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    1. Fragment/Jet/Arrest/Core of the Earth/Slutbucket

      by , 05-11-2012 at 07:49 AM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid

      I probably should have taken more notes after I dreamed these to help me remember them, but oh well.


      I'm on a train. Literally on top of a train, which is moving. It's not going that fast though, so I can leisurely pace about it. I'm not the only one, anyway. There are poles all along the side of the track, which rope from the side of the train extends to, but I'm not sure why.

      Somehow I mange to sit on the edge of the train, at the front. Just as I sit down, the train picks up speed. I grab a rope to keep myself from falling forward and getting run over, but I can feel myself slipping. I try to pull myself up, but the speed's too much and I can't do it.

      is on top of the train as well. He sees me struggling and hurries over. He pulls me up easily and sits me down because I'm quite shaken up.


      I'm wandering down the stairs at school with the rest of my music class. I really can't be bothered today. We have a student teacher who's actually pretty cool, but he's taking us outside for some weird reason that has nothing to do with music. Hey, at least it's a nice day.

      There are loads of fighter jets lined up in the car park. Whoa. Unaware that the student teacher is getting into one, I go up to touch the nose of a jet. They're surprising small, I can quite easily grab onto one, which is exactly what I do when the teacher starts it up and the jet zips forward.

      Before I know it, the jet is up in the air and I'm clinging onto the front for dear life. I scream to try and get him to land, but he can't hear me. I wonder if he can even see me. I look down and whimper as I see how high we are. I cling on harder, but oh no, I can feel my hands starting to sweat from the panic.

      I'm about to fall when he lands. I'm in full blown panic mode and scream at him, though I'm crying at the same time. He tries to apologise but I walk away. It's more like staggering because I'm completely disorientated and dizzy. The car park is all sandy now, with random abandoned shacks and billboards, like a western.

      I fall over and don't bother getting back up, leaning against a dusty wall. I'm shaking really badly, but no one comes to check if I'm alright. Eventually I get up and find that everyone's dressed like they're in Crysis and they're shooting at each other. Someone calls to me, saying I should get a suit and join in, but I decline because I'm so worn out. I walk through the blaze, though I have no idea where I'm going. I just want my bed.


      I'm on IRC when suddenly my friend R pops up. For some reason there are profile pictures, but I'm too busy freaking out over the fact that my best friend is on IRC. I stop talking and read what she writes.

      She pm's me saying it's okay and she knows who I am. Oh no. Another one of my friends pops up, she apparently told him to get on. What'll be next, TCing with them as well? I prefer to keep friends and DV separate, but I dunno, maybe it'll be fun.

      [Dreamskip] The three of us are walking through a corridor in school. They're both talking about DV and how it's weird that I've almost been here for 2 years and they didn't know. I've zoned out because it's annoying me.

      We get to the end of the corridor where there are a couple of 2nd year kids. Someone mentions how my friend wants his dick or something like that. "You're right." He says in reply. "I do want your dick." Then he grabs the boy and pretends to semi-rape him. I know he's joking, but are you fucking kidding me? I don't like 12 year old as much as the next person but I don't pretend to rape them.

      I leave, and take note that there's a teacher walking in that direction anyway. R is with me, she didn't like it either. I mention doing something at the weekend and she asks if I'm inviting C, though I don't really talk to C anymore. "Nah, we've not been talking, it'll just be awkward. You're my best friend, anyway." She agrees.

      I head up to biology, where C is. She's really pissed off with me and I don't know why. She's being a right bitch, which shocks me a bit because she's usually so nice. Eventually I've had enough and ask her what the hell is going on. "Well I'm not your best friend and it'll just be awkward, won't it?"

      This really pisses me off, so I have a go at her. Everything I say is justified, but she just smiles at me with exaggerated sweetness. This makes me furious, so I shout that there's something wrong with her and then slap her.

      We're both really taken aback. I've never hurt any of my friends in anger before, especially not a girl. She starts crying and I instantly try to reassure her that I didn't mean it, but she leaves, upset. I feel really guilty and I'm kicking myself. The rest of the class leaves, and R comes in so I tell her what happened. She's annoyed at me as well.

      There's a sofa, so I go and lounge on it, wondering how to make it up to C. A guy comes in, someone I don't really talk to. He asks if I'm okay and puts a hand on my shoulder. I'm suspicious though, we never talk and he's never taken an interest in me until now. I'm about to get up, when the police rush in.

      "Stop, you're under arrest!"

      Jesus christ, I didn't think she'd tell the police over a little slap. I go with them. They take me to the office, which is in sight of another class that I know. I can hear them talking about me, and watching to see what happens. One of them loudly whispers that I'm hardcore in a sarcastic tone, so stick the v's up at him.

      Core of the Earth

      I'm in a really overgrown garden. The grass is too long and it's really dry, the fence is in desperate need of being repainted and is broken in a few places. I'm sitting on the grass, it's a lovely day. There's someone else with me, but I can't see them properly. I don't think I know them.

