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    27th June 2012 - Tenth Lucid Dream [Meeting myself in a DILD]

    by , 06-27-2012 at 02:49 PM (652 Views)
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    I was a prisoner in this castle, the dream started with plotting an escape with another prisoner. We ran out of the castle and across these thin stone blocks suspended above a ravine, as we stepped on the thin stone blocks they began to crack so standing on them for too long wasn't an option. We ran across them as quickly as possible until we came to a more solid stone block where we planned what to do next.

    Nearby there was this machine of sorts spinning at high speed consistently. We figured that if we managed to jump on this machine we could launch ourselves from it up and over the castle walls. Things turned slightly insane here. We leapt on the machine and propelled ourselves, one at a time, to try and get over the wall. With each failed attempt we seemed to reset back to the beginning and we were able to try again.

    Soon enough, I managed to land on the castle walls and I thought it'd be a simple task of just hopping over the other side, but there was another wall preventing me from doing so on this end. To get to the other end of the castle wall involved trying to get through a blockade of heavy stones that were swinging relentlessly back and forth across it.

    I jumped back over the edge of the wall and rappelled along the side. After almost getting hit by the swinging stones, I made it across to the other side. I was cheering at the prisoner who was with me, who was still failing at his attempts to get up here. Little did I know the side of the wall that I rappelled to was actually a guard tower.

    I was re-captured and then I had a scene change. Next thing I know I'm again with the other prisoner who I was trying to escape with, performing kitchen duty. We apparently hadn't eaten for days and we were both starving so we sneakily stole some of the leftover food and took it back to our room. To our surprise, after finishing our shift the head of the kitchen staff praised us for our good work and handed us a huge plate of food as thanks. We rapidly tried to hide the stolen food as the guy brought the food into our room and we somehow got away with it.

    Another scene change to after we finished eating, and I noticed that with the food we got given was a Christmas Cracker, despite it not being Christmas. I pulled it open regardless just to see what was inside. At this point my roommate left and the whole scene seemed to shift from the castle prison room area to a room in my house. I pulled out a pair of green sunglasses from the Christmas Cracker and decided I wanted to try them on.

    I looked in a nearby mirror and took off my normal eyeglasses, then looked in the mirror again and I was completely confused when I could still see perfectly and the glasses were still on my face. I held my hand up and touched the area of my face where my glasses were supposed to be and felt nothing. I rubbed it a bit to make sure and when I took my hand away it looked as if I had "erased" an area of the glasses. I'm completely spun out and I have no idea what's happening.

    I held my hands up and finally realised that it was a dream after seeing that I have short, stubby fingers. I recall going to sleep after attempting a WILD despite the ridiculously long dream that occurred before this. I walk into a nearby bedroom in my house, all of the bedsheets are on the floor and for some reason my friend is making the bed. The dream is ridiculously vivid here and I have to remind myself it's a dream.

    I decide to talk to my friend, as conversations in my dreams are quite rare. I say "Hey", and without once looking at me my friend says "You know you aren't awake yet? I want to make your bed." -- This shocks me, but I continue the conversation with "I know, I'm in a lucid dream."

    Some more conversation later that I don't really recall, only that my friend is really cold towards me and also seems to be incredibly witty, a personality that she doesn't share in real life. I'm interested by how different the dream personality is.

    I decide to check out my bedroom, I thought that maybe I would be able to see myself sleeping if my dream character stated that I wasn't awake yet. I opened the door and sure enough, there I am laying there. It was really surreal and I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. The copy of me laying down in the bed opens his eyes and starts staring at me, before lifting himself up into a sitting position. We're both staring at each other now and I have no idea what's really happening, I don't completely understand how I could be in two places at once.

    The dream starts to become fuzzy here, I think we start some brief conversation and I walk up to him but at one point I think I close my eyes for some reason and when I open them again I'm awake and laying in bed.

    I lay still for a few minutes, trying to re-enter the dream with DEILD and while I feel the vibrations sweep over me I don't seem to be able to re-enter. I think because of my head being all over the place trying to figure out what just happened, or maybe because it was so late into my sleep cycle that I couldn't fall asleep again that easily.
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    1. Wurlman's Avatar
      Wow I'm surprised that u dident awakin instantly after u seen urself! I seen myself in a dream once and my heart was racing but great lucid! Good luck on the totm just a few days left!
    2. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Epic lucid dude, I'm jelly.