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    Close Call... 6.00a.m

    by , 07-14-2010 at 12:44 PM (396 Views)
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    I walk up to the old lady at the brown, wooden counter and "check-in". I tell her my father sent me and that I'm going to be staying for awhile. The building is very old fashioned, and so are the two women I would be staying with. One is in her early twenties and I'm guessing she is the older womans grandchild. I get the feeling she doesn't like me very much. She keeps glaring at me, she is a maid of some sorts.

    Not quite sure what happened next but a man walks in with a hammer, the ones that judges use to smack their desk with. He grabs my arms from behind and pushes me up against the wooden counter where the old woman is. He shouts at her, saying that i she doesn't (can't remember what she had to do) do something then he would smash my skull in.

    I see a man in red armour and long brown hair rushing down a corridor, pulling out a sword. But it's the young woman who saves me. I feel shaken and don't remember what they done with his body or where the young man went. They sit me on a wooden chair and try to console me, feeding me soup. The younger woman hugs me and we put our past behind us. I tell them not to tell my father because I like staying here.

    Then I have what I think is a false awakening, but I was semi-lucid. Mostly dreaming. I wake up in my bed and find that my computer is on. I do a RC using the writing on the screen and almost freak out when I realise the writing has changed and I'm still asleep. But I am only semi-lucid and not completely lucid. I look past my computer and look at my room. I begin to panic as I see that my room is upside down, like a twisted mirror. There's a strange rushing in my ears. A large pink monster appears at my door, with sharp looking teeth. It points and laughs at me. I remember that nothing can harm me in a dream and decide to test some powers (if I was fully lucid I probably would have just blasted it to pieces of something) so I try and turn it from pink to purple.

    It doesn't work completely but it does go a few shades darker. I try and get rid of it but am unsuccessful. I remember that I'm dreaming, so I try a few times to wake myself up. I succeed.

    After doing a crazy amount of RCs to make sure I wasn't having another FA, I kinda freaked out because it was creepy.

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