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    1. 12th September 2012 - 21st Lucid Dream [I'm in spppaacceeeeeeee]

      by , 09-12-2012 at 02:48 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I was hanging out with my mum and we decided to go and get some pizza for dinner. We headed upstairs in our house, which had apparently turned into a floor dedicated to restaurants and fast-food joints. We head into my parents' bedroom which was now a pizza place called "mama's pizza" or something. They had a deal where if you got 3 toppings on your pizza you got a second pizza for free. We asked for a menu and I seemed to be unfolding the thing for ages, it was ridiculously long once it had all been unfolded. I found the pizza section and they had the most bizarre toppings. We decided to go with pepperoni, plum and onion. We were debating the apricots instead of the onion, but chose against it.

      We waited for a while and finally our food was ready, although, instead of pizza they had served us up gigantic salmon fillets with our chosen toppings on. We decided to just walk out without paying and go to another pizza place.

      Across the hall in my brother's bedroom (which was supposedly Pizza Hut) we wonder why it's just a bedroom when it had a huge "Pizza Hut" sign on the door. We walk out and go into my bedroom, labelled as Domino's Pizza, and the same issue occurs.

      I become lucid randomly and, as always when I become lucid, I do the most random things to stabilise. I start grabbing onto portions of my mother's hair and stroking my fingers through it. When I'm satisfied with the level of stabilisation I head over to the wall I always use to phase through in my lucid dreams. I remember the Advanced Task of the Month and will myself to go there, but when I walk up to the wall I just smack my face into it. I keep trying to push myself through, but nothing happens.

      I give up on this goal for now because I didn't want to waste the lucidity. I go downstairs and in the living room I decide to try conjuring up an energy ball in my hands. Nothing really happens at first, I'm holding my hands with a small ball shape space in the middle and specks of ambient light are shining out of it as I try to conjure the energy ball. I move on to trying to do a "Kamehameha Wave" from the Dragonball series. I pull my hands back and it works right away, an orb or blue light starts growing in size in my hands and but when I release it, a beam of light is just projected in the direction I point with no destructive force. I try again multiple times with varying degrees of success, when I notice how stunning the outside world looks.

      It almost looks like it's snowing, although it's far too dark for that. I assume it's ash, like what you get after a volcano erupts. Somebody had placed a huge cover over my Dad's car, but the rest of the street was completely barren, not a car or person in sight.

      I was going to phase through the window to get outside, but I remember the failed attempt with the wall so I decide to just punch the window, breaking it. Initially there's a huge fist hole in the glass and slowly it begins shattering into tiny pieces, soon spreading to all other panes of glass in the window. It's fascinating to watch as it crumbles apart.

      I climb up through the window and head outside. It's no longer snowing ash and most of what settled on the ground seems to have disappeared. The next portion is somewhat blurry and I think I briefly lost lucidity. I was using a wall as if it was a keyboard and typing to a friend, saying something along the lines of "Isn't it awesome how I'm sending you this message from inside a lucid dream?!"

      Afterwards, my lucidity fully returns and I walk out into the middle of the street performing reality checks to stabilise. There's a zombie behind me wrapped up in chains and slightly in front of it I notice a truck with cages stacked on it slowly making its way down the street. Up the front of the truck was another zombie in one of these cages and then I notice even more similar cages lined up down the street in front of everyone's houses.

      I fly up in the air, deciding to ignore the distraction and remembering my goal to fly into space. I fly higher and higher until I get to a point where the scenery in the distance just kind of "cuts off", as if it's a chunk of Google Maps which is taking a while to load. I turn around and ignore it, continuing to fly up. I'm at the highest I've ever been while flying and I can see the curvature of the world now.

      I notice how awesome the sky looks, there's lots of dark clouds interlaced with white ones and a deep blue sky. Over in the distance I notice a thunderstorm starting, so I hurry and fly up through the clouds before it makes its way over to me.

      Upon reaching the atmosphere I'm astounded by the awesome appearance of the sun as it shimmers over the Earth's surface. The clouds had cleared now and it's almost cartoon-like how detailed I can see the Earth's land from this high up. I turn around, briefly blinded by looking directly at the sun, until I find the moon.

