teleportation, I did notice that the door I walked into the bedroom from had kind of "warped" though, it was all skewed and kind of a staggered opening now, as if an earthquake had shocked the walls into weird positions.

    I walk through the tiny crevices of the wall where the door use to be, and the hall I was previously in was now fuzzy and foggy so I leave that space and go back into the bedroom, again weaving throughout the walls.

    I decide I may as well go outside, that I may have some more luck with changing locations out there. I go up to the window and notice a balcony below it that isn't there in real life. I phase myself through the wall/window and down onto the balcony, where I find a bald, blue-skinned woman with light green spots dotted over her face. I think she's tending to a garden or something. I speak to her briefly (though I now forget the conversation) and determine that she's incredibly creepy before slowly backing away.

    I remember a tip I got in IRC last night, that running through walls could be a good way to change locations. I see a house across the road with a perfect wall that I could run at so I brace myself, prepare to phase through the wall and start running at full speed towards it. Faster and faster I run, until I smash my face right into the solid rock. I stumble backwards and I'm really disorientated, then I find myself back in my bed

    I again follow through with a DEILD, doing the same as I did before and getting the same imagery before opening my eyes, and finding myself in yet another lucid dream.

    I'm just outside my house now, my brother's car is parked and it had recently been raining by the looks of it, as everything was slightly wet. To stabilise I thought I'd try something new, just to see how well my senses would hold up. I take my hand and swipe it across the wet car, feeling the smoothness of the car body and the water as it splashed away when I swiped my hand over. I was shocked at how realistic it felt.

    I continue with my attempts at changing location in my dream. I try jumping up in the air to begin with, and telling myself that when I fall back down I will phase through the ground into another dream, with still no success.

    I heard stories of people "falling" into new dream scenes, so next I follow up by letting myself fall forward, figuring this surely had to work and I would just fall into a new scene. Nope, again I faceplanted right into the ground. I pull myself up from the wet ground, and try to figure out what else I could try.

    I walk out into the street, it's somewhat dreary and looks like it's going to rain again. There's puddles on the roads and nobody's around. I see a car at the end of the street just turning down into my road. I again try the spinning method to enter a new scene but I think I was focusing on the sound of the car splashing through the puddles as it drove down the road too much, as I was stuck in this scene. I come to the conclusion that if I untether all of my senses from this scene when I spin that I may be able to slip into a brand new one, so I tense my ears, close my eyes and stop breathing in the fresh-smelling air that occurs after recent rainfall and spin myself around. I open my eyes and find that I had just woken myself up, rather than entering a new scene.

    I try re-entry again for a little bit, and I think I would have been able to do it but I was far too excited by this point over the fact that I had successfully chained 2 DEILDs together, and done it after waking from a normal dream too. I decided it was pointless and I didn't want to risk forgetting these dreams as well as the non-lucid that I had before them both, so I gave up and just wrote in my journal.

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    1. paigeyemps's Avatar
      very nice, very very nice ;D congrats RC!
    2. Wurlman's Avatar
      About how many dreams are u recording a night? Very nIce luciD dude
    3. RareCola's Avatar
      About how many dreams are u recording a night? Very nIce luciD dude
      Really depends, some nights I only recall 1 dream but my average recently has been about 3.
    4. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Really cool man! Well done.

      I wonder if it would be better to "go with" the scenery that is before you, and make something out of it, instead of trying to jump or run or fall into a new scene? I say that only because I know I do the same thing.