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    Shotguns and Alton Towers

    by , 09-15-2011 at 04:37 PM (451 Views)
    Awake Non-lucid Vivid

    It's dark and windy outside. I'm in a white, open room with many windows, but it's bustling with people. I'm in school, in a french lesson (definitely NOT my school, and I don't take or know any french) . I'm laughing with a couple of people. The class seems really informal. No one is sitting in seats, and we're off in groups doing whatever we want. I start talking a bit of German.

    A teacher comes up.
    (She actually teaches RMPS at my school). She's very small, with long dark hair. I seem to think that she's a laid back teacher and that I can have a joke around with her, but when I make a comment, her face goes stern.

    She asks me to say something in French. I glance at my friends, but they offer no help. I mumble something and the teacher is suddenly furious. She shouts in my face, so I try and back away but end up flat against a window. She slaps me, quite hard, and I'm getting quite scared.

    She drags me outside by my hair and pushes me onto my knees, shoving a shotgun into my hands. For some reason, this is a horrible punishment. I hold the the shotgun away from me and shake my head. I don't want to touch it and it seems to burn my skin. The night is suddenly very still and starry, it would actually be beautiful, if I weren't preoccupied.

    The teacher grabs a boy and holds him in front of me.

    "Shoot him or I'll shoot you."

    I'm breathing heavily, I look between the boy and the teacher. The boy is shaking and obviously fearing for his life. The teacher's face remains neutral. My life or his.

    I can't do it. I throw the shotgun to the ground.


    I'm at Alton Towers, before the park has actually opened. I'm standing in a line waiting to get on Rita, excited but also a little fearful. I remember the speed and am not sure if I want to go on it again. I decide to leave and go on Air instead.

    I go to back out of the line, but someone pushes me forward and I can't get out. Suddenly I'm in an indoor swimming pool, all tiled.
    A woman pulls me onto a chair and straps me in. I tell her I don't want to go on but she either can't hear me or doesn't care. She doesn't strap me in properly, as the belt is becoming undone. I can't get out of the seat though.

    The seat lifts up and delves into the water. I'm only under for a few seconds but when I'm dragged back up I cough and splutter out water. It's dripping into my eyes and blurring my vision but I can't move to wipe it away. My clothes feel like they're just dragging me downwards. The water is ice cold.

    Someone at the side sits with a laptop. "You need to download some mantras!" They call. I'm pushed back underwater and have stopped fighting against it. The person keeps shouting that I need to "download" mantras, but I go quite lifeless and sag against the chair. Eventually I black out.

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