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    Raspberry's Second Life

    Tsunami of Mud

    by , 01-10-2011 at 08:40 PM (1263 Views)
    Awake Non-lucid Semi-Lucid

    I look down to find an Alpro soy chocolate yoghurt in my hands. Without thinking, I open it and put a spoonful in my mouth. I gag, it's disgusting, and spit it back out into the carton. The carton disappears as my attention is directed at the giant mud wave about to crash over my head.

    Survive this.

    Without thinking, I launch myself into the air, kicking at it like in the Matrix, desperate to get over the wave. Suddenly it's the other way, and we're both headed in the same direction. There's a voice in my head.

    "You think that this is a tsunami?" The wave gets bigger, and I'm still gaining height in the air, knowing that soon I'm going to drop. I grit my teeth, the wind whips through my hair and I keep above the wave, but only just.

    I begin to drop, but the wave is dropping too. It's nighttime, so I barely see the forest I'm about to drop straight into. Shit. I'm gonna hit a tree or something. I reach out and grasp a thick branch firmly, swinging myself into the tree. The voice speaks again.

    "Are you really sure that's going to work?" Not a second later, and the branch I'm holding snaps and falls downwards, dragging me down with it.

    I slide in the thick, dark mud down a hill. I lay there for a second, wiped out. Something, no, someone stands up next to me. They're covered in mud. They open their mouth to speak, but they can't because of the mud. I look down at my bare arms and t-shirt to find I look exactly the same.

    [Dream skip] The mud has turned to water, and it's more like a pool gathering now. I float on the surface, happily content. Plates lay at one end, covered in tasty food. I swim to it and pick up some pizza and what looks like a giant ball of chocolate.

    "Hey, get me some meat." I turn to find a girl I really don't like, Amy, glaring at me. My gaze flickers over the table and back. "I told you to get me some meat. Get me some meat!" She splashes water and another girl comes up.

    "Stop being such a bossy bitch." The girl growls at her. I smirk, and swim away to a group of three boys, the pizza and chocolate forgotten. They're obviously a band, and welcome me into their little meeting. I smile and nod along and sing with them. Once they stop, I turn to the tall blonde boy to my left. He looks a little intimidating, but once we talk I find out he's more of a friendly giant.

    I ask questions and he answers. I have to talk right in his ear because everything's so loud. I don't remember what he tells me, I just talk nonsense but he doesn't seem to mind.

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