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    1. Phones, Elephants and Bens

      by , 10-11-2011 at 04:42 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid Lucid

      I'm sitting on my bed in the dark. I get a text and pull out two phones, both the same. I look at them, why do I have two phones? I don't own two phones, and they're exactly the same. I push my finger through my palm.

      I'm dreaming! It's a nice surprise. I get up, plugging my nose and breathing, because I like the weird feeling. I look about my room and then go through my door. It's dark, but I can clearly see an elephant in the hallway. It's a small elephant, to fit into my hallway, but it slowly moves into my bathroom.

      Curious, I follow it. It stands in my bathroom, flicking its trunk about. I gaze at it for a while and try to get it to make noises, but it just kind of whines.

      I remember that I've to try and find either nito89 (Ben) or Arch. I decide to try and find Ben because he'll be easier to visualise and find. I stand outside the door to my brothers room, picturing him in my head. I try and make him as real as possible, because I don't want him to be a DC.

      I open the door, into a rather square, creamy room. The walls are cream and slightly dirty, and there's a cream carpet. To the side, there's a little bit of furniture, a sofa or something, but the rest of the room is unfurnished.

      Ben's sitting on the floor, little packets and spliffs around him. He looks up at me and giggles, clearly high. I'm starting to lose lucidity, but I stand wondering what to do with him. I say something to him, but he looks as though he can't comprehend what I'm saying. A girl walks in and he becomes instantly interested in her, offering her some weed.

      And then I lost lucidity and can't recall the rest.
    2. Carvahall

      by , 04-22-2011 at 10:52 AM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid

      I'm walking down a hill. Everything's very vivid. It's sunny, which is hot on my skin, and I need to narrow my eyes to see properly. I continue trudging down the hill until I get to the bottom.

      I stop. There's a small villiage in front of me. The floor of it is made of small white stones, and there's a lake beyond. There are small boats between the houses. Is this Carvahall?

      I become semi-lucid as I think of Eragon and how it's a book. This must be a dream. I forget to RC and stabillise, but I know for certain I'm dreaming.

      I slowly walk forwards. Carvahall isn't like this in the book. It's a northern villiage where it's cold. There's no lake beyond, but a river, and they're farmers, not fishermen.

      Oh well... It's still nice to be here. I notice that one of the boats has turned into a small plane. I turn it back to a boat because I want to feel like I'm in ancient times.

      I walk up to a passerby and ask the name of the lake. He looks puzzled. "Why, it's Leona Lake of course!" Then picks up a net and walks away. I smile, because Leona Lake is next to Dras-Leona, not Carvahall. It appears my mind has put all of Alagaesia in one place. Looking beyond the lake I can see the Beor Mountains and a forest that is most likely Du Weldenvarden. Where the dwarves and the elves live.

      Hey, maybe Eragon is here! I walk through the villiage until I think I find him. He's heading toward Leona Lake, a frown on his face. He's carrying both a shortsword and a longsword. I sneak up behind him, flip around him and grab both the swords. Then I throw the longsword back at him, hoping for a duel.

      He doesn't look impressed. Apparently he's going across Leona Lake to find a captured friend. It's dark now, and there are loads of stars. I offer to join him. He looks suspicious for a moment, but then agrees.

      I lose my lucidity whilest staring in amazement at the stars. He points to one of the larger ones and says that his friend is in that direction, so we begin to follow the star. Instead of travelling around the lake, we just get in and swim right through. I can't help thinking that this is so bizarre.

      [Dreamskip] We're across the lake and walking up one of the hills that lead to the forest. We find some headstones, but this doesn't feel right. We glance at eachother, and pull out our swords. A moment later, dwarves jump out screaming.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. Jupiter

      by , 03-15-2011 at 08:39 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

      My mum's in the house. She shouldn't be here -she doesn't live here anymore-.

      She's on a weight bench. My dad's next to her, but he seems ok that she's here. I frown, this isn't normal. I also appear to be in deep water.

      [Dreamskip] I'm on a road. It's nighttime and the lamposts are lit with orange light. Everything has a reddish tinge to it. I'm with a group of people from my school. I turn to the person beside me.

      She opens her bag. "I'm going on a date tonight, should I wear my grey dress or my blue dress?"

      I can't see both, the grey dress is nice. "The grey dress." I say. She looks at me as if i'm stupid.

      "But I'm going on a date." She says slowly. I roll my eyes and am about to reply when Rochelle walks up to us. There's bottles clinking together in a plastic bag.

      "Did you bring my half-bottle of vodka?" Asks the girl. On que, Rochelle opens the bag and brings it out. Why does she owe this girl vodka? And half a bottle?

      Suddenly my guidance teacher appears. "Girls!" She shouts, her gaze fixed on the alcohol. "What are you doing with that? And at this time of night!"

      I scowl, turning and running away. I hear Rochelle's voice behind me saying "You can't just run away!"

      But I do. I can't be bothered with this bullshit. I run down the pavement until I get to a grassy area. Suddenly with a burst of awareness, I realise I'm dreaming.

      There's a cushioned chair on the grass. I run up it and leap onto a garage. Rochelle runs panting up to them. Looking up, she shouts at me to come down. I manifest some crumpets, butter them, and sit munching on them. Eventually I shout down to her;

      "You see, I'm dreaming. This is all a dream." I grin when she looks confused, merrily rolling my eyes. I jump down from the garages into a shop. Looking around, it looks as though I'm on holiday. The sun is shining, and the shop is for merchandise.

