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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. An Eye To Watch Over

      by , 02-17-2011 at 02:03 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      I slept a lot again so it was jumpy. Had another FA.

      Awake Non-lucid Semi-Lucid

      I get up. I'm in my room. A FA? I'm not sure, usually I'm sure I'm dreaming, but my room is totally normal looking. Still, I have a feeling...

      I get up, it's very dark as usual. I plug my nose. Am I breathing or not? For some reason it's hard to tell. I push my finger into my hand, but I can't see properly because it's so dark. I walk over to the light switch and push it, but nothing happens. I still feel wary, so I look down at my fingers. I have eight on my left hand. The fingers are unnaturally thin, and the nails very long. I'm dreaming.

      Then I woke up, grrr....

      I'm outside, again. I wonder around the small park, which is outside of my old house. It's twilight again. The suns rays are golden and warm, but there are only a few hours of daylight left. I look to the sky.

      There's a giant eye in the clouds, fixed on me. I don't like it. I have the feeling that I need to do something. The eye is a force, and when there is a force, there is an opposite.
      (I was reading this in The Hero of Ages book last night before I went to bed. Guess it played into my dreams) What is the opposite? Well if the Eye is bad, then there must be a force out in the sky which is good.

      I remain sitting, pondering. Am I all that human? No... I have something that I don't know of... It pops into my head by the other force (Preservation, the Eye is Ruin) that I have the Dragon Spirit! I see it, a ghost of a little red, green and black dragon beside me. But soon it disappears. Can I harness these powers?

      [Dreamskip] I'm in my local Asda supermarket. It's very crowded. How can I find my powers here? There are stairs that lead to a second floor. There isn't usually a second floor. Curiously, I go up. The room is very small, and there's a trail of blue oil. With a lot of effort, I manage to clear up the oil using my thoughts. There's a guy there who frowns at me, but says nothing.

      [Dreamskip] I can fly. But someone's grabbed me. The man from Asda! He grips me as we fall, clouds flying past. How far are we? We're falling at a terrifying speed. I manage to loosen his grip and send myself upwards. He grabs me again, too tightly, and drags me down again. Eventually we land on a ledge in an old town. Before he can pick himself up, I run.

      I run out of town, into a flat kind of field. I can't see to the other side. There are several layers of what look like translucent green nets hanging down, one after the other. They're alive, sent by the Eye to capture me. But I have powers now! They are very difficult to control but I try.

      The wind stirs the nets. They blow upwards, and as they do, I duck at super-human speed under one. I continue to do this until I am past them all. I think I am safe, until a net, no, tassles, slowly drift from the sky. The curl around like mist, wrapping itself around me. In fact, there is mist now. I get it off me, grabbing what I came for, which happens to be a small pile of red grapes.

      [Dreamskip] I'm back in the park, with my grapes. Feeling a sense of satisfaction at my achievement, I throw grapes into the air and catch them in my mouth. I look back towards the Eye, which is still there.

      I'm more curious than frightned now. I jump into a very high tree, and then into the clouds themselves. There are other people there. I now see that it is not an eye, but a face. The face smirks at me. He shows us a pool in the clouds. He says that the one who wills their dragon to push the kayak in there will win.

      This will be easy. I look to the boy next to me. He is weak, scared. Ruin favored me! My dragon appears again. "Push" I think to it. Nothing happens. I think again. I try to send my thoughts to my dragon. Nothing happens. The kayak begins to move slightly. I see it is the boys dragon next to me. Aggressive now, I push all of my will to my dragon. The kayak soars forward, and the evil Man in the sky smiles eerily down at me.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    2. Awake, Awake, Awake Again

      by , 02-14-2011 at 08:18 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Last night was a blur. Never had more than one or two false awakenings at a time, but I had three.

      Awake Non-lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

      I'm sitting on my old computer. I'm on some sort of girly chat website. The screen is lit up in pink and white. Some of the girls have left mean comments.

