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    4th May 2012 - First Lucid Dream

    by , 05-08-2012 at 09:23 PM (678 Views)
    I was in a foggy, snowy environment. I believe there were mountains in the distance but the fog was so dense that I couldn't be sure. Out of the fog a white fox came pacing towards me. I got the feeling the fox knew me and that I knew it, it continued to pace towards me without unlocking its gaze from me. I become suspicious of my environment and perform a reality check by looking at my hands. I had an extra finger! The dream dissolves, becoming more and more foggy, before I seemingly awake.

    Although, I hadn't awoken. I was laying in bed but still something felt very odd, I checked the time twice, and the time had changed. I checked my hands to make sure and I now had 7 fingers. I realised I was still dreaming and got excited, the dream faded again and I actually awoke.

    I was still in a daze, unsure of what happened, but I attempted going back to sleep. I was laying in my bed with eyes closed when all of a sudden my body just felt weightless, like a feather. I gradually opened my eyes and checked my hands, I again had 7 fingers and knew I was dreaming, but I checked the clock to make sure, it was changing times.

    I lifted myself from bed, kind of unsteadily and was shocked by how realistic my room felt, yet it was still kind of dreamy. There were slight differences to real life though, I noticed something pulled out from under my bed, and the drawer in my desk was open.

    I decide I want to try flying, I walk up to my wall/window and imagine myself phasing through it, I put my hand on it and it just slips through the wall. I edge the rest of my body through and it feels like my entire body is being squashed as I pass through, it was a really strange sensation. As I reach the outside world, my weightless body floats down into the garden.

    I am again in awe at how realistic the dream is, I could feel the grass between my toes and the cool air. I assume it was early morning as the dream was dimly lit, I want extra light so I try to brighten the dream but it only gets washed out and blinding, so I tone it back down.

    I then try to fly, I leap up into the air but I am unable to sustain the flight, and instead simply leap over the back fence into a small garden, nothing but grass surrounded by fence. I try to leap into the air again, only this time I shoot right up, flying higher and higher and eventually into the clouds. I can see all the houses and gardens below me and I am beginning to see the curvature of the Earth.

    I begin flying, it was a surreal feeling. I am in a superman pose although I notice I am quite bad at turning. I move my legs and just about manage to perform a turn. As I'm flying by this building, I attempt to smash the windows in it with telekinetic powers, but fail.

    I come across this zoo-like area, there's only one cage with animals in it and they were polar bears. They are fighting it out. I wonder why the zoo is closed, but notice a sign that mentioned it was Saturday but that the theme park was still open.

    I fly down a bit more and see queues of people and roller-coasters, all tightly packed together. I fly up into the inner-workings of the roller-coasters, a small dimly lit box where all the roller-coaster tracks passed through. I am almost hit by the coasters several times, and make sure I can pass through the roller-coaster tracks like I did with my wall so I know I am not going to be hit.

    I cannot find a way out of this room, but notice in the distance a group of kids swinging down on ropes and watching the coasters zoom by. I hover up to them and grab onto one of their ropes as they pull me up.

    I begin to lose lucidity, I walk down a flight of stairs and become lost in this house. I ask a woman if she knew the way out, but she seemed to be kind of lost too, there were lots of false doorways with nothing but brick walls behind them. Eventually we go down this tiny flight of stairs and have to duck under a low roof with a tiny door at the end.

    Things blur here and I lose a lot of vividness and all my lucidity.

    Non-lucid segment:
    I find myself in town. I am an earth-bender and somebody else is a fire-bender. We decide to combine out elements to make a lava-element. It gets out of control and lava is spewing up from the ground and lava golems are rising out and attacking.

    I try to control it by restricting my earth element but fail. I go get the fire-bender back, who was just driving away in his fancy car. I get in the driver's seat of his car and drive it back down to where the chaos is happening, smashing his car into another parked outside a store, and then we stop the lava.

    I realise in the intensity of performing lava abilities that my earth-bending has become much more powerful, I am able to move people underground, effectively teleporting them, just by surrounding them in earth. Everyone is fascinated with my new power and we do a bunch of experimenting with it, before I wake up.
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    1. Komisoft's Avatar
      Interesting read ^_^ I had already read most of this before, but not the last half.
    2. Mydera's Avatar
      Congratulations on being lucid!
    3. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Congrats! AWWWYEEAAA you're an earthbender?!

      I'm a waterbender, and Oreo is a firebender..

      Now if we could just find an airbender....

    4. Komisoft's Avatar
      I'll be an an airbender ^_^ also congratz on each lucid