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    Raspberry's Second Life


    by , 09-04-2010 at 10:47 AM (423 Views)
    This was a dream fragment. I would have written it as soon as I woke up (for my WBTB) but it was like 5.am and my dad was up getting ready to go to work. Boo-hoo! So I just jotted down some notes instead.

    Awake Dream

    I was in my school P.E hall for the girls. We were told to start warming up
    Which is wierd because my school P.E is shit. All we ever do is play Rounders. I can actually hit the ball with a baseball bat now though! so I began a slow jog around the hall. I noticed none of the other girls are jogging. I ignored them, they're just being lazy...

    Someone barked my name, which frightens me for a moment and I skid to a stop (literally). I turn around and find Mr.K my Physics teacher.
    I don't find it unusual that he's teaching P.E.

    "Why are you running in class?" He asked me sternly. As he walked up I told him that you're supposed to run in P.E.

    "Well look at what you've done to the floor!" He shouted. I looked around and saw black skid marks from where I'd slid to a halt.

    "Well you're just going to have to deal with marks on the floor aren't you?" I snarl. "If you don't run in P.E int's a bit of a waste of a subject, don't you think?"

    He breathed heavily. "I'm calling down the Rector." He walked away. As he did I lifted up my hand and pretended to squish him between two of my fingers. I shouted that I really don't care.

    The dream skipped and the Rector was in front of me. Was he new? This wasn't the Rector I remember... This Rector was young, with curly black hair, and was pretty small for a boy too. He looked as though he could have been a student. I walked along with him and told him my side of the story. He seemed to think deeply about it.

    I looked around at my surroundings. It was like I was in a spaceship. Mostly black but with shining neon colours splattering across lights.

    At that point I woke up, I was already kind of half awake but my alarm went off.

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