      I fly towards it leaving the Earth behind. When I reach it I'm shocked at how small my subconscious had chosen to depict it, it was so small I could see a pretty sharp curvature after landing on the moon's surface. I look towards the Earth and notice again how unrealistically small it is, my subconscious had depicted it as so far away from the moon. Regardless, I'm amazed at how everything looks. From here I can see the other planets in our solar system in the distance and the sun glimmering over the Earth.

      At this point I'm reminded of the video game "Portal", and just that thought is enough to trigger a schema and an orange portal is formed on the moon's surface, right in front of me. I'm pleased with my first ever portal creation, albeit somewhat small. I stick my head through it and see what looks like a lab with DCs discussing something on the other side of the room. I pull back out of the portal and try to make it bigger without much luck, so I just try squeezing through.

      I end up being sucked in and I'm now standing upright in this lab, portal closed behind me. I quickly discover that what the DCs were talking about was a self-destruct sequence for this room. Myself and two others were left behind in here and we were rapidly trying to find a way out. The hatch the other DCs used to escape had been sealed and upon trying to open a new portal it doesn't lead anywhere as the previous portal exit had closed.

      I tell one of the DCs with me, a tall man with dark hair, to grab onto my hand and squeeze it. I use his squeezing as an anchor onto the dream world so that I can close my eyes and use lucid powers to find a way out of here. He grabs hold of my hand but starts questioning me as to what I'm doing. I tell him to shut up as I can't concentrate and, finally, I close my eyes and focus on the squeezing sensation from his hand.

      Soon I get a "vision" of sorts in the darkness. I see a ventilation shaft that we can escape through. I explain this to them and we rush towards it, slipping down through the tight gap.

      We appear on the other side and the scene transition has made me lose lucidity, which I'm frustrated over because I would have been able to complete the Basic Task of the Month.

      We seem to be in an engine room, but I soon discover that we've simply become incredibly small, or we're just on a huge circuit board. There are transistors, a CPU and huge wires which look like vines. Everything in here is running at extreme temperatures so we have to avoid touching any of them, otherwise we'd turn into roast human.

      The others leave me behind and I struggle to make my way through without touching anything. I briefly scrape against a small white box and feel the heat scorch my arm. I cringe and move on, making my way to this ladder and burning myself multiple times in the journey.

      We all climb the ladder together and I wake up.

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    2. 4th July 2012 - 11th & 12th Lucid Dream [Basic Task of the Month for July]

      by , 07-04-2012 at 02:22 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      11th Lucid Dream:
      I was in my living room watching a movie about lucid dreaming, it was being live recorded on the street outside my house, so when I realised I went to the window to watch instead of watching on the TV. The movie was about this couple who had discovered lucid dreaming and lost themselves in the dream world, they were stuck inside it and there were adventures they had to go through to learn how to control their lucid powers.

      Near the end of the movie, they master control over their powers and the woman walks out into the street, lifts her hands and all the houses on the other side of my road start to burn, slowly at first with the bushes and flowers in their gardens catching alight and then eventually spreading into the houses themselves.

      The woman walks closer to me, faces me and starts singing a song with the burning buildings behind her. I open up the window so I can hear her voice better. It's angelic and very powerful, I was blown away. When she finishes the song, the movie closes out.

      I introduce myself to her and say how much I enjoyed the movie, though I critiqued some parts of the script and she agreed. I soon realise that the actor is the woman who played Piper from the TV Show "Charmed" and we began talking about how great it would be to reshoot that show with today's special effects.

      Somehow, I just become lucid although it's not complete lucidity, but I know that I'm dreaming. (A common occurrence recently, just randomly becoming lucid with no actual trigger). Me & Piper start flying around looking down on the burning street below us.

      The guy who also starred in the movie with Piper flew up to us and handed Piper a package. We flew down next to my house and she opens it, overjoyed about whatever was inside, I wasn't paying much attention.