      I wake up. I keep my eyes closed, hoping for a DEILD. But what's that buzzing noise? No, it's not a buzzing noise, it's a kind of beat. That's not normal. I open my eyes. My bed is in the wrong place in my room, and my computer's on. I RC several times, now knowing i'm dreaming.

      Everything's blurry. The left side of my vision is upside down. What the fuck? I can't move very much. This isn't good at all. I manage to sit up, and try to shake the heaviness off.

      I wake up again. Again, I keep my eyes closed. But there it is again, that beat. I sit up, my computer's on. What? Ok, I'm confused. I RC, breathing through my pinched nose. I stick my finger through my palm, to be really sure.

      I jump through my wall, and down stairs. My dad's next to the stairs, which is unusual. In my false awakenings, my dad is no where to be seen. He asks where I'm going. I ignore him and walk through the door, not bothering to open it. Once outside, the sun shining, I jump on top of my neighbors house. I run and jump to the next one. The houses are not in their usual pattern, but who cares.

      I decide to see if I can summon Asher. I scream his name, looking around for him. In the field below, I see a dark clothed figure with black hair walking towards me. I grin, falling from the roof, and run up to him.

      He turns. This is not Asher. He's pretty cute though. I get closer. "Kiss me?" I smile, winking.

      Several moments later, my dad interrupts us. He grabs my arm, leading me away. I shout at him, but am curious to where he is taking me. I remind myself not to get too carried away by the dream, and to stay lucid.

      He opens up a sportscar door. When I get it, he turns to me and says "Listen young lady, that is unacceptable, kissing random boys!"

      I snigger. "This is my world, I could burn you to the ground and then go have sex with that boy if i wanted to."

      I wake up. I'm paranoid about false awakenings now. Once up, I find once again that my computer is on. This time is plays music. I RC, making sure, and then leap through my window. This doesn't take me to my garden, but to a railway track in the middle of a yellow field.

      I jump up, my town surrounds the field. As I fly, I make myself lighter, so it feels more floaty. Why not try something new? What about... Wings?I create wings, expanding several feet out of my back. Looking at them, I see that they're a light grey. I flap, but find it quite difficult to adjust too. Maybe I'll do this another time, and let them disappear.

      I want to jump off something. Freefall. Isn't that one of my goals? Yes, it is! I look around. Nothing is high enough.

      I was about to create a skyscraper, but woke up (for real this time).
      lucid , false awakening
    3. Dream Scene's

      by , 02-08-2011 at 08:45 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Semi-Lucid Lucid

      Once again, I am in my dark room. I do not wake up, I don't remember a dream from before. I can feel that it's a dream, but I do a nose-pinch reality check to make sure.

      I breathe slowly through my nose. I head out my door, fully familiar with this now, and head downstairs. I decide to try changing the dream scene using the door. I don't really know where I want to go, but I open the door, expecting to see something other than my street.

      I walk into what looks like an underground bar. It's near empty, and dimly lit with an orange light. Leaning against the bar, is my friend Travis. I smile, and hug him. He may be a DC, but he's still a good friend. He smiles at me, but says nothing.

      "I haven't seen you in a while, Travis." I say, putting my elbows onto the wooden bar. A DC stands behind it, watching us. He uses an old, ancient looking rag to clean a beer glass.

      "You say my name wrong." Travis frowned. This confuses me a little and causes my lucidity to drop a little.
      "You pronounced it "Trah-Vis. It's pronounced "Trae-Vis." He shakes his head, as if disappointed I didn't know this before.

      And then I lost my lucidity and I'm not sure what happened from then on. I'm glad I'm getting lucids on a regular basis now though! Or at least it seems...
      lucid , false awakening
    4. Make-up, Dancing Martial-Arts, and FA

      by , 02-05-2011 at 11:16 AM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      There was something about cats, but I can't remember. I was also looking at youtube about martial-arts dancers, and how they could do 360 splits on metal fences. I also starting putting eyeliner on in pink and purple (ew).

