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    Raspberry's Second Life


    by , 05-08-2012 at 12:21 PM (826 Views)
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    I'm looking at myself in the mirror, scared that my teeth have moved because I haven't been wearing my retainer. I smile, and find there's a gap. Horrified, I prod at the gap in my front teeth. My left front tooth has shifted to sit hooked over my right.


    I'm in a swimming pool, but looking at facebook at the same time. I'm getting messaged by a couple of people, and one asks if I've done my essay. Essay? I look to my right to find the essay on the edge of the pool, covered in writing made by the teacher. Apparently this essay isn't good enough, which angers me. I crumple it into a ball and throw it into the pool. To take my mind off of it, I go down a few water slides.

    [Dreamskip] I'm back at home
    (though it's my old house) and I'm feeling kind of down. It must be around 11pm, no one's up except for me, so I decide to take a walk. It's silent as I walk, except for the breeze. I look at the stars and wonder why I don't do this more often, even though I know my mum would kill me if she knew I was wandering around in the dark.

    My walk takes me to a small kids' park. I spent a lot of my childhood here, so I sit on the swings for a bit and try to cheer myself up a bit. When I look up from when I was staring at my feet, a guitar amp is in front of me, rocking back and forth slightly. It seems to be... alive? It continues watching me.

    From my right, someone shouts for me to watch out and throws me a can opener. However, the can opener has two blades. It's hard to hold because both blades jut from the opener at less than 180 degrees. Just as I rise from the swing, the amp launches itself at me. I yell in surprise and dodge, slashing it with the opener as it passes me through the air. The amp hunches over slightly when it lands on the ground. I see blood running from the deep cut I made.

    Taking no chances, I stab it repeatedly until it's dead. Another tries to jump me from behind, but I grab it, hold it still and cut right along it as if slitting it's "throat".

    I stare at the bloody amps in shock. I just brutally killed two living creatures. They did attack me, but I'm still horrified at what I've done. I drop the can opener knives just as my dogs come running up to me. I've missed them so much, because they've been living with my dad. I eagerly go over to them, but after awhile they run away.

    I stand, unsure of what to do and feeling slightly sick. Soon these amps will be discovered and the police will start questioning. I guess it's time to go home. To stop there being so many footsteps, I jump forward on one foot as far as I can, then again until I'm home.

    When I arrive home, my cousins are here and my Aunt. She's baking cupcakes and asks where I've been. I feel like she knows everything, but I lie all the same.


    I'm in school and I've just had an exam late in the afternoon. In fact, everyone else has gone home and it's getting dark. As I run down the steps from school, I see a girl I know from a couple of my classes. I shout to her to wait up so that we can walk. She sees me and hurries forward, ignoring me. Eh, what? I try again but she does the same thing. For some reason she's in a red formal dress and cardigan, whereas I'm in my uniform. I shout at her, feeling really angry and generally in "fuck it" mode.

    Still furious as I walk up a steep hill, I encounter my music teacher. She turns to talk to me, and when I look down at her I find the hill is vertical. That's strange. She asks why I'm in uniform when I'm on study leave, which makes me mentally facepalm. I ask why she's rushing to school so much. She says it's because the planets are aligned and it means gravity has changed, and so we can walk on the walls in school
    (Sornaensis actually told me a story about that yesterday). I join her and make my way back to school.

    [Dreamskip] I'm in the new building, on the highest floor. The corridor is crowded and every one's panicking. There's a sudden shudder and I realise that no, the planets are not aligning. We're having an earthquake instead. I back into a corner and try to steady myself, but the whole corridor tips to the side and I smash against a wall and then slide into another as the corridor rolls. Everyone's screaming and it's so disorientating seeing the floor as the ceiling. After a long time, it stops.

    I lie on the ground for a moment before pushing myself up. A lot of people are crying or hurt, but I figure I should just get out of here. My arms are covered in bruises, as I'm no longer wearing my school shirt, but a tank top. Opening the door, I find that the two floors below us have collapsed and crumbled away, leaving the 3rd floor on the ground. Holy shit, this is going to take a long time to repair.

    There's a lot of people in the quad, and my friend C runs up to me. He looks like he's in serious shock; panting and verging on tears. He sees my bruises and asks if I'm alright. "Yeah, I just bruise easily, remember?" I say lightheartedly, trying to make everything seem less chaotic. I've never seen him even close to crying before, but he shrugs it off and tells me he's fine and that he's glad to see I'm safe.


    I'm walking slowly along a cycle path just down from my house. It's a common place to walk dogs and such, so I don't mind the people I see up ahead. However, within a few moments someone starts shouting and swearing. The people with him run into the trees and bushes at the sides of the path.

    I pick up my speed to see what's going on. The rage behind his shouting is making my skin crawl. When I get closer, I see that he's an old man. He turns around and I stop in my tracks. He's grinning at me and has the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen, but he has no eyelids and his smile scares me. I shake it off a little and try to get past him, but he grabs me. "Soon we're gonna be the last two people on earth, eh? And it'll just be you and me".

    I shake him off, angry, and hiss that that's only in his dreams. I find the road ahead blocked, so I turn back the way I came, but he follows me, shouting things to me as I go. Suddenly he runs in front of me, kicks my feet from under me so that I'm on my knees and grabs me by the throat. I see that he's not old anymore. Luckily he has eyelids.

    I squirm as he talks to me, he's hurting my neck. "Think you could get away from me so easily?" He shakes me slightly and I grit my teeth. "You recognise me, don't you?" He smiles slyly. Yes, he looks familiar but I can't put my finger on it.

    "Please don't hurt me" I manage to say, but it's hard because although his smile has softened, his grip around my neck has gotten stronger.

    I realise it's Loki, from the Avengers. I faintly know I'm dreaming, but his smile vanishes and he tosses me away from him. He vanishes, and pieces of paper float down from where he was standing. I pick them up before they're swept away by the wind.

    I look up to find a teacher from my primary school. I call to her, almost in tears, and ask about the paper.

    [Dreamskip] She's taken me to what looks like a large warehouse, with huge crates strategically laid out to make rooms and hallways. She leaves me alone and I drift through them until I come across a large opening.

    I faintly realise I can change things in the dream. There's a boy sitting on the floor in front of something, so I sit in front of him and ask him to keep still. His eyes are dark, so I raise my hand slightly and focus on turning them blue. They eventually shift colour. I manage to what seems like change the contrast of his skin, like a picture.

    There's a noise behind me, so I look back to find my close friend J emerge from some smoke. God, I'm so happy to see him after all that's happened. I run up and hug him, but he unlocks my arms from around him and coldly tells me he can't talk to me anymore, because he has a girlfriend and she feels threatened by me. This pisses me off. "Screw your girlfriend! She doesn't trust you very much does she?" but he shrugs it off.

    A man comes out with a bow and declares that today's activity is archery. He hands me the bow and takes a few of us up to a top crate. There's boards set up and I've to shoot them. I manage it pretty easily and he's surprised, so he take the bow back and adds a mouse trap to it.
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