      I was playing around with lucid powers, wondering whether it would be possible to "stick" my feet to the wall. I propped one foot up against the wall and imagined it sticking. I assume it did despite not really doing any tests to back that up, but I lift up my other foot and stick that to the wall too. I was now leaning against the wall with my feet stuck to it, wondering how I was going to unstick them.

      Suddenly I remember about the Task of the Month, although I remembered the wrong one. I was still thinking about doing the mirror task from June. I wasn't able to do it anyway because my feet were stuck to this wall, but shortly afterwards the dream faded. I tried to pull it back but I opened my eyes and I was in the waking world.

      12th Lucid Dream [Basic Task of the Month]:
      I was in a dream as a child in a bed, or possibly a crib. There was a woman standing over me and she conjured a rainbow in her hands and passed it to me. I managed to lift my hand up and block the rainbow, to the woman's surprise. She seemed to be shocked that I had such control over my "powers".

      I realised I was dreaming and morphed back into my normal bedroom and body. I still had the rainbow in my hands and I was juggling it from hand to hand, enthralled by the multi-coloured streaks it was making as I threw it about. I realised I should probably do something of worth, so I got up out of bed and rubbed my hands together to stabilise. The rainbow disappeared as I rubbed my hands together also.

      I walked up to my door and recalled the door technique that I wanted to try. For some reason a piece of artwork I made a few years ago popped into my head, a photo-manipulation titled "Mushroom Valley". [Pictured Below]

      I did my best to recall this image, focusing that it would be there when I passed through the door, but then I remembered the Task of the Month. I again recalled the mirror one but this time realised that it was from June. I was struggling to recall what the tasks were for July, but eventually the basic task came to me.

      I opened my door and the door trick only partially worked, I wasn't in "Mushroom Valley", just my hallway but the carpet had turned a browny golden, similar to the image, and the light shining in reflected the same mood as the image. I was quite impressed with how well the scene managed to change.

      I walked into my bathroom and I guess I took inspiration from Burke's basic task story because I saw a bottle of listerine on the side. I wanted to make it a bit more interesting though, so I turned around to face the wall and pictured a glass potion bottle full of a glowing liquid.

      When I turned back around, sure enough there was a glass bottle there. It was more like a glass jug, with a pouring spout but the handle which was also made of glass was all intertwined and intricate. Inside was a green, bubbling liquid. I picked up the potion and decided not to smell it incase it put me off.

      When I took a sip I was instantly shocked, it was strong and carbonated like a soda but infinitely more powerful. My tongue started to tingle and went numb and my ears were ringing. I was flinching in pain, but eventually it faded.

      I decided to try again but this time I seemed to enjoy the taste. It was interesting drinking in a dream, something I hadn't experienced before. I noticed to begin with it was hard to try and get the feeling of swallowing the liquid, but when I managed to control it the taste went from something somewhat mild like a lime-flavoured water to a powerful citrus, lime carbonated drink. Almost a lime soda but it tasted better than that.

      I had drunk half the potion by this time. I put the bottle down and was worried about what would happen. I tried to walk away but I stumbled and my vision was becoming blurred, it's like the potion had made me drunk. My heart started beating really fast and I was about to fall over when the dream faded and I was back in the waking world, my heart still beating fast.
    3. 20th June 2012 - Seventh Lucid Dream [Partial WILD & Advanced Task of the Month]

      by , 06-20-2012 at 04:10 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I woke up 4hr30m after originally going to sleep to attempt a WILD as per the current homework task in Sageous' WILD class. I stayed up for approximately 30 minutes writing down my dreams and generally walking about as suggested.

      I laid back down to attempt a WILD and repeated my mantra while focusing as much on self-awareness as possible. I think my main issue was that I got a bit too focused on the HI and what I guess was the beginning sensations of sleep paralysis because each time I noticed it I woke myself up too much.

      I probably could have gone a bit longer, but I was laying there for about 35 minutes and decided I'd roll over onto my side to try another attempt. At some point I guess I must have just gone to sleep, but it must have somewhat worked because I was partially aware of the fact that I was dreaming when I got into the dream, I didn't even perform any reality checks.

