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    Hunted By Fictional Characters...

    by , 08-18-2011 at 04:50 PM (604 Views)
    Awake Non-lucid Semi-lucid

    I've sneaked into a huge, golden skyscraper that i'm certainly not supposed to be in. If I get caught, I get killed because this is highly secret stuff. I have no idea what i'm doing. It's just that i'm curious, and I guess finding out what's in here is worth the risk.

    There's nothing in the polished, white and gold hall. I run the the left side, where there lies a single lift. As I wait for it to come down, I fidget nervously. Anyone could be around the corner, waiting to attack me.

    The lift doors open and I quickly jump inside. In front of me is a counter (white and gold of course) with a stack of high profile things. My eyes widen at the site of the array of tiny vials of liquid potions, and the neat line of needles. I grab the needles and a few of the vials before the lift doors ping open.

    I turn and ice cold fear sweeps over me. Standing just outside the doors are a group of burly looking men in suits, and in the middle, the Joker from The Dark Knight. I repeatedly press the close button, and as the doors shut, I see a psychotic glint in his eyes and a menacing smile as he looks at me.

    The lift seems to have gone up instead of down. I grab more of the vials, though I have no idea what to do with them. I reach the roof and jump out, running across into the middle.

    The Joker steps out a few moments later. Very slowly, he brings out a very sharp, curved dagger. With exaggerated slowness, he steps closer, polishing the knife with his jacket, eyes fixed on me.

    Out of nowhere, Asher shoots down from the sky, landing with a crash that blows up smoke and hides both of them from view. I hear a manic laugh and the sounds of weapons clashing. I want to run, but there's no where. I get to the edge of the building, looking out over the city at night time, and wait with my heart thumping erratically.

    "Get out of the way!"

    Asher throws himself over me, knocking me to the ground. A dagger flies past, where I was just standing. He grabs the needle from me and hisses "use this!"

    The Joker comes over, ready to kill me, and I plunge the needle into his chest and inject him with the liquid inside. He splutters, clutching his heart, and falls to the ground. He soon dies.

    Asher and I stand over him, breathing heavily. Asher soon collects himself and looks through the vials of potions i've collected, studying each carefully. I'm still standing in shock. I realise I've got slashed in the stomach, and there's blood all over my white t-shirt. Asher comes up with an orange vial. "Put this on it," he says gently.

    I spread the liquid over the wounds. It stings like a bitch and I have to grit my teeth to hold back tears. Pain? Why is it so painful? I thought this was a dream.. a dream?

    But the thought vanishes as Asher starts explaining which vial does what. He says that these are my gifts and weapons, as they only work for certain people. He says that i'm in danger and that i'm being hunted. "Why?" I ask, very confused.

    I don't get an answer, because a few seconds later a giant serpent. It appears to be the one from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. There's no way i'm getting anywhere near that to inject it with a deadly poison. "Leave this to me!" shouts Asher, and he flies up with a sword to attack it in the air.

    I don't get to sit and watch. Spiderman has jumped down from a web and advances on me. He appears to be electrified, so again I can't inject him. So I run. Like other dreams, i'm almost impossible to catch and can climb and jump better than those around me.

    I sprint to the opposite edge and throw myself off. The wind catches me a moment, and then drops me onto a roof lower down. I notice little ramps and boards on the edges to run off.

    Spiderman shoots out web and swings down. I have to keep moving. I leap from building to building, panicking more and more, determined to get away from him. There's one time when he swings to land in front of me, and I skid to a halt. I inject him with electricity, and then feel like shooting myself because there's crackles over electricity passing over him anyway. But it seems to paralyse him. I run and jump onto the edge of a water tank, feeling like I have limited time until he can move again.

    I can't get to the top of the water tank. I clamber and kick my feet, starting to make little crying noises from fear. Eventually I manage to scramble to the top. Stupid Spiderman. He forgets he electrified and swings onto the water tank, causing him to explode and die.

    Asher beheads the Serpent just as I leap onto his roof again. I'm shaking and pretty near to passing out. I drop and he catches me.

    I black out.

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