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    Attitude Problems

    by , 03-13-2011 at 04:16 PM (657 Views)
    Awake Non-lucid

    I'm in my school's drama studio. It's a large, open grey space, with blackout curtains and lights everywhere. There are tables set out in it. There seems to be a cliff at one end.

    A boy I don't know stands on the edge. The people of my class watch, silently. I look over the edge of the cliff and see a clouded, rushing river. I turn to the boy;

    "Are you gonna jump or what?" I ask impatiently. He shrugs.

    I leap off the edge. I land in the river. It's muddier than I thought. I climb out, and make my way back up to the studio. When I get to the top -a dank smell clinging to my hair and dripping wet- there's a woman at the door. She says I have a piano lesson.

    Oops, I forgot about that. I grab my bag and make my way to my practice room, seating myself on the stool. Three women are cramped into he room. One has red hair, and sits quietly. The other two look old and stern.

    "I'm taking this lesson today." Says one of the women. "Where is your music?"

    I take my folder of music sheets from my bag. Taking them out, I realise in anger that they're the wrong ones. One is called "Po Po" and the other "The log".

    "I don't have them, but I can play them from memory."

    The woman scowls. "Well that's not good enough! Sit down right now!" I sit. This is usually around the time when I look uninterested in what the teacher is saying. A surefire way to piss them off. So I hold my hand up, inspecting my nails, picking bits of dirt out of them.

    As expected, this angers the woman. She leaves for a moment. I decide that she's a grouchy cow and I'm not putting up with it. "Listen, pal. My piano teacher's a bit of a bitch as it is. I don't need you, someone I don't even know, coming in here and nagging at me. Especially when, let's face it, I can play all my pieces and this lesson lasts half an hour." I snarl when the woman gets back. I smile at the red haired girl. "I'm guessing you're a student, who's working with this old hag. I don't envy you, love."

    The old womans face grows red with anger. She's truely furious. I hold in a laugh. "You have a severe attitude problem young lady. Get out of this room."

    I leave, looking around to find my music teacher. When I find her, she smiles sympathetically. Something hits me. With horror, I realise those people were my examinars. "You sent them to have a lesson with me? Why didn't you tell me!?"

    My back slides down the wall, and I huddle down, crying. I have well and truely screwed up my exam.

    I'm guessing this dream came from the fact that I have my music exam next week () and I don't feel totally prepared. Also that I hate my piano teacher, she's a bit of an impatient bitch and I would absolutely love to tell her. I refrain myself though...

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    1. Kekkaishi13's Avatar
      We at least meet one person like that in our life time.