      I was back in this test lab style location, the same place I was at in my previous dream of the night, only this time instead of being a test subject for the experiments of this lab I was in a quarantine prison. I was somewhat aware of the fact I was dreaming at this point but the dream is also somewhat hazy. I remember breaking out of the quarantine prison with another person who was with me, and from this point we avoided the guards and made our way to the exit of the test lab.

      Upon getting outside, the dream world was somewhat restricted, there was a small patch of grass outside and then the world just cut off in a perfect line and disappeared into a void of many, swirling colours.

      I decided I would jump off the edge and as I was falling I repeated to myself "I will fall into a lucid dream"

      After a few moments of conscious blackness I open my eyes and see I'm in this room and lucid, there are no ends to the room and it seems to stretch on forever, but it's quite narrow. Both walls are different colours and there are doors on each wall, in more colours. There are lots of objects, kids toys mainly, scattered over the floor in assorted colours also.

      I look at the wall and for some reason decide it'd be a good idea to try and "pull" a rainbow from the picture of swirled colour on the wall, but then I stop myself. I remember that I need to do the Task of the Month which is a revelation for me as I never remember to do anything in my lucid dreams.

      I remember what Sageous said about forming your dreams, using schemas to build a world around you. I notice one of the kids toys on the floor is a train and I focus on that and try to build a scene around it. I put my hands together (though unsure why, I guess I thought it would help) and close my eyes.

      When I open my eyes I'm in another small box area, there are brick walls all around me but there is no roof, I can see the sky above me. There are inactive trains, train carts and coaches on multiple tracks in this around and running through the middle of the area was another track extending into dark tunnels on each end.

      I looked into one of the tunnels and a train just kind of "appeared", I move out the way and it speeds by out of the tunnel and quickly disappears into the tunnel at the other end. It seems my subconscious mind had created the most convenient location possible for me to do the Task of the Month, because every 15 seconds or so another train would appear and speed by before disappearing into the tunnel.

      I spend a moment and try to figure out how I'm going to jump on top of this train, I focus my mind above the entrance tunnel and try to pull out a ledge from the brick wall that I could stand on, but I couldn't seem to make anything budge. I decide that I could make a jump from one of the nearby stationary trains and onto the speeding train, if I jumped far enough. For some reason just flying up never crossed my mind, which is strange because flying is usually one of the first things I remember to do in my lucid dreams.

      Just as I'm preparing to jump I notice the exit tunnel isn't that large and I would probably go smashing into it if I jump on top of the train. I make an attempt at expanding the area so I could fit through, but just like the wall previously it wouldn't budge. I figure that this is a lucid dream and I would just chance it, hoping my subconscious would follow my will to not be smashed to death by a brick wall and expand as I approached it on top of the speeding train.

      A few more trains pass and I prepare myself, eventually I leap and just manage to latch on to the train. I climb up and the train appears to be quite thin so I'm laying on top of it clutching on for dear life, as I approach the tunnel I feel the top of the roof scrape my head and my back and then it seemingly disappears, no troll subconscious for today!

      I assume I get too excited riding on top of the train as I pass through the tunnel, because next thing I know I'm back in my bed.

      I open my eyes and start recalling my lucid, excited that I completed the Task of the Month and couldn't wait to get on the computer and write on DreamViews about it. I look at the time briefly and then pick up my dream journal and read over the dream I had previously that night and as I pick up my pen and begin to write down my lucid, my vision becomes really blurred. I couldn't quite figure out what was going on. I rub my eyes and when I open them again I've seamlessly transferred back into my bed, laying down again.

      I'm obviously completely blown away now, I had never experienced such a realistic False Awakening before, I even checked the time and read over my previous dream! When I sat up I had to perform multiple reality checks just to make sure I still wasn't dreaming because I no longer trusted my reality. I even specifically recall reading what was in my dream journal, and when I picked up my actual dream journal the previous dream in there was different to the one in my dream and I wasn't sure which one was real and which wasn't.

      All in all, an amazing lucid and I guess a half-successful WILD, maybe.