      I also "woke up" in my room, knowing I'm dreaming, and once again found it very difficult to move. I'm not quite sure what happened after I managed to get up. Who knows?
    5. Tiredness

      by , 12-06-2010 at 07:50 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid

      Some people and I are somewhere in the mountains. There's a little wooden house, which we're staying in, and snow everywhere. I stand outside, blowing on my hands to try and heat them up. I'm playing a card game with a friend. Four of my cards fly into the air, floating, and begin to glow golden. Shit.

      I look at him in alarm, and he runs into the house. The cards have attatched a bomb to me. It's the kind you see in cartoons, with the lit thread. I have the feeling that if the thread is exstinguished, I may die. There's a woman standing at the back of a red car, screaming in panic. She opens the boot and attempts to climb in but I shout at her to stop. I tell her that if we keep calm we can work this out.

      I wake up suddenly, in my bed. Everything's very foggy. My bed's in on the pavement, on the edge of a road I pass almost everyday. My attention quickly focuses on Hailey, a girl who really annoys me. Today she's dresses head to toe in bright hot pink. She looks like a brunette barbie doll, ugh. A crowd is walking down the road, and people I know shout and wave to me. There's a party going on and everyone's heading up town apparently. I decide not to go, as I feel tired and sick.

      A friend Arron comes over and says he'll take me home. His friends join us. Suddenly we're in one of the school's corridors. I make it half way up the stairs and then when I find a table and chair, sit down, exhausted. There's a plate of chicken curry sitting there, which I start to eat. I watch people on the astroturf as they play football. Holly walks up the stairs and asks if I'm ok. She cheers me up with her light mood, and I thank her through a mouthful of chicken.

      I wok up feeling tired aswell. Maybe my mind just needs a rest
      false awakening , non-lucid
    6. Close Call... 6.00a.m

      by , 07-14-2010 at 12:44 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      lucidNonlucid Semilucid

      I walk up to the old lady at the brown, wooden counter and "check-in". I tell her my father sent me and that I'm going to be staying for awhile. The building is very old fashioned, and so are the two women I would be staying with. One is in her early twenties and I'm guessing she is the older womans grandchild. I get the feeling she doesn't like me very much. She keeps glaring at me, she is a maid of some sorts.

      Not quite sure what happened next but a man walks in with a hammer, the ones that judges use to smack their desk with. He grabs my arms from behind and pushes me up against the wooden counter where the old woman is. He shouts at her, saying that i she doesn't (can't remember what she had to do) do something then he would smash my skull in.

      I see a man in red armour and long brown hair rushing down a corridor, pulling out a sword. But it's the young woman who saves me. I feel shaken and don't remember what they done with his body or where the young man went. They sit me on a wooden chair and try to console me, feeding me soup. The younger woman hugs me and we put our past behind us. I tell them not to tell my father because I like staying here.

      Then I have what I think is a false awakening, but I was semi-lucid. Mostly dreaming. I wake up in my bed and find that my computer is on. I do a RC using the writing on the screen and almost freak out when I realise the writing has changed and I'm still asleep. But I am only semi-lucid and not completely lucid. I look past my computer and look at my room. I begin to panic as I see that my room is upside down, like a twisted mirror. There's a strange rushing in my ears. A large pink monster appears at my door, with sharp looking teeth. It points and laughs at me. I remember that nothing can harm me in a dream and decide to test some powers (if I was fully lucid I probably would have just blasted it to pieces of something) so I try and turn it from pink to purple.

      It doesn't work completely but it does go a few shades darker. I try and get rid of it but am unsuccessful. I remember that I'm dreaming, so I try a few times to wake myself up. I succeed.

      After doing a crazy amount of RCs to make sure I wasn't having another FA, I kinda freaked out because it was creepy.
      false awakening