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    Friend or Foe?

    by , 06-05-2011 at 11:05 PM (744 Views)
    Awake Non-Lucid Vivid

    Where is he?

    My sister has been taken.
    (I don't actually have a sister. One brother who's not in this dream) I know who took her. Where is he?

    Anger is bubbling inside me. I rage I've never felt before. I'm wandering around Touch. She's just a kid for crying out loud. Who else is there to protect her but me? And that bastard has taken her. So I will go flush him out. He's using her as bait, and it's working.

    I get my other sisters, all of them younger than me, and we begin the search. We go in and out of buildings, look under and over things, mostly I am alone. I am fiercely determined. When I catch that wanker I'm going to string him up by the balls.

    Eventually I see him, standing on a roadside. Everything seems grey. I run at him. I want to kill him. I jump, hitting him, and we both topple to the floor. I pin him down with my legs, hands tightening around his throat. He chokes and I try hard to hold him down, but he throws me off.

    Suddenly I feel incredibly weak. We both stand, facing each other. He smiles calmly. "I assume you're looking for your sister, hm?"

    My eyes narrow, and I snarl at him quietly. This seems to amuse him. It annoys the hell out of me, but for some perverse reason I want him to like me. I instantly write it off, but the feeling is still there. "Where is it, Kor?" the smile remains on him face, which scares me to no end. I falter slightly, but still keep quiet.

    His face twists and I see anger flash across. I recognize he's going to hurt me. I've never been hit before.

    As soon as I think this, he punches me across the face, hard. I fall to the ground, stunned and in pain. I feel as though the energy has drained out of me. He strokes my arm. "Kor... Why do you make me hurt you? You know I don't want to, but you make me. Just tell me where it is."

    The hit has confused me and I can't make out what he wants. I sit up, feeling entirely numb, feeling as though I'm going to pass out at any second. His hand travels across my scalp and tightens on a bundle of my hair. He tugs my head down painfully and seeths into my ear. "Where. Is. It?"

    I can't even remember what it is.

    I raise my eyes, panting slightly, to see we're on a rooftop. My sister's playing near the edge with another girl. She looks unhurt, but something's off about her.

    I look into the his eyes, I can't get behind the terrifying fury there. They go back to calm. It's fucking with my head. I feel like he owns me. I want to please him but he makes me so afraid.

    This was an uncomfortable dream. It kinda unnerved me.

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