      He's telling me about some kind of spider that steals the knowledge out of people and leaves you completely blank. I hate spiders, never mind intelligent ones. I sincerely hope never to come across one.

      He points to the side of the fence. I giant, red and black hairy leg has just appeared over it. Spiders are perhaps my biggest fear and I freeze, terrified. Another few legs appear from behind the fence. They're huge, easily the same size as me. Gradually, the spider's body rises up and it looks at me.

      It launches itself at a blinding speed and lands on me. I'm kicking, screaming and crying. The guy is shouting, telling me that it can't steal my knowledge because I'm robotic. Robotic? Since when?

      The spider jabs me and suddenly I freeze, paralyzed. All sorts of code and programming appears before my eyes. I can't understand any of it, but I'm guessing that it's mine. A red highlight is passing over it, but is unable to take it. I feel another jab at my mind and find that the spider is fighting to get what's in my head. I mentally strain, and manage to keep it out.

      I unfreeze and the spider scuttles away, along with some others that had been watching from the fence.

      The guy tells me that they live in the core of the earth and have been holding people prisoner there, just waiting to take what's in their heads. He says I can stop it.

      [Dreamskip] We're in the core of the earth, which is surprisingly just a giant hole of water. That's strange, I always thought the inner core was solid and hot, but oh well. I guess my 2nd year geography teacher was wrong. How does the lava not mix with the water? Is there even any lava?

      The core is more like a gigantic vertical tunnel. I've never seen anything of this size in my life. We're just outside the "core", and the water. Finally, we dive in at a super speed.

      We zip downwards. I can see everything because the water is surprisingly clear, even if everything is huge. There's a giant swinging axe and another blade, crossing paths. I panic a little, but we're heading downwards so fast that I manage to steer clear of them.

      When we get past them, I'm horrified to find the man-sized red and black spiders scuttling around the sides of the tunnel. There must be hundreds, if not thousands of them. They're far slower than us though. We're probably just a blur to them.

      When we reach what seems to be the bottom, there are hundreds of people. A lot of them are crying, and a few of them are sitting, staring at nothing with no emotion. These are obviously the ones that the spiders have stolen from.

      The guy tells me that I need to cast a shield over them with my mind. Uh, okay. I seem to manage it pretty well though. With a bit of effort, a transparent but shiny bubble passes over them. Apparently we don't need to actually help them escape which seems pretty stupid, but oh well.

      The spiders aren't happy. We hear shrieks from them and suddenly they all start coming towards us. We zip back up towards the surface. I'm still in awe at the sheer scope of the place.


      I'm in Wales to visit family. I wander up some stairs with a group of other teenagers, though they're all hipsters, so I keep to myself. They all head towards the same room, so I follow. The room has no furniture, and is really cold, considering that the floor is made of ice.

      There's a projector up which is showing Pocahontas, and for some reason it was Avril Lavigne who did the voiceover. I spot my family sitting at the back of the room, on the icy floor, so I skate over to see them. Avril just so happens to be with them, too.

      I say hi to everyone and then proceed to question Avril on how she did a voiceover so young. She's polite but seems to be more focused on the movie. My mum says we're going to visit her friend for a while.

      [Dreamskip] I'm sitting in my mum's friend's living room
      (she's actually my dad's friend, I just didn't realise this difference) with a cup of tea while they, and some of their other friends, sit talking. I'm bored out of my mind and it's getting late. They think it's hilarious that she's wearing giant triangular earrings, but really it just looks stupid.

      I sigh. To be honest, they don't look that bad. But my patience is wearing thin right now. My mum keeps asking if I'm alright and I reassure her that I am, but she knows I'm bored. She's just about to tell me something when the door opens.

      A teenage boy around my age wanders in, a bottle in his hand. My mum's friend jumps up and gives him a hug, fussing over him a bit. God, now the night's just going to last longer. "This is Sean, my nephew" she tells me, kissing him on the cheek
      (this guy was actually Arch, I just didn't realise it in the dream. I thought he was a stranger).

      I say hello and he grins. "Hey Slutbucket".

      What the hell. Wandering in here and calling me a slutbucket. What is a slutbucket anyway? I feel as though I've heard it before, but I'm not sure where. Everyone seems to find this hilarious and they make room for him to sit down. Frankly I'm bored of socialising so I stand up.

      Sean asks if I want to play chess. Eh, I guess it's better than this wine chat. However, I'm on a really short fuse and it doesn't take me long to ragequit the supposedly friendly chess game when he's taking all my pieces. I tell him I'm going to "study or something" and then stomp out of the room.

      I find a bed in the next room, so I lay down with a couple of books. I don't bother turning on the light because although it's really dark, I can see perfectly well. My mum comes in and asks if I'm okay again, and I tell her I'm just tired. She says that she didn't plan on staying over but she could pick me up in the morning if I want to stay the night. So she leaves, and I go to sleep.

