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    Toilets and a Kiss

    by , 07-25-2010 at 12:44 PM (501 Views)
    Awake Dreaming Semi-Lucid

    So I'm not going to record every dream that I dream here from each night, because that would just be TOO much.

    So my second semi-lucid (or lucid, you could say. That would be the first) was unexpectedly achieved. I'd gotten up at 9a.m this morning, had my breakfast and gone back up to my room to get changed. I sat on my bed and started reading, but I felt so tired because I'm trying to get my sleeping pattern back on track and I've been missing sleep.

    I decided to just "rest my eyes", and I fell asleep. I remember vaguely that my dad came in, chuckled a little to himelf and then switched my light off.

    It's sunny, but I'm wearing the long black coat I wore in winter. I'm also wearing jeans and trainers, which I find odd because it's just so warm!

    For some random reason, I just feel so happy... It feels like joy is radiating from me, so I begin to skip down my street, not caring what people think. I get to an old estate I used to live in, and where a friend of mine (Andrea) still lives. But it's not her on the street, it's my three younger cousins; Declan (12), Sean (10) and Dylan (9).

    The boys are pointing at rocks they laid down in two rows on my friends front garden
    (front "yard" to the Americans ) they're large and earthy colours such as greens and browns. I look at them closer, they're twisted and knarled, not like regular rocks, I think to myself. I think about touching one, but I can't. Some mental barrier is holding me back.

    Unfortunatly, Dylan touches one instead. He screams at in uncurls and I realise in horror that the rocks are snakes. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I'm afraid of my cousins getting hurt. "Get away from them!" I shout to Dylan. He falls back and manages to shift backwards until he's at a safe distance.

    "We need to get rid of these..." I say to myself. You don't find snakes in Scotland, so people would freak out if a whole bunch suddenly appeared from nowhere. I decided to go get help. "Stay right here," I tell the boys firmly. "Don't go near them."

    I spin around and run into a lift behind me.
    (There's obviously not a lift in the middle of the street in reallife) Hitting a random button, I wait there and think to myself. Suddenly there's a woman with me (she looks a bit like Nanny McFee or whoever) and I think she's the woman I called on for help, although I can't remember doing that.

    I try to remember, and then I start to think how strange that there are snakes in scotland...
    I knew I was dreaming, I had a little control but I wasn't thinking straight AT ALL and I was doing wierd things... haha.

    I feel great knowing I am dreaming, but I remember to keep my emotions in check so that I won't wake up. The lift doors open and I'm in a white hallway. I run (pretty damn fast I think...) and jump, going higher and further than is possible. When I hit the ground I look around the corridor. My vision is blurry and I remember some of the techniques to make it clearer.

    I try touching the wall, but nothing happens. So I shout to increase vividness and everything clears up. I walk through the door at the end of the corridor, wondering where it will take me. It takes me into a filthy, deserted public bathroom. There's dirt and graffiti everywhere, but I don't care.

    "How conveniant," I think. "I need the toilet aswell..."
    Luckily when I pee in dreams I don't pee in my bed... . I see a mini bin full of toilet paper. "Why not? I'm dreaming anyway, I can do anything I want!" So I pull it over and pee in it. Told you I wasn't thinking straight!

    I decide to experiment. I focus on some toilet roll, stretch my hand out, and curl my fingers inwards several times. The end begins to unwind and come towards me. I grab it, then drop my hand. It stops.

    I'm very pleased with myself at this point. I look in the mirror, but I can't see myself because my image is blurry. I shoot gentle fire at my reflection and find it funny that she doesn't do it too. I decide I've had enough of this loo and walk out the door.

    I'm in my friends house. The upstairs hallway in fact. I walk into the bedroom on the left. There's a man and a teenager on a bed playing an Xbox. I quickly shut the door, I don't want to spend my dream time playing the Xbox. I walk into another door across the hallway.

    It's the same type of bed, but there's someone in it. Curious, I lift up the cover gently (I was trying not to wake them up) and gasp. The first thing I notice is his hair, it's jet black with subtle streaks of green in it. It's jagged and getting in his eyes. His skin is the palest I've ever seen, and flawless.

    He moans, not opening his eyes, and tries to pull the duvet back over his face. But I cling on because I want to keep looking at him. His eyes slowly flicker open and focus on mine. He says nothing. His eyes are deep pools of black. He seems to be doing something to my brain because I can't think properly. I wonder what it would be like to kiss in a dream and if it would be the same.

    So I think "what the hell" and kiss him. He doesn't object. It's the sweetest, tenderest kiss i've ever had (so yeah, he's a good kisser also. If only he was real!! ) I don't stop, but I soon get too caught up in it... and wake up.

    So when I woke I realised that I wasn't in full control and was thinking like a drunk person but what the hell!! I'm really excited!!!

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