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    28th May 2012 - Fourth Lucid Dream [Most Vivid Yet]

    by , 05-28-2012 at 04:30 PM (721 Views)
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    I had initially slipped out of a dream and into a false awakening, which I managed to pick up on and immediately woke after realising it was a dream. I wanted to get up anyway and write down the dream I just had as this night I had only recalled one dream, but I decided to take a chance, sacrifice remembering that dream and DEILDed back into the false awakening.

    I was initially sure I wasn't in a dream as I didn't feel myself fall asleep from the DEILD, but I performed a reality check anyway and realised that I was in fact dreaming!

    I pulled myself up from the bed and everything was blurry and spinning around me. This time though, unlike my other lucid dreams, I remembered to perform stabilisation techniques. I rubbed my hands together and spun around but it didn't seem to be working at first. It felt like I was looking at the world through a fisheye lens that was incredibly zoomed out. It was really disorientating.

    I blinked after performing a lot of stabilisation, and after the blink things became the most vivid they have been in any of my lucid dreams. I walked out of my door and to my stairs, where my Dad was standing at the bottom. He begins walking up the stairs as I'm walking down them, and I decide to just push him back off the stairs so I can get by, just to see his reaction. He kind of stumbles, looks at me funny, and then walks away.

    I walk into the living room, it's dark in here but I walk through into my kitchen area. I get annoyed at the darkness so I try to use powers to turn on the light, but nothing seems to be happen. I flick the light switch and the light starts flickering dimly but I still can't get it to turn on.

    I decide to walk outside, when I open the door I notice that it's actually daytime outside, roughly mid-morning. As I'm walking I notice that I don't have any shoes or socks on and get worried that the discomfort of walking on the rough ground with bare feet would wake me up. I look away from my feet and conjure some shoes and I become excited when it actually works as this was my first conjuration. Though, despite this, I'm still feeling the rough ground as if I was bare foot.

    I remember that I could just fly into the air, I jump up and still don't seem to have full control over flying as I can't sustain it for long and land back down on the grass. I try again and this time manage to float up to about as high as the roof of my house and stop briefly to decide what to do next. I decide I want to go exploring and when I fly up to get a view of my surroundings I seemingly uncontrollably begin shooting up into the sky at high speed until I'm above the clouds. I look around and notice an interesting looking area, with bright red roads and tall buildings. I fly down to it and look around the area, it seemed to be a school of magic or something, there were students inside the buildings brewing potions and practicing spells. Still not having full control over flying, I'm kind of "drifting" as I turn corners and can't quite get the hang of stopping when I want to. I stop briefly to try and find to find a balance before flying back over this school building and to my house.

    Upon landing, I remember my dream objectives list and the top one being to try some dream food. I hold my hands out and look away, trying to conjure a plate with a sandwich on, only I don't get the sandwich and just end up with a plate. As I continue trying to conjure the sandwich onto this plate, the plate seems to develop a life of its own and it's jumping out of my hands and gradually growing in size with each attempt I make.

    I turn around and see my mum glaring at me, I'm kind of disturbed because of how aggressive she looked. I walk up to her and she immediately lashes out, grabbing the plate and trying to pull it from my hands. I resist for some reason, and then think "If I can't conjure myself a sandwich, maybe I should just ask a dream character to make it for me?". I asked her and her aggressive attitude immediately changes to a smile as she says "Sure!". I let her have the plate and she begins walking back into the house and I'm following her, when the dream quickly fades to black. I try stabilisation techniques but it's too late and I woke up.

    Funnily, I awoke precisely 3 minutes before my alarm would be going off. It never ceases to amaze me how precise the body clock can be.
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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      I literally laughed out loud when I read the part where you pushed your dad on the stairs. Awesome lucid man! I love the school of magic in the sky. Sorry you woke up before your sandwich, but you really accomplished a ton of stuff. Well done man. A+
    2. Oceandrop's Avatar
      I find it very interesting how the attitude of the DC changed after you asked her, and it's sad that the dream faded away before you could enjoy the meal :/
    3. Wurlman's Avatar
      Very cool dream J I caint wait to fly the first two attempts at it I was to excited so I stopped for awhile.