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    Dreamworld Citizens - City of Spires

    by , 03-05-2011 at 11:44 AM (1075 Views)
    Ok I just typed up like half my dream but it's gone so I'm cutting out the non-lucid beginning because nothing much happens anyway.

    Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

    I glance around my room. Now that I think about it... Everything here seems odd. Not normal at all.. Could I be dreaming?

    I RC and find that I am. As always, I do a few more to be certain. I run out to the front of my house.

    I'm a little stunned at what I see. My neighborhood estate is gone, and in it's place it a sprawling city, like the ones in fantasy books. The buildings are in shades of cream and orange, and their structures are narrow and tall. They reach multiple levels, and arched bridges link them to one another. In the middle is the tallest -and narrowist- of the buildings. It's like the one in Oblivion's Imperial City, exept the other buildings are taller and not all the same height.

    In fact... I've been here before! I remember it now. It was in another dream, although I stuck to jumping around the lower levels instead of going to the main Spire. That's what this city is called, the City of Spires. I look at the main Spire... Is there something up there!

    But then I remember Asher. I'm starting to doubt him now. Is he just a piece of my imagination, something I unconsciously conjured up, or is he really my DG and therefore part of my dreams? I shout his name, looking around.

    Nothing. I jump, flying towards the top of a building to get a better view. I can't see him anywhere. The top spire maybe? Then I remember something else. This city changes too. I've also seen the buildings black, and the sky red. The buildings were more like spikes jutting from the ground, and the world was flat. You could literally fall off the end.

    But no time to think about that now, I have a certain boy to find. I fly up to the top of the main spire. There's a person there, in a heavy metal armour. I'm about to ask him if he knows who/where Asher is, when he morphs into a mirror. For a second I'm afraid, I don't like mirrors in dreams. But all it shows is my reflection. My hair is shorter, but that's it.

    I step into the mirror. It takes me to a low-lit corridor. At the end of the corridor I can see someone. A figure with dark hair, tall, wearing black. Asher? I run forwards, reaching the end of the corridor at an impossible speed. But the figure is gone. I can feel myself frowning unhappily.

    Some people walk up to me. There's three female teens, and two males. There's also a man and a woman, who I assume is their parents.

    The mother gives me a kind smile. "Looking for someone dear?" She asks. The teenagers wander off down the corridor.

    "Yes. Do you know who Asher is and where I can find him?" I ask hopefully. Maybe they know him. Wait what? That's a stupid thing to think. They're just DC's.

    But they don't feel like DC's. They seem different. Real somehow.

    The woman nods. "Yes, I know Asher. Tell me dear, do you belong in the Dreamworld or the Wakingworld?" She waits patiently as my thoughts go a little crazy. This is just a dream. This is just a dream. This is just a dream. So why do I feel like she's alive?

    "What?" She's confused me. She takes my arm, and leads me down to the corridor, into a cozy looking living room. The teenagers are lounging around on various sofas, eating and talking quietly.

    The woman looks right into my eyes. "Do you live in the Dreamworld, like us," She gestures around her. "Or the Wakingworld."

    "...The... Wakingworld?" I say. Well, I am currently in my bed sleeping. God this dream is so weird.

    "You look confused dear, there is something that you do not understand."

    I nod. "You're just so.... I dunno... You're not like normal DCs." I look around at the teenagers. They watch me, but act so normal, saying nothing.

    The woman sits down across from me, giving me a warm smile. "How do you know Asher?"

    I explain that he comes into my dreams sometimes, usually when I'm in trouble. I also explain how I'm not sure if he's there just because I expect him to be now. I don't know why I'm telling this to a DC, a roomful of them, but I've heard of people interviewing DC's.

    "Yes..." She says, settling back. Her face grows dreamy, like she's remembering something from long ago. "I knew someone like that once. He was from the Wakingworld, and would visit me occasionally." I grow even more stunned. Maybe she's talking about a lucid dreamer. "But... When I turned seventeen, he stopped visiting me." She frowns sadly "I don't know why."

    "Oh..." I don't really know what to make of this. But I do feel sympathetic.

    "Maybe you have limited time with Asher too."

    36 hours pops into my head. No. Just because that happened to her doesn't mean that happened to me.

    I notice one of the girls staring at me. She's blonde, I recognise her. The mother gets up and goes through to a kitchen. Wait a minute...

    It's Katie. Someone else I see in my dreams. She tries to hurt me, sabotage me. She gives me a cold look. If Katie is that womans daughter, isn't Katie Asher's sister? I look around at the others. Is this his family?

    This dream is making me question DCs. I repeat to myself several times in my head what's happened so I can recall it later. I glare at Katie.
    My lucidity fades a bit. The woman comes in and hands me a plate of sausages. I whisper to her that Katie is evil. The woman's face displays nothing, but I know that she's thinking about it. I take a bite of sausage, looking around at the rest of the family. The two boys look like the youngest, and twins. Another of the girls are blonde, but she looks like the oldest. The other girl has long black hair, and introduces herself to me as Paula.

    I lose the rest of my lucidity, and we sit around a table. Everyone has sheets of paper, and seem to be working on something. I look down at my own sheet, and find it's got numbers and writing halfway down it. The others seem as though they've been trained to do whatever it is we're doing. The father mentions an ancient system.

    Let's just say that this dream confused the hell out of me. The DC's weren't stupid, they felt very, very real and intelligent. They seemed as though they knew exactly what was going on.

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    1. Kekkaishi13's Avatar
      I know what you mean, because now that I look back on my old Ld's, some DC's seem so real. I fought with them, made friends with and every moment with someof them look real.
      Even when one of them died, I felt sad and I hated the Dc that killed him! I attacked the killer and fought with rage even though it was a DC.
      Probably their are two types of Dc's. One's that our dreaming brains make up for us and other's that our real like our Dc's.I can't explain why, but it is what it is.
    2. Raspberry's Avatar
      I'm glad though. I never liked the idea of DCs seeming meaningless and stupid.
    3. Kekkaishi13's Avatar
      Me two! I know that they are not stupid if their smnart enought to get me mad, or try to kill me.
    4. Shadow27's Avatar
      This sounds like a very interesting dream. Especially the part about the other lucid dreamer :O