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    An Eye To Watch Over

    by , 02-17-2011 at 02:03 PM (547 Views)
    I slept a lot again so it was jumpy. Had another FA.

    Awake Non-lucid Semi-Lucid

    I get up. I'm in my room. A FA? I'm not sure, usually I'm sure I'm dreaming, but my room is totally normal looking. Still, I have a feeling...

    I get up, it's very dark as usual. I plug my nose. Am I breathing or not? For some reason it's hard to tell. I push my finger into my hand, but I can't see properly because it's so dark. I walk over to the light switch and push it, but nothing happens. I still feel wary, so I look down at my fingers. I have eight on my left hand. The fingers are unnaturally thin, and the nails very long. I'm dreaming.

    Then I woke up, grrr....

    I'm outside, again. I wonder around the small park, which is outside of my old house. It's twilight again. The suns rays are golden and warm, but there are only a few hours of daylight left. I look to the sky.

    There's a giant eye in the clouds, fixed on me. I don't like it. I have the feeling that I need to do something. The eye is a force, and when there is a force, there is an opposite.
    (I was reading this in The Hero of Ages book last night before I went to bed. Guess it played into my dreams) What is the opposite? Well if the Eye is bad, then there must be a force out in the sky which is good.

    I remain sitting, pondering. Am I all that human? No... I have something that I don't know of... It pops into my head by the other force (Preservation, the Eye is Ruin) that I have the Dragon Spirit! I see it, a ghost of a little red, green and black dragon beside me. But soon it disappears. Can I harness these powers?

    [Dreamskip] I'm in my local Asda supermarket. It's very crowded. How can I find my powers here? There are stairs that lead to a second floor. There isn't usually a second floor. Curiously, I go up. The room is very small, and there's a trail of blue oil. With a lot of effort, I manage to clear up the oil using my thoughts. There's a guy there who frowns at me, but says nothing.

    [Dreamskip] I can fly. But someone's grabbed me. The man from Asda! He grips me as we fall, clouds flying past. How far are we? We're falling at a terrifying speed. I manage to loosen his grip and send myself upwards. He grabs me again, too tightly, and drags me down again. Eventually we land on a ledge in an old town. Before he can pick himself up, I run.

    I run out of town, into a flat kind of field. I can't see to the other side. There are several layers of what look like translucent green nets hanging down, one after the other. They're alive, sent by the Eye to capture me. But I have powers now! They are very difficult to control but I try.

    The wind stirs the nets. They blow upwards, and as they do, I duck at super-human speed under one. I continue to do this until I am past them all. I think I am safe, until a net, no, tassles, slowly drift from the sky. The curl around like mist, wrapping itself around me. In fact, there is mist now. I get it off me, grabbing what I came for, which happens to be a small pile of red grapes.

    [Dreamskip] I'm back in the park, with my grapes. Feeling a sense of satisfaction at my achievement, I throw grapes into the air and catch them in my mouth. I look back towards the Eye, which is still there.

    I'm more curious than frightned now. I jump into a very high tree, and then into the clouds themselves. There are other people there. I now see that it is not an eye, but a face. The face smirks at me. He shows us a pool in the clouds. He says that the one who wills their dragon to push the kayak in there will win.

    This will be easy. I look to the boy next to me. He is weak, scared. Ruin favored me! My dragon appears again. "Push" I think to it. Nothing happens. I think again. I try to send my thoughts to my dragon. Nothing happens. The kayak begins to move slightly. I see it is the boys dragon next to me. Aggressive now, I push all of my will to my dragon. The kayak soars forward, and the evil Man in the sky smiles eerily down at me.

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