      Where's Asher? I stroll around, wondering why I never see him anymore. Suddenly my mobile buzzes in my pocket.



      I gasp. The voice is Asher's.

      "Asher? How come you never come when I look for you?" I ask, pulling things fro shelfs, such as keyrings and card sets.

      "You see, I live on Jupiter."

      I pause. "The planet?"

      He laughs. "Yeah. Why do you think that in your second lucid dream after we met, you felt such a strong impulse to fly into space? Your home is there."

      Realisation hits me as I remember that dream. "Is Skylar there?"

      "No." He says is bluntly, coldly even.

      "What about Katie?"


      "I met her y'know. I met who I think is your family."

      And then I woke up... Goddammit.
      lucid , memorable
    4. Dreamworld Citizens - City of Spires

      by , 03-05-2011 at 11:44 AM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Ok I just typed up like half my dream but it's gone so I'm cutting out the non-lucid beginning because nothing much happens anyway.

      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

      I glance around my room. Now that I think about it... Everything here seems odd. Not normal at all.. Could I be dreaming?

      I RC and find that I am. As always, I do a few more to be certain. I run out to the front of my house.

      I'm a little stunned at what I see. My neighborhood estate is gone, and in it's place it a sprawling city, like the ones in fantasy books. The buildings are in shades of cream and orange, and their structures are narrow and tall. They reach multiple levels, and arched bridges link them to one another. In the middle is the tallest -and narrowist- of the buildings. It's like the one in Oblivion's Imperial City, exept the other buildings are taller and not all the same height.

      In fact... I've been here before! I remember it now. It was in another dream, although I stuck to jumping around the lower levels instead of going to the main Spire. That's what this city is called, the City of Spires. I look at the main Spire... Is there something up there!

      But then I remember Asher. I'm starting to doubt him now. Is he just a piece of my imagination, something I unconsciously conjured up, or is he really my DG and therefore part of my dreams? I shout his name, looking around.

      Nothing. I jump, flying towards the top of a building to get a better view. I can't see him anywhere. The top spire maybe? Then I remember something else. This city changes too. I've also seen the buildings black, and the sky red. The buildings were more like spikes jutting from the ground, and the world was flat. You could literally fall off the end.

      But no time to think about that now, I have a certain boy to find. I fly up to the top of the main spire. There's a person there, in a heavy metal armour. I'm about to ask him if he knows who/where Asher is, when he morphs into a mirror. For a second I'm afraid, I don't like mirrors in dreams. But all it shows is my reflection. My hair is shorter, but that's it.

      I step into the mirror. It takes me to a low-lit corridor. At the end of the corridor I can see someone. A figure with dark hair, tall, wearing black. Asher? I run forwards, reaching the end of the corridor at an impossible speed. But the figure is gone. I can feel myself frowning unhappily.

      Some people walk up to me. There's three female teens, and two males. There's also a man and a woman, who I assume is their parents.

      The mother gives me a kind smile. "Looking for someone dear?" She asks. The teenagers wander off down the corridor.

      "Yes. Do you know who Asher is and where I can find him?" I ask hopefully. Maybe they know him. Wait what? That's a stupid thing to think. They're just DC's.

      But they don't feel like DC's. They seem different. Real somehow.

      The woman nods. "Yes, I know Asher. Tell me dear, do you belong in the Dreamworld or the Wakingworld?" She waits patiently as my thoughts go a little crazy. This is just a dream. This is just a dream. This is just a dream. So why do I feel like she's alive?

      "What?" She's confused me. She takes my arm, and leads me down to the corridor, into a cozy looking living room. The teenagers are lounging around on various sofas, eating and talking quietly.

      The woman looks right into my eyes. "Do you live in the Dreamworld, like us," She gestures around her. "Or the Wakingworld."

      "...The... Wakingworld?" I say. Well, I am currently in my bed sleeping. God this dream is so weird.

      "You look confused dear, there is something that you do not understand."

      I nod. "You're just so.... I dunno... You're not like normal DCs." I look around at the teenagers. They watch me, but act so normal, saying nothing.

      The woman sits down across from me, giving me a warm smile. "How do you know Asher?"

      I explain that he comes into my dreams sometimes, usually when I'm in trouble. I also explain how I'm not sure if he's there just because I expect him to be now. I don't know why I'm telling this to a DC, a roomful of them, but I've heard of people interviewing DC's.

      "Yes..." She says, settling back. Her face grows dreamy, like she's remembering something from long ago. "I knew someone like that once. He was from the Wakingworld, and would visit me occasionally." I grow even more stunned. Maybe she's talking about a lucid dreamer. "But... When I turned seventeen, he stopped visiting me." She frowns sadly "I don't know why."

      "Oh..." I don't really know what to make of this. But I do feel sympathetic.

      "Maybe you have limited time with Asher too."

      36 hours pops into my head. No. Just because that happened to her doesn't mean that happened to me.

      I notice one of the girls staring at me. She's blonde, I recognise her. The mother gets up and goes through to a kitchen. Wait a minute...

      It's Katie. Someone else I see in my dreams. She tries to hurt me, sabotage me. She gives me a cold look. If Katie is that womans daughter, isn't Katie Asher's sister? I look around at the others. Is this his family?

