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    Eating Disorder

    by , 04-16-2011 at 06:51 PM (492 Views)
    Awake Non-Lucid

    I'm in my grans house, on holiday. My mum, brother and cousins are here too. I go to take a shower, but before I start getting changed, my brother comes into the room.

    I ask him to leave, but he refuses. "We're not supposed to let you be on your own. Too dangerous."

    I frown. Is this some kind of joke? I ask again for him to leave the room. Soon my mum and cousins file into the room. I start shouting. No one will tell me what's going on. I get so wound up that I sit on the bed crying.

    Sophie comes in. She sits next to me. "Who invited you?" I ask, sniffing quietly, glaring at my family who are talking amongst themselves.

    "I invited myself I guess. I'm here to look after you." She smiles sadly. I get off the bed. Surely she's not in on this too? I start screaming at everyone, my vision blurring from tears. Everyone except Sophie leaves. I sit on the floor, my back against the bed.

    "What the fuck is going on?"

    My mobile starts vibrating in my pocket. I yank it out, quickly clearing my clogged up throat. "Hello?"

    It's my mum. I forget she was in earlier and break down crying. "No one will tell me anything, is there something wrong with me?" Sophie rubs my back gently.

    "Honey, you're going to hospital remember?" Hospital? I suddenly see a yellow sheet on the bed. I read it quickly. Anorexia? Bulimia?

    I cry even harder. "You're s-sending me to a hospital for eating disorders? I-I don't have an eating disorder!" My mum says I've not been eating and throwing up.
    (I didn't eat for a few days because I'm sick. I ate something recently and just threw it up, I guess this is where the dream came from. My stomach's probably the size of a pea right now) "It's not like that!"

    I glare at Sophie. "You're the one with the eating disorder! Why the hell am I going? What have you been saying?" I snarl at her. I hang up. "Just get the fuck out of here. Piss off, I don't want to see you."

    She leaves and I just sit quietly, numb. I take a deep breath, and tell myself that it's just a misunderstanding. Though it would help if everyone would listen to me.

    The door opens and a girl comes in. I recognize her as an actress. I sniffle, and she comes and sits beside me. She puts her arm around me, but says nothing.

    "I really admire your work you know." I say, smiling slightly.

    She squeezes my arm. "Thanks."

    I also had a dream that Katy Perry was my roomie but I can't remember enough to write down. I kinda remember that she had blue hair, was really nice and dragged me out at early morning hours to run around fields and jump over fences..

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