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    Skiing Under A Moon of Cheese

    by , 06-03-2011 at 07:41 PM (1032 Views)
    Awake Non-lucid

    I'm in the local leisure centre's combat room. I crouched up on a pile of mats. A blonde boy walks in and spots me, he looks familiar. He smiles, his face lighting up, then he calls to me. I leap off the mats, landing with a few steps forward, and stand. "Do you remember me?" He asks. I say nothing, but try very hard to recall where I've seen his face before. I think he senses my frustration because he says "Never mind, wanna go for a walk?"

    We end up in my school quad. It's nighttime, which is the only time the school is actually nice. I find the guy is very warm and friendly, and it seems we've known each other for ages. Eventually it gets late and he leaves.

    (Dreamskip) - I'm in the school crush hall, it's day now. People are bustling about, but only people from my year. We're going on a "trip" apparently. We're told to grab someone to sit with on the bus. I see the guy from last night, and latch hold of him with a grin.

    We walk down to Touch, an estate down from the school. The bus is in sight when I stop. I gaze down a road. Suddenly there's snow on the ground. My eyes narrow, and then I'm skiing down it. I build up such speed I find it hard to see, then sid to a stop. It's dark out now. My phone rings.

    "We're waiting on you."

    I look around. I don't know where I am. Everything's in shades of blue. The moon is huge, it raises itself over the horizon, all silver with patches of blue. It occurs to me that it looks like a giant blob of cheese floating through the air. There's a bite mark at the top, as if someone bit a chunk out of it. It's quite creepy, actually.

    [Dreamskip] I've found my way back to the group, who are all pissed I left for so long. I run up to Rochelle to tell her about my skiing, but she chatters over me. Eventually I quieten down and we walk ahead of everyone else. It starts to get muddy, and my foot catches in a rope, which pulls me upside and I hand in midair. Snape from Harry Potter comes along and sneers at me, I curse at him, violently swinging around, trying to punch him in the face. I don't succeed.

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    1. Marm's Avatar
      This is epic haha!! Oh just to let you know, I was the guy eating that moon.
      Raspberry likes this.