      This dream is making me question DCs. I repeat to myself several times in my head what's happened so I can recall it later. I glare at Katie.
      My lucidity fades a bit. The woman comes in and hands me a plate of sausages. I whisper to her that Katie is evil. The woman's face displays nothing, but I know that she's thinking about it. I take a bite of sausage, looking around at the rest of the family. The two boys look like the youngest, and twins. Another of the girls are blonde, but she looks like the oldest. The other girl has long black hair, and introduces herself to me as Paula.

      I lose the rest of my lucidity, and we sit around a table. Everyone has sheets of paper, and seem to be working on something. I look down at my own sheet, and find it's got numbers and writing halfway down it. The others seem as though they've been trained to do whatever it is we're doing. The father mentions an ancient system.

      Let's just say that this dream confused the hell out of me. The DC's weren't stupid, they felt very, very real and intelligent. They seemed as though they knew exactly what was going on.
      lucid , memorable
    5. Lucid Tea

      by , 02-24-2011 at 07:55 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      I've been trying to WILD but unfortunatly it isn't going too well.. But hey-ho! Gotta be patient right This is from after my WILD attempt, which I passed out in.

      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

      I'm in my room, randomly. I've started to recognise this now. I'm in a dream. I RC to make sure.

      Yup, definetly dreaming. I feel oddly hyper, and start to run out of my bedroom door. I catch myself, and remember to stabalise the dream. I quickly run my hands over my walls and take in the details, sniffing in the painty scent.

      My door doesn't lead to my hall, but outside. It's sunny, and I feel as though I'm in a different, hot country. Everything is brightly coloured. I see a van, with people serving food out of it, it's very busy. Just outside of the van is a chalkboard saying "Buy your Lucid Tea now!" I smile slightly, this must be because of my WILD attempts.

      I sit at a table outside of the van, my hyperness passed. I don't really feel like doing much, just sitting, soaking up the summer sun, smelling hotdogs and watching people pass buy. Maybe I should buy some "lucid tea".

      Getting up, I go up to the person serving. "Can I have some tea please? Does it really work?" I ask politely. They may be DCs, but I like manners. The man glares at me.

      "You better pay for it, because I have a family to feed and I can't do that when I only have 100 to get me by!" He holds out his hand, and I reach into my jeans pockets and pull out some notes. Not bothing to check them, I just hand them over. In return, he gives me a bowl of muti-coloured liquid.

      A passer-by turns to me. "That stuff doesn't really work y'know. They're ripping you off."

      I shrug, and take a sip. It tastes like orange and cinnimon tea. I put it down and decide to do something.

      I spin, willing a random location. When I stop, I'm in a narrow mainstreet of a town centre. Again, it is sunny and very busy. I walk along. My goals! I remember them. I look towards the sky. Should I fly up and fall? I decide not to. To be honest I'm a little scared. I've flown before, but shiver at the thought of hitting the ground. Go to Lake Hylia? How would I go about that?

      I pay little attention to what is around me, wrapped in my thoughts, which causes me to lose lucidity. I fly forwards over the crowds heads, and into a stone chamber. There are people sitting around a little rectangular blue pool, debating something.
    6. Awake, Awake, Awake Again

      by , 02-14-2011 at 08:18 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Last night was a blur. Never had more than one or two false awakenings at a time, but I had three.

      Awake Non-lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

      I'm sitting on my old computer. I'm on some sort of girly chat website. The screen is lit up in pink and white. Some of the girls have left mean comments.

      I wake up. I keep my eyes closed, hoping for a DEILD. But what's that buzzing noise? No, it's not a buzzing noise, it's a kind of beat. That's not normal. I open my eyes. My bed is in the wrong place in my room, and my computer's on. I RC several times, now knowing i'm dreaming.

      Everything's blurry. The left side of my vision is upside down. What the fuck? I can't move very much. This isn't good at all. I manage to sit up, and try to shake the heaviness off.

      I wake up again. Again, I keep my eyes closed. But there it is again, that beat. I sit up, my computer's on. What? Ok, I'm confused. I RC, breathing through my pinched nose. I stick my finger through my palm, to be really sure.

      I jump through my wall, and down stairs. My dad's next to the stairs, which is unusual. In my false awakenings, my dad is no where to be seen. He asks where I'm going. I ignore him and walk through the door, not bothering to open it. Once outside, the sun shining, I jump on top of my neighbors house. I run and jump to the next one. The houses are not in their usual pattern, but who cares.

      I decide to see if I can summon Asher. I scream his name, looking around for him. In the field below, I see a dark clothed figure with black hair walking towards me. I grin, falling from the roof, and run up to him.

      He turns. This is not Asher. He's pretty cute though. I get closer. "Kiss me?" I smile, winking.

      Several moments later, my dad interrupts us. He grabs my arm, leading me away. I shout at him, but am curious to where he is taking me. I remind myself not to get too carried away by the dream, and to stay lucid.

      He opens up a sportscar door. When I get it, he turns to me and says "Listen young lady, that is unacceptable, kissing random boys!"

      I snigger. "This is my world, I could burn you to the ground and then go have sex with that boy if i wanted to."

