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    9th July 2012 - 13th Lucid Dream [Successful Scene Transition!]

    by , 07-11-2012 at 05:53 PM (754 Views)
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    The dream started non-lucid, in this random person's house with a friend. We were fascinated over the kitten that this person owned, it was really miniature, small enough to be cupped in your hand, and it frequently went into this "slug-like" pose where it tucked its legs under its body and and squinted its eyes. I was petting the kitten as my friend held it and eventually it got really angry, hissing at my friend and standing up before leaping out of her hand and running away as fast as it could with its tiny legs.

    We laugh, and tell the owner of the house that we really should be going. She insists that we stay until her husband gets back with dinner that he's picking up from a restaurant as we must try this food before we leave. We agree, but state that we really need to have a shower as we hadn't had one for a while due to travelling.

    We're pointed upstairs and upon reaching the top, I ask my friend why it is that every house I'm in always resembles the layout of my own house.

    That's when I become lucid, I realise that of course it's a lucid dream and although my hand check seems to fail, I focus on my hand anyway to try and stabilise the dream as it's quite blurry all of a sudden. I walk into the bathroom where my friend is preparing for her shower and realise if I stay here I will probably get caught up in the dream and lose lucidity, as has happened before.

    I walk out of the bathroom and to make sure I don't get caught up in the dream again, attempt to lock the bathroom door. There's no lock on the outside, so I look away and make one up, soon enough I hear the sound of the door locking and try to decide what to do next.

    I remember I wanted to practice scene transitions, something that I'm not too good at it. I walk into a bedroom when I realise too late that I could have used the door as a method of scene transitioning. At this point I also remember the Task of the Month, but I'm too intent on completing my other goal to really focus on that.

    I walk up to the wall in this bedroom and decide I will phase through it into a new scene. The wall is solid at first, but after some trying I eventually start slipping through. It isn't like when I usually slip through walls in my lucid dreams, I usually just get a "tight" feeling as I squeeze through the wall and appear on the other side. This time as my head approached the wall and started going through it my vision became blurred, everything was going fuzzy but when it came back into focus I had passed through the wall and I was in my new scene.

    Just like a previous lucid, I was picturing my "Mushroom Valley" photo-manipulation, and while I didn't quite achieve what I was picturing, I came pretty close. I was in a desert-like environment, only there were patches of dead grass dotted around. In front of me were multiple "pyramids", but they weren't really pyramids, they were giant cubes.

    As I'm inspecting the scene it starts to change colour in front of me. Instead of everything being a shade of sandy beige and browns the cubes change colour to a deep red. I want the previous colour back so I lift my hand and sweep it over the scene in front of me and as it passes over, the colours return to normal.

    I take flight and fly towards the cubes. I've become infinitely better at flying now, with none of the turning issues I had previously. I think it was because I wasn't particularly trying to fly and just let it happen. As I approach the cubes they seem to turn a reddish colour again, but as I go in between them and start flying throughout the "streets" that these cubes had created, I noticed that the cubes seem to be made of loads of sheets of paper all stacked on top of each other. I could see the thin lines, just as a stack of paper of would like, only in giant form.

    As I near the end of the passageway between the cubes I think to myself, "I hope I recall the details of this dream" because everything I was seeing in that moment was so insanely vivid.

    I land on the other side of the cubes on some of the grass. There seems to be a "cutaway" here where the dream scene didn't quite stretch out to this point because the grass I was standing on was normal, green grass instead of the dead grass like I had imagined in my original scene. I kind of stretch out the dead grass, changing all the green I could see into dead variety by lifting my hands up and willing it.

    As I turn around though, I notice behind me that everything was a lush green, it was a park of sorts, I noticed people in the distance and I recall laughing from somewhere. The trees were unique, they were the shape of palm trees with palm-tree style leaves, only the leaves and branches were arranged in a way that a Christmas Tree would be.

    As I walk closer to this lush landscape I decide I want to try another colour-transition, I want to make everything green into a vivid blue. I try swiping my hand across the scene but this proves harder than simply making things dead as nothing happens.

    I then try to focus on a single tree to begin with, I walk up to it and place my hands on the trunk, only to be stabbed by these tiny, sharp pieces of bark that were poking out all over the tree. I rub my hands in pain before finding a safe space on the trunk to place my hands. I look down to the floor and try to imagine the tree leaves being blue, but when I look up I had only turned them yellow.

    Things become slightly less clear here, next thing I know I'm walking away from the tree singing a song, which seems to be a combination of two songs. One of the lyrics in the song was "A million miles down below" and this sprung the idea in my head to try another scene change to at the bottom of the ocean.

    Alas, before I got a chance to try it the dream faded more and more until I was in "the black" and eventually back in the waking world.
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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Really cool dream man, though I have to say, I'm shocked you passed up the opportunity to shower with that girl! Also, what's this mushroom valley photo? I'm intrigued...