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    4th July 2012 - 11th & 12th Lucid Dream [Basic Task of the Month for July]

    by , 07-04-2012 at 02:22 PM (872 Views)
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    11th Lucid Dream:
    I was in my living room watching a movie about lucid dreaming, it was being live recorded on the street outside my house, so when I realised I went to the window to watch instead of watching on the TV. The movie was about this couple who had discovered lucid dreaming and lost themselves in the dream world, they were stuck inside it and there were adventures they had to go through to learn how to control their lucid powers.

    Near the end of the movie, they master control over their powers and the woman walks out into the street, lifts her hands and all the houses on the other side of my road start to burn, slowly at first with the bushes and flowers in their gardens catching alight and then eventually spreading into the houses themselves.

    The woman walks closer to me, faces me and starts singing a song with the burning buildings behind her. I open up the window so I can hear her voice better. It's angelic and very powerful, I was blown away. When she finishes the song, the movie closes out.

    I introduce myself to her and say how much I enjoyed the movie, though I critiqued some parts of the script and she agreed. I soon realise that the actor is the woman who played Piper from the TV Show "Charmed" and we began talking about how great it would be to reshoot that show with today's special effects.

    Somehow, I just become lucid although it's not complete lucidity, but I know that I'm dreaming. (A common occurrence recently, just randomly becoming lucid with no actual trigger). Me & Piper start flying around looking down on the burning street below us.

    The guy who also starred in the movie with Piper flew up to us and handed Piper a package. We flew down next to my house and she opens it, overjoyed about whatever was inside, I wasn't paying much attention.

    I was playing around with lucid powers, wondering whether it would be possible to "stick" my feet to the wall. I propped one foot up against the wall and imagined it sticking. I assume it did despite not really doing any tests to back that up, but I lift up my other foot and stick that to the wall too. I was now leaning against the wall with my feet stuck to it, wondering how I was going to unstick them.

    Suddenly I remember about the Task of the Month, although I remembered the wrong one. I was still thinking about doing the mirror task from June. I wasn't able to do it anyway because my feet were stuck to this wall, but shortly afterwards the dream faded. I tried to pull it back but I opened my eyes and I was in the waking world.

    12th Lucid Dream [Basic Task of the Month]:
    I was in a dream as a child in a bed, or possibly a crib. There was a woman standing over me and she conjured a rainbow in her hands and passed it to me. I managed to lift my hand up and block the rainbow, to the woman's surprise. She seemed to be shocked that I had such control over my "powers".

    I realised I was dreaming and morphed back into my normal bedroom and body. I still had the rainbow in my hands and I was juggling it from hand to hand, enthralled by the multi-coloured streaks it was making as I threw it about. I realised I should probably do something of worth, so I got up out of bed and rubbed my hands together to stabilise. The rainbow disappeared as I rubbed my hands together also.

    I walked up to my door and recalled the door technique that I wanted to try. For some reason a piece of artwork I made a few years ago popped into my head, a photo-manipulation titled "Mushroom Valley". [Pictured Below]

    I did my best to recall this image, focusing that it would be there when I passed through the door, but then I remembered the Task of the Month. I again recalled the mirror one but this time realised that it was from June. I was struggling to recall what the tasks were for July, but eventually the basic task came to me.

    I opened my door and the door trick only partially worked, I wasn't in "Mushroom Valley", just my hallway but the carpet had turned a browny golden, similar to the image, and the light shining in reflected the same mood as the image. I was quite impressed with how well the scene managed to change.

    I walked into my bathroom and I guess I took inspiration from Burke's basic task story because I saw a bottle of listerine on the side. I wanted to make it a bit more interesting though, so I turned around to face the wall and pictured a glass potion bottle full of a glowing liquid.

    When I turned back around, sure enough there was a glass bottle there. It was more like a glass jug, with a pouring spout but the handle which was also made of glass was all intertwined and intricate. Inside was a green, bubbling liquid. I picked up the potion and decided not to smell it incase it put me off.

    When I took a sip I was instantly shocked, it was strong and carbonated like a soda but infinitely more powerful. My tongue started to tingle and went numb and my ears were ringing. I was flinching in pain, but eventually it faded.

    I decided to try again but this time I seemed to enjoy the taste. It was interesting drinking in a dream, something I hadn't experienced before. I noticed to begin with it was hard to try and get the feeling of swallowing the liquid, but when I managed to control it the taste went from something somewhat mild like a lime-flavoured water to a powerful citrus, lime carbonated drink. Almost a lime soda but it tasted better than that.

    I had drunk half the potion by this time. I put the bottle down and was worried about what would happen. I tried to walk away but I stumbled and my vision was becoming blurred, it's like the potion had made me drunk. My heart started beating really fast and I was about to fall over when the dream faded and I was back in the waking world, my heart still beating fast.
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      Mushroom Valley is beautiful. I hope you make it there soon, I know you will!