      I wake up. I'm paranoid about false awakenings now. Once up, I find once again that my computer is on. This time is plays music. I RC, making sure, and then leap through my window. This doesn't take me to my garden, but to a railway track in the middle of a yellow field.

      I jump up, my town surrounds the field. As I fly, I make myself lighter, so it feels more floaty. Why not try something new? What about... Wings?I create wings, expanding several feet out of my back. Looking at them, I see that they're a light grey. I flap, but find it quite difficult to adjust too. Maybe I'll do this another time, and let them disappear.

      I want to jump off something. Freefall. Isn't that one of my goals? Yes, it is! I look around. Nothing is high enough.

      I was about to create a skyscraper, but woke up (for real this time).
      lucid , false awakening
    7. Dream Scene's

      by , 02-08-2011 at 08:45 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Semi-Lucid Lucid

      Once again, I am in my dark room. I do not wake up, I don't remember a dream from before. I can feel that it's a dream, but I do a nose-pinch reality check to make sure.

      I breathe slowly through my nose. I head out my door, fully familiar with this now, and head downstairs. I decide to try changing the dream scene using the door. I don't really know where I want to go, but I open the door, expecting to see something other than my street.

      I walk into what looks like an underground bar. It's near empty, and dimly lit with an orange light. Leaning against the bar, is my friend Travis. I smile, and hug him. He may be a DC, but he's still a good friend. He smiles at me, but says nothing.

      "I haven't seen you in a while, Travis." I say, putting my elbows onto the wooden bar. A DC stands behind it, watching us. He uses an old, ancient looking rag to clean a beer glass.

      "You say my name wrong." Travis frowned. This confuses me a little and causes my lucidity to drop a little.
      "You pronounced it "Trah-Vis. It's pronounced "Trae-Vis." He shakes his head, as if disappointed I didn't know this before.

      And then I lost my lucidity and I'm not sure what happened from then on. I'm glad I'm getting lucids on a regular basis now though! Or at least it seems...
      lucid , false awakening
    8. Holiday/Waking Up

      by , 02-04-2011 at 09:42 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      As per usual, I "woke up" into a dream. It's kinda annoying how I get lucid in the same place each time. I would like to get lucid in a wierd area for once!

      Anyway, I had several dreams last night but can only remember enough of two to write down.



      I'm in some sort of shopping centre. I have a dim recollection of it as I take a look around. The cieling is made of glass, and the place is extremely crowded. I'm on my own, which makes me feel intimidated since I have no idea where I am. There are several sections, pathways which lead off to different areas of the centre, organised by genre. I'm about to go down the gaming section, but my feminine side wins over, and I go to the area with a large red sign saying "Fashion" in curvy writing.

      I walk in my usual fast pace, but a tall woman wearing a pale blue, halter-neck dress catches my eye. The dress is beautiful. I walk up and ask her where she bought it and in what size. She tells me it is in a size 225, which makes me frown in confusion. Before she speaks, a young man appears next to me, smiling. He asks if he would like to buy me a drink in the local tropical fruit juice bar
      (no alcohol for me I'm afraid!). I grin and accept the offer.

      He leads me through the crowd, to a tall brown, carribean looking bar, like the ones on beaches abroad. The people inside look spanish. I look around, noticing that everyone looks a little spanish. I must be on holiday! I order a berry smoothie. I take a sip, it's delicious, but would be better with banana added to it.

      The man who served me glowers down. He said I must not drink until I pay. The guy who brought me here said it's ok, and fishes around in his pockets. A woman comes over and says I must pay. I'm starting to get very confused. The three of them start argueing, as I stand awkwardly, holding my smoothie. Eventually, I pull some coins out of my pockets. I find it difficult to count the correct amount, but soon enough I hand the money over.

      Waking Up

      Semi-Lucid Lucid

      I'm in my bed. I know I'm dreaming, as always when I wake up into this. A FA? I don't know. I find it very difficult to move. My jeans and t-shirt seem to be sticking uncomfortably to me. As soon as I'm out of my bed, I RC several times.

      Yes, I'm dreaming. My lucids are gradually getting clearer and clearer. Not fully realistic yet, but getting there. I wonder if dream control will be an issue for me, since lucids like these don't happen too often. "No" I think. "My visualisation skills are good. I can do anything."

      I switch on a dim light, open my door, and walk downstairs. I head into the living room, which I haven't done in these dreams before. Daylight is shining in through the window. My dog, a labrador, is lying curled up on the t.v stand, the actual t.v nowhere to be seen. I smile at how odd it is, but don't go over to see him. He just lies and watches me with his big brown eyes.

      I jump onto the sofa below the window, and jump through. I pass most of the way through, until my foot gets stuck. I drag it through and drop to the ground.

      And then I woke up. Not quite sure why, but I did

      It was pretty cool though, because I've only ever had a few clear lucids, whereas the rest I counted as semi ones. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this, finally! Also, now that I have more time to lucid dream, my non-lucids have gotten clearer too.

      Looking forward to more
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. My School - 50 Years Ago

      by , 01-29-2011 at 06:15 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid

      I'm walking down the road that's outside my school. There's a guy with me, but I don't pay much attention to him. I've traveled back in time to see what my school was like fifty years ago. I'm not that excited. Everything has a slight brown tinge, as if the atmosphere is old.

      I walk into the entrance hall, and am quite surprised by how similar it is to the one we have now. I don't look around too much. The guy who's with me says I need to get changed for P.E.

