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    Raspberry's Second Life

    The Mission

    by , 08-05-2011 at 09:26 PM (627 Views)
    Awake Non-lucid

    I'm on a beach, sitting in the damp sand. The sun is low in the sky, a sunset. Skylar comes and sits beside me. The sun makes his hair look especially golden. It's been a long time since i've seen him. We sit in silence.

    I find myself in a room covered in photos. A door opens and a few people walk in, guns out, looking hostile. They shoot at me, but I jump to the side, finding twin guns in my hands. I notice i'm wearing knee length boots, black shorts, and a black shirt. I'm also wearing a thick belt containing various knives and holders for my guns.

    I shoot down one of the men quickly and jump off a wall. The woman runs from the room.

    The other man's bullet catches me in the leg. I yell out and drop to one knee. Everything goes in slow motion. I'm frozen as I watch another bullet fly through the air and hit me in the stomach.

    I wake up on a sky scraper. Skylar is hanging motionless on the edge of it, several feet in the air. The blonde woman, Katie, appears. "You can choose to save the city or you can choose to save him." then she disappears.

    The city is getting blown up around me. But I see men take aim at Skylar. I shout out, and shoot down the men. A missile flies past and I try to catch it. I can't defend both of them at the same time.

    Someone tackles me, and i'm knocked out again. "We've got her!" I hear, as I pass out.

    I wake up in a dank, dark room made of metal. I press my ear to the door.

    "We have her contained. There's no way she's getting out."

    "You better keep her in there, because you know we won't get her back if she gets out. She's impossible to catch when she's on the move."

    I notice a tiny hole in the wall. I guess they thought I couldn't get through it. They should think again.

    I squeeze through the door and run.

    Alarms sound, and I hear people shooting. "Grab her!"

    But i'm too fast. When i'm running, no matter who tries to shoot or grab me, i'm too fast for them. I run down the metal halls, jumping over objects and swinging from poles to avoid being caught.

    I glance over my shoulder to see a group of large, metal robots. They have big guns and are on motorbikes. I jump, kick off the wall next to me, and kick one off their bike, landing on it. I grab the guns and speed off. But if I don't stop them soon eventually they'll shoot me down.

    I skid 180 degrees and drive backwards, hands free, firing my guns at them. But there's too many. I crash through a wall and hop off, again making a run for it.

    It seems there's so much chaos behind me that they've lost me. I run down a very empty, silent hall and into what looks like a bedroom. I almost faint when I realise I've ran straight into Katie's room. She could turn up any second. I panic, looking about for a way out. I shoot out the window panel and leap through it.

    I land over the other end of a metal fence, just scraping past it into long, overgrown grass. I look behind me to see a beautiful garden with a fountain. Feeling like something bad is going to happen, I sprint away as fast as possible.

    [Dreamskip] I slam the door closed. An elder, strict looking woman looks up. "How was your stay?" she asked, looking calculating.

    "It wasn't a "stay" you liar. It was a fucking mission and you almost got me killed."
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