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    29th May 2012 - Fifth Lucid Dream [Lacking control DILD]

    by , 05-29-2012 at 01:59 PM (654 Views)
    Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
    Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
    Purple Text = Lucid Segment

    I was hanging with a friend, let's call them "M". For some reason there had been an event which caused M to lose all memories of the last few years, wiping all knowledge of who I and her other friends were.

    M was going slightly crazy, she was getting all the Christmas decorations out in May and setting them all up in her house, me and the other people there were practically yelling at her wondering why she was preparing for Christmas in May, but she didn't seem to care. All she questioned was who we were, what we were doing in her house and what business it was of ours.

    We continually got frustrated while she was running around the house finding places for all these Christmas decorations, as more were placed we decided to go along with the Christmas in May idea, but request that she at leasts follows our traditions. She stops everything that she's doing and stares at us before saying, "You tell me you're my friends, yet there is no evidence of that... why should I follow traditions that I don't even know?"

    One of my other friends, "E", gets upset. She runs out of the house and M huffs and gets back to putting up the Christmas decorations. Soon everyone else besides me leaves, trying to look for E and comfort her.

    That's when the entire dream kind of... resets. It was almost like a false awakening but the dream just bounced right back to the beginning of where it started, only this time, it was just me and M. I start questioning the reality of the situation and before I know it, I'm lucid.

    I hold my hand out and inspect the 8 fingers I have, before M turns around and starts laughing manically. At this point I don't think I truly had time to understand what it meant to be in a dream, I was maybe at Layer 2 lucidity. I panic because of how evil M is sounding and try to back away and walk through the wall to escape, only the wall remains solid.

    M runs for me, leaping on top of me and a knife appears in her hand. I try my best to will her out of existence, or will myself to another place, but the best I can do it repel her off of me but she just runs back up with the knife in hand and starts stabbing my arm.

    I give up on lucid powers and somehow manage to grab the knife from her hand and try stabbing her. She starts laughing again as I thrust the knife down but it just bends as if it was plastic, no damage was made to her at all. In my shock, she gets the knife back off me and starts stabbing again.

    The pain shooting through my arm is so realistic and I can't seem to focus on anything. I close my eyes and will myself to be somewhere else.

    The pain stops, I open my eyes and I'm back in the waking world.
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    1. paigeyemps's Avatar
      coolio! i looove creepy killing/stabbing dreams LOL

      congrats on the lucid
    2. Wurlman's Avatar
      Bitches b trippin lmao