      [Dreamskip] I'm in the quad. I am astonished that instead of concrete, it is grass, and the school is in small, pretty blocks of white and brown houses instead of the disgusting dark square we have at the moment. "This is what it was like?" I whisper, and several of the people around me look at me as if i'm crazy, because they obviously belong to this time.

      I get the faint idea that i'm dreaming, and the dream becomes a little more vivid. I walk to the back of one of the blocks to look around. Someone shouts behind me, and I spin around to find Snape from Harry Potter pointing a thin, black wand at me. I pull out my own wand.

      "You think you can defeat me?" He sneers. I feel determined. I shout a spell and expect it to blast towards him, but instead, a pink trail of cloudy smoke appears from the tip of my wand. I heads towards Snape, but he slowly walks out of its way. When he fires a spell, it does the same.

      I'm tired of this boring "dual". "Expelliarmus!" I shout. Snape's wand flies from his grasp. "Accio wand!" It soars into my outstretched hand.

      Snape's face falls. He knows he's failed. I glower at him. "You have been defeated," I hiss. "Go home!" I point away, and he shuffles off into the distance.
      lucid , non-lucid
    10. Quick LD

      by , 01-27-2011 at 11:55 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Lucid

      I slowly get out of my bed, and look around my room. Definetly dreaming. I feel a snug sense of contentment in my chest. I love the clarity of the dream! I slowly RC, making sure that I am in fact dreaming. I breathe through my plugged nose and laugh at the sensation. I'm about to jump through a wall when I remember I need to stabilize. I run my fingers down the wall, breathing in the scent. I turn around to my desk, and notice some objects that aren't usually there. I take in the details. I turn to the wall again.

      Then my next-door neighbors kids got up for school and being the loud primary school children that they are, woke me up with their annoying, high pitched screaming and shouting. So annoyed. Clearest lucid I get and they bloody wake me up. Tried to DEILD but no sir, didn't happen. GAH!
    11. Tsunami of Mud

      by , 01-10-2011 at 08:40 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid Semi-Lucid

      I look down to find an Alpro soy chocolate yoghurt in my hands. Without thinking, I open it and put a spoonful in my mouth. I gag, it's disgusting, and spit it back out into the carton. The carton disappears as my attention is directed at the giant mud wave about to crash over my head.

      Survive this.

      Without thinking, I launch myself into the air, kicking at it like in the Matrix, desperate to get over the wave. Suddenly it's the other way, and we're both headed in the same direction. There's a voice in my head.

      "You think that this is a tsunami?" The wave gets bigger, and I'm still gaining height in the air, knowing that soon I'm going to drop. I grit my teeth, the wind whips through my hair and I keep above the wave, but only just.

      I begin to drop, but the wave is dropping too. It's nighttime, so I barely see the forest I'm about to drop straight into. Shit. I'm gonna hit a tree or something. I reach out and grasp a thick branch firmly, swinging myself into the tree. The voice speaks again.

      "Are you really sure that's going to work?" Not a second later, and the branch I'm holding snaps and falls downwards, dragging me down with it.

      I slide in the thick, dark mud down a hill. I lay there for a second, wiped out. Something, no, someone stands up next to me. They're covered in mud. They open their mouth to speak, but they can't because of the mud. I look down at my bare arms and t-shirt to find I look exactly the same.

      [Dream skip] The mud has turned to water, and it's more like a pool gathering now. I float on the surface, happily content. Plates lay at one end, covered in tasty food. I swim to it and pick up some pizza and what looks like a giant ball of chocolate.

      "Hey, get me some meat." I turn to find a girl I really don't like, Amy, glaring at me. My gaze flickers over the table and back. "I told you to get me some meat. Get me some meat!" She splashes water and another girl comes up.

      "Stop being such a bossy bitch." The girl growls at her. I smirk, and swim away to a group of three boys, the pizza and chocolate forgotten. They're obviously a band, and welcome me into their little meeting. I smile and nod along and sing with them. Once they stop, I turn to the tall blonde boy to my left. He looks a little intimidating, but once we talk I find out he's more of a friendly giant.

      I ask questions and he answers. I have to talk right in his ear because everything's so loud. I don't remember what he tells me, I just talk nonsense but he doesn't seem to mind.

      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    12. Switch - Good and Evil/Stalker/Transformation

      by , 10-20-2010 at 12:50 AM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      September 19th 2010

      Switch - Good and Evil

      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid

      I realise, there's a switch on my right hand. It isn't actually there, but I can feel it with my fingers. It slides, obviously analogue. I wonder what it does?

      There are trees around me, along with what looks like shops. I slide the switch over to the left. Everything brightens, lines are smoother, people smile at me. I slide it to the right. My vision smudges, lines darken, the smiles drop off of their faces as quickly as they came. I set it back to normal.

      I realise I have a job to do, but I can't remember what. There's a wall to my right, too high to climb. I run up it instead, and peer over. The drop below is much further than what I ran. If I fall, I die. But there are ledges, suspended over the space. Large, muscular men guard them. How can I get past?

      I slowly turn the switch to the right, but not all the way. Everything darkens again. As soon as I jump down to the first ledge, one of the men grabs me, snarling, and throws me off. I don't die, I don't even hit the ground. In fact, I'm exactly where I was before, crouching over the edge of the wall. I flick the switch to the left. The men let me jump from ledge to ledge, although some look like they're thinking off throwing me off. I feel like i'm in a videogame.

