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    Forest Chase

    by , 03-08-2011 at 11:47 AM (476 Views)
    Awake Non-Lucid Vivid

    I'm up town with some friends. Some other people who I don't usually talk to are here too. I ignore them, and joke with my friends.

    My mum comes up to me and drags me into a shop. She grabs an off the shoulder white top and pulls it on me, and then puts a black corset on over it.

    "Mum! What are you doing?" I gasp as she pulls on the string on the back, making it very, very tight.

    She ignores me, and pulls a black cardigan out of her bag, putting it on me. She dusts her hands off, looking over me. She smiles, pleased with herself.

    "Just make sure you keep that corset tight." She says. Then she kisses me on the cheek, and leaves.

    I go back to my friends. "Who wants a frappacino?" I ask. We walk to the nearest Starbucks. Most of the people have left, and it's just me, Rochelle and Arron.

    I find that we've walked down a forest path. I know this path, I take my dogs out walking here. The three of us start to get a bit hyper, laughing and pushing eachother around playfully.

    Arron chases us, and we run. I get into a more serious mood and I realise we're playing hidey. I run forward fast, Rochelle just in front of me. We run deeper into the forest, until there is no path.

    Suddenly it's dark. I can barely see at all. I hear a snarl from behind me, and turning slightly, see that Arron has turned into a black wolf. I panic slightly, and push myself to run faster. We're lost, it's nightime and I can barely see a thing. Just black and grey shapes in front of me.

    But maybe that's a good thing. I veer off, slowing down, trying to be as quiet as possible because I'm assuming he can't see me. But I step on a twig and it cracks. The wolf Arron pads up to me.

    "Gotcha." He says. What? I thought this was serious now. I thought he would eat me. I laugh in relief. "Want to work together to hunt down Rochelle? Either that or you die." He says, giving a wolfy shrug.

    I won't actually die, or at least, not until the game is finished. But I agree.

    I'm gonna write the rest (part two?) later because I need to go!

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