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    Travelers, Travelling, Flying...

    by , 06-22-2011 at 06:08 PM (644 Views)
    Awake Non-Lucid Lucid

    I'm in my local park, in the car park to be exact. I look around, and see a cluster of caravans in the corner. There is washing lines hung out, pots and pans. I stare for a little while, waiting on something but i'm not quite sure what.

    A group of people come out, and see me. There hands turn claw like and their eyes narrow. They scream high-pitched screams, which sends shivers down my spine. My eyes widen and I run in the opposite direction, to the road. I hear snarls from behind and twist my head back to see how far away they are. I whimper as I see they are no longer people, but small, hard skinned dinosaurs with lines of jagged teeth and red eyes.

    But something's not right. It clicks. This is a dream.
    This is a dream...

    I stick my finger through my palm to confirm it, then breath through my nose. I stop, then turn to the dinosaurs. I run at them, yelling wildly. They stop, making small squeaks, and run off.

    I turn around to find myself in the downstairs hall in my house. My auntie's there. "This is a dream." I tell her. She scoffs. I repeat that this is a dream. She pauses, then looks around in amazement. I don't know whether it is actually her or not.

    I go into my garden. There's a guy there, i'm not sure how old he is, maybe mid-twenties, swinging around a sword and a pole. I lift up my hand and swing it gently to the side, making the sword and pole tug from his hands. I make a thowing motion, and the floating objects speed off into the distance.

    I smile, and approach the man. He's very cute, I may as well have some fun. He's about to speak, but I wrap my arms around him and kiss him.

    After awhile I decide to fly and see what's out there. I take a few steps back. This dream is very clear and i'm not sure if I can do it. I run and jump, willing my body off the ground. At first I think i'm going to fall back down, but then I steady myself in the air and rise up and forward.

    Above the hill behind my house is endless green and orange fields, a common colour scheme in my dreams I find. There are also giant blooming red flowers that trail off into the sky. I lean forward and zoom faster. I try to make sure I don't lose my lucidity. I don't think I will, but don't remember anything after that, except shouting out for Asher because I would like to see him.

    I became lucid another two times that night but i'd rather not put them on here...

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