      When I get to the floor, I don't take very much in. There's a sofa that I walk to, and see my friend sitting there.
      I become slightly lucid, and flick the switch all the way to the left. My friend grabs a sheet of paper and draw a light sketch of wings on it. What does she mean? I fly onto the wall again, and face the forest. I flick the switch all the way to the right.

      Instantly, I wish I hadn't. Every outline is dark and smudged, the world turns grey, there are shadows everywhere. It's as if I've entered a nightmare. The beautiful forest goes up in flames. People are marching out of it, screaming at me, holding weapons. I forget the switch and run.


      For some reason there's a shop under my school. I walk down the dark, damp passageway leading up to it, I really hope it isn't some scary cellar. But luckily, when I get there, it's not. There are clothes everywhere. I remember I needed to buy boots for the winter, and head to the shoe section. After getting rather bored, and getting sick of looking at leather, I quickly go into a changing room to change.

      When I get out, I'm wearing a silky pink, strapless dress that goes down to above the knee. I wear dark pink heels to match. For some reason, I can't walk very well in them
      (which is odd because I can walk fine in heels. Practice makes perfect, right!?) . I budge past the people blocking my way and head out a door opposite the one I came through. I'm in a theatre!

      The seats are slanted as they go up so everyone can see. But at a very steep angle. I'm so high up that if I get out of my seat wrong, imma die. I literally need to curve my legs under me to hop onto the floor from my seat. Somehow, whiles i'm puzzling over this, the show ends.

      [Dream skip - A few minutes] I'm back in my normal clothes (jeans and t-shirt) and i'm walking home. Ethan calls me from behind. Shit. This guy pretty much stalks me
      (I'm being serious guys, LOL ) . I don't say anything. Goddammit, why am I still wearing these heels? I can't get away from him fast enough. He gets pissed off pretty fast and pulls out a bow and a sheath of arrows. Because he's so hardcore...

      I notice he's got a "friend" up ahead who's done the same thing. Now they're trying to shoot me. I kick off the stupid heels and run for it. Somehow I'm faster than usual, but there's still a chance I get hit. Luckily, I don't.


      Note: This one really creeped me out. I woke up with a really awful feeling because it was a late REM stage so it was vivid too. Basically, I watched a really sweet girl turn into this evil blood-thirsty monster. Like nothing you've ever seen before. Go watch the recent Starwars Sith thingy and you'll understand.

      For some reason, I think my room is a pirate ship. And it's the room in my old house, which I haven't been in for three years. I'm in my "ship" when a innocent looking, blonde girl comes in. She's smaller than me, with deep blue eyes and shoulder length hair, with a full fringe. She looks unhappy for some reason. She tells me that she needs to save her mother. That her mum's been taken and she needs to get her back. Her name is Kate. I tell Kate to come back tomorrow, and we'll go get her mother.

      [Dream skip - The next day] I'm in the ship, when Kate swings in (literally, on a piece of rope hanging from the hall outside. Don't ask me why ). She's got black eyeliner on, and has gelled her fringe back. She's enthusiastic, which is good. We get going.

      To move the "ship" we sway from side to side. I watch the ship from third person but can still feel my body. We go down my street and onto the road. Kate shouts at me a couple of times because apparently I'm steering wrong.

      [Dream skip - Unknown] We're close to where Kate's mother is. She's slowly changing. Her hair is now long, and dark auburn in colour. Her eyes are turning a brownish shade. Shadows are lining her eyes. We don't speak. I don't trust her.

      We're walking along a meadow, in the middle of a forest. Suddenly, Kate turns to me. She screams that I've led her to the wrong place. That I'm trying to kill her. Her body keels over, and she starts retching. I think she's going to be sick. Her chest puffs up, and suddenly, hair is coming out her throat. It's still attatched to something inside her. She grabs a knife from her belt and hacks at it furiously. When she's finished, she grins at me, evily. I have the feeling she might try to kill me in the most brutal way possible. Her hair is now shorter, and spikey. Her eyes are red.

      Something rustles in the bushes. She does a backflip and stabs something. She drags him out of the bushes and laughs as she stabs him again and again. I stare in horror. What has happened to her? She's out of control.

      [Dream skip - Unknown] I'm sitting, alone, in my ship/room. I can't get over what a monster Kate is. I still see her red eyes and sharpened teeth. Blood splashed over her, with a mad glint in her eye. I seek knowledge to how this happened. Instantly, a voice in my head tells me to look to the Corners, the Shadows. I do. I look at the shadow and corners of my ship, and hear a voice.

      The voice tells me she is a lost soul. That she always has been, I just didn't see it at first. In my mind, he replays our first meeting. I stand, watching myself and Kate talk. Now I notice the way she stands. Close, uptight, analyzing everything I say. Calculating. But from my first glance, she was just someone who needed help.

      Then as she swings into the ship. I thought she was enthusiastic, now I know all she wanted was blood. She was after everything and anything out there. She probably lied about her mother. She was always the murdering psychopath, I just hadn't seen it. It was all a disguise. I watch as she slowly reveals her true form. I watch her eyes slightly darken everyday, the shadows around them grow more prominant, her teeth sharpen to points.

      Finally, the Shadow leaves me to dwell on these thoughts.

      I look up, and her eyes are set on my. Blood is dripping from her finger tips. I know her secrets, now I have to die.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    13. Light

      by , 10-09-2010 at 01:15 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Um *cough* Basically last night my brother got back and I had some drink (lightweight). This almost always makes me lucid (mucid? ). I did get lucid, with quite a few false awakenings. Sorry for the awful spelling....

      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Vivid-Semi-Lucid

      I'm in my room. Lauren is here too, a girl from school who I really don't like. She's sitting on my bed, my open laptop next to her, she's looking at my iTunes. I narrow my eyes and take the laptop out of my room. We're both in some sort of group. We leave for a meeting.

      I'm in a large, white hall. There are many shadows and pools of water, the rest of the "group" are here too. I really don't like these girls. They crowd round and start shouting at me. I get angry and leave. I seem to remember about lucidity, and start running. As I run, I take in details and rub my hands together.

      I stop suddenly, newly aware of my surroundings. Trees are around me, but this place is familiar. There's a man in a long, black jacket standing with his back to me. I shout to him and he turns. I stick my tongue out and he does too, it's the tongue of a snake. I laugh, but he remains serious.

      I wake up in my bed. Something's not right though... I look at my hands. Nothing's wrong with them. Maybe they're a little paler, my fingers not so long. I count them, yup, the right amount. I plug my nose and can breathe. Still, I want to make sure. I get up and head to the bathroom, swtiching on the light. I grab my jacket and throw it into the air, willing it to float. It does and I grin.

      I go back through to my room and open my curtains. It's dark outside. I decide to act god and open the window, getting onto the windowsill and leaning over. "Give me light!" I shout, as loudly as I can. Lightning streaks through the dark clouds. I hear dim laughter and know that Katie is here, somewhere in the sky. "Not that kind of light. Make the sun rise!" I slowly watch the sun come up over the horizon, bathing everything in gorgeous orange light.

      I fly round to the front of my house. Only, i'm in a different town. It's mine. I point to the ground and will a skyscraper to appear. Nothing happens. Katie flies down to me, blond hair getting in her face. She looks like some kind of fairie. "Sure you have the control for something like that?" She grins. I scowl, hell yes!

      Next time I look round, there it is. A circular skyscraper, grey, not as tall as I'd like... I fly to the top and stand on the edge, staring over everything. Then I jump. I land on a billboard, but it doesn't hurt at all. Katie purses her lips. "Hey, is Asher around?" I ask her quietly. She shrugs, avoiding the question. I guess I'll have to look for him.

      A DC runs up to me. He has light brown hair and sun-kissed skin. He's babbling something about winning 100000. Suddenly alarms are going off and people are running. Katie's disappeared to whatever place in the sky she came from. The DC is all up in my face, trying to drag me to "safety". I think he thinks I''m his girlfriend or something. I slap his hands off me. He's begging me to give him another chance or something, asking me to wait until he grabs his things. The dream slowly fades.

      There was probably more, I just can't remember it.
    14. Fire Ring of Satan/Through His Eyes

      by , 10-07-2010 at 09:41 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      I had a fantastic sleep last night. I managed to get to sleep at about 10-11pm. I don't know what it was. I didn't go on my laptop last night, but then again I added an extra pillow and covered up my alarm clock... Whatever it was, I woke up feeling great For some reason, instead of skipping forward in time, they skipped backwards last night. A little wierd... But fun too I also experienced pain for the first time, though it was more like the memory than the actual thing, easy enough to handle. The feeling of hopelessness was what woke me up...

      Fire Ring Of Satan

      Awake Non-Lucid

      I'm in my school's music composition room. The walls are lined with computers, with a large space in the middle. I'm sitting on a computer chair, chatting, when my piano teacher comes in. She sees me and breaks into a smile.

      "I know it's lunchtime but I thought you wouldn't mind coming for a lesson."

      Ummm... This isn't my lesson day, and to be honest, I haven't done any practice. I quickly pull some green business management sheets from my bag. "I'm sorry, I've got so much homework to do! I'm really busy." I gush. She comes closer and inspects the sheets, as if they're fake... Pffft.... She looks grim and disappointed. Well, I'm saving my own ass. And is it just me, or is she [I]tiny[I]?

      As she leaves, I sigh in relief and to grin to my friends surrounding me. I tell them I need to go get something and then head out. I take the lift down to F floor using the lift key I "forgot" to give back to the medical. I open up the door to a classroom to find them watching a movie. Inside is dark, but the TV is flashing, with a man smiling on the front. He doesn't move. I ask for Sam and she quickly comes out. We talk a giggle for a minute about useless crap and then she goes back inside. I turn to find my piano teacher standing, arms crossed behind me.

      "...I... Needed help with my homework..."

      She leaves again, scowling, obviously knowing I lied. Oops... Oh well, lift or stairs? Oh, the possibilities... -_-

      I take the stairs this time. I stroll into the compostion room to find large white boxes being stacked in the middle of the room by my friend Max. They're full of crisps. I grab a packet and lounge back on a wheeled chair. There are fresh posters around the room. I start thinking of the composition room as a common room. Hockey team meeting posters telling me where and when, healthy food ones on the other side, blah blah blah... Then I see one announcing that a "Shadow" will be inspecting the common room. Shit.

      I quickly gather up food cartons and other shit that was left lying around by my messy buddies. Max catches on and helps me, but we're too late. The Shadow floats in. It's black, shadows cast everywhere.
      (I realised when I woke up it pretty much looks like a Dementor (or whatever) out of Harry Potter!). It searches the place and then looks at me.

      I seem to disconnect from my body, it's as if my soul has left it. I watch myself, unafraid. The Shadow casts a circle of fire around my body. I watch my body scream, I see it trying to protect itself, get throught the hot flames somehow. I watch it burn through my skin and watch the pain spread across my face. I'm hopeless, there's no way my body can survive. Even if it did, it would never be the same. Damaged, forever.

      Then I'm back in it, but there is no fire. I've gone back in time by a few minutes. I know exactly what's going to happen... Then it does. Fire, everywhere. Someone, Max? Shouts. Something about a Fire of Satan. Heat and dull, almost non-existent agony washes over me. It's more like a memory of what the pain should be like than the real thing. No one helps me as I burn.

      Through His Eyes

      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid

      I'm in rollerskates, smooth, fast ones. I glide over pavement, totally at ease, remembering happy races as a kid in the summer sunshine. I'm outside Asda Wal-Mart with Rochelle. I want to buy a new PS3 game. As we near the tall, white and green building, I spot my friend Callum. Perfect! He can help me choose.

      I skate up to him and prod him gently in the back. I tell him that he has to help me choose a PS3 game after he gets what he needs. I notice he has two friends with him, the guys smile and the blond one skates off to the gaming aisle. I grin and speed off after him, leaving Callum, his friend, and Rochelle behind at blinding speed. I almost crash into a line of pizza. Instead of games, we find chocolate brownies. Just as good!

      He tells me he put them there. They're in size order, from mini ones to huge, leg sized ones. He slowly takes a few mini ones. He tells me because he's from the "other" side of town, he has to take small ones or people will think he's stealing. I grab a medium sized one and head to the self-service machine. Once I've paid, I go to grab my change. A girl takes it first. I glare at her and ask her, as calmly as possible, to give me my money back. She smiles slyly and calls her dad.

      Two small, middle-aged business men attack me. What?! Is it too much to ask to peacefully buy some chocolate brownies?! I throw the dark haired one off me and throw the other one out the glass window. I skate out the window, but decide to head to the other side, where he won't look, I think...

      [Dream skip - A few minutes] I burst into a house after I hear a scream of agony. Time slows. Skylar (I realise this is who Callum's blond friend is) is hunched over, blood pouring from a wound to his stomach. Two people grip his arms, I recognise them as police officers. But they're not helping him, they're keeping him still. I yell and can't force time to get back to its usual state, I'm stuck in this slow motion.

      Things fly backwards so fast, it sparks my lucidity, though I fail to remember I have control. I'm viewing the world from Skylar's eyes, unable to do anything. He's frightened, running as fast as he can down a flight of stairs. When he gets to the bottom, he finds police officers, they grab his arms and pull him into a white, dull room. A door bursts open, the grey-haired business man holding a shot gun shoots him in the stomach. The man leaves. Then, me, rushing in slow motion through the door, dark hair messy around my face, sea-blue eyes wide in shock. He feels calmer at the sight of me, like he stands a chance. I cry out, but he falls to his knees. My image stops and fades to darkness, he is content.
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. Experimentation

      by , 10-05-2010 at 07:16 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      I went to bed earlier last night, but it took me awhile to sleep. But I'll go to bed at the same time so I can adjust. I woke up at 6am, and remembered fragments. I was telling a friend the importance of being able to make split-second decisions, which he didn't quite believe. I also have fragments of woods and a shopping centre. After I woke up (accidently) I attempted a WILD but it failed. I still managed to get kinda lucid anyway Still not too clear though, and I still feel not like myself.


      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

      I'm in the car at the field near my house. My mum's here but I can't be assed taking the dogs out...

      When I step out of the car, I become lucid. I laugh and decide to play around. I always wanted one of those brightly coloured, teal skies like in action movies. (Just watch Transformers or something, you'll get me ) It's cloudy, so I put up my hand and brush them from the air. I increase the intensity of the colour, brighten the sky and add warmth to the rays of light. I add a few faint stars for good measure. I gaze in awe at the beauty of it. I make a dropping motion and back comes the clouds. (I just ate the most amazing muffin in the world. Thank you Mrs.Shearer!) Rain pours onto me. I smile, pinch and nose and breathe, amazed that I can.

      I fly to a friends house. Her dad serves up some chocolate bread. I eat quite a lot of it because it tastes really good. When I go outside, her neighbors are out, and it's dark. They're having a BBQ. They've left food out on hottrays, and bark at me to keep my "filthy hands off of it"(?). So guess what I do? It's only garlic bread haha... Somehow this causes me to lose lucidity.

      [Dream skip - Next day] I'm walking home with Aaron. I keep trying to talk to him but he just brushes me off. A first year runs up to me with a bag. She says it's an early Christmas present. On the bag it says; "From Gary xx". Aww, that's sweet. Kinda wierd though, we have banter and all, but we're not close friends. Aaron offers to give me a ride home. He almost runs over our headteacher. I look inside the bag and find some black clothes.
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