      Looks like everyone was pissing me off in my dreams last night
    2. Fragment/Attack/Earthquake/Loki

      by , 05-08-2012 at 12:21 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid


      I'm looking at myself in the mirror, scared that my teeth have moved because I haven't been wearing my retainer. I smile, and find there's a gap. Horrified, I prod at the gap in my front teeth. My left front tooth has shifted to sit hooked over my right.


      I'm in a swimming pool, but looking at facebook at the same time. I'm getting messaged by a couple of people, and one asks if I've done my essay. Essay? I look to my right to find the essay on the edge of the pool, covered in writing made by the teacher. Apparently this essay isn't good enough, which angers me. I crumple it into a ball and throw it into the pool. To take my mind off of it, I go down a few water slides.

      [Dreamskip] I'm back at home
      (though it's my old house) and I'm feeling kind of down. It must be around 11pm, no one's up except for me, so I decide to take a walk. It's silent as I walk, except for the breeze. I look at the stars and wonder why I don't do this more often, even though I know my mum would kill me if she knew I was wandering around in the dark.

      My walk takes me to a small kids' park. I spent a lot of my childhood here, so I sit on the swings for a bit and try to cheer myself up a bit. When I look up from when I was staring at my feet, a guitar amp is in front of me, rocking back and forth slightly. It seems to be... alive? It continues watching me.

      From my right, someone shouts for me to watch out and throws me a can opener. However, the can opener has two blades. It's hard to hold because both blades jut from the opener at less than 180 degrees. Just as I rise from the swing, the amp launches itself at me. I yell in surprise and dodge, slashing it with the opener as it passes me through the air. The amp hunches over slightly when it lands on the ground. I see blood running from the deep cut I made.

      Taking no chances, I stab it repeatedly until it's dead. Another tries to jump me from behind, but I grab it, hold it still and cut right along it as if slitting it's "throat".

      I stare at the bloody amps in shock. I just brutally killed two living creatures. They did attack me, but I'm still horrified at what I've done. I drop the can opener knives just as my dogs come running up to me. I've missed them so much, because they've been living with my dad. I eagerly go over to them, but after awhile they run away.

      I stand, unsure of what to do and feeling slightly sick. Soon these amps will be discovered and the police will start questioning. I guess it's time to go home. To stop there being so many footsteps, I jump forward on one foot as far as I can, then again until I'm home.

      When I arrive home, my cousins are here and my Aunt. She's baking cupcakes and asks where I've been. I feel like she knows everything, but I lie all the same.


      I'm in school and I've just had an exam late in the afternoon. In fact, everyone else has gone home and it's getting dark. As I run down the steps from school, I see a girl I know from a couple of my classes. I shout to her to wait up so that we can walk. She sees me and hurries forward, ignoring me. Eh, what? I try again but she does the same thing. For some reason she's in a red formal dress and cardigan, whereas I'm in my uniform. I shout at her, feeling really angry and generally in "fuck it" mode.

      Still furious as I walk up a steep hill, I encounter my music teacher. She turns to talk to me, and when I look down at her I find the hill is vertical. That's strange. She asks why I'm in uniform when I'm on study leave, which makes me mentally facepalm. I ask why she's rushing to school so much. She says it's because the planets are aligned and it means gravity has changed, and so we can walk on the walls in school
      (Sornaensis actually told me a story about that yesterday). I join her and make my way back to school.

      [Dreamskip] I'm in the new building, on the highest floor. The corridor is crowded and every one's panicking. There's a sudden shudder and I realise that no, the planets are not aligning. We're having an earthquake instead. I back into a corner and try to steady myself, but the whole corridor tips to the side and I smash against a wall and then slide into another as the corridor rolls. Everyone's screaming and it's so disorientating seeing the floor as the ceiling. After a long time, it stops.

      I lie on the ground for a moment before pushing myself up. A lot of people are crying or hurt, but I figure I should just get out of here. My arms are covered in bruises, as I'm no longer wearing my school shirt, but a tank top. Opening the door, I find that the two floors below us have collapsed and crumbled away, leaving the 3rd floor on the ground. Holy shit, this is going to take a long time to repair.

      There's a lot of people in the quad, and my friend C runs up to me. He looks like he's in serious shock; panting and verging on tears. He sees my bruises and asks if I'm alright. "Yeah, I just bruise easily, remember?" I say lightheartedly, trying to make everything seem less chaotic. I've never seen him even close to crying before, but he shrugs it off and tells me he's fine and that he's glad to see I'm safe.


      I'm walking slowly along a cycle path just down from my house. It's a common place to walk dogs and such, so I don't mind the people I see up ahead. However, within a few moments someone starts shouting and swearing. The people with him run into the trees and bushes at the sides of the path.

      I pick up my speed to see what's going on. The rage behind his shouting is making my skin crawl. When I get closer, I see that he's an old man. He turns around and I stop in my tracks. He's grinning at me and has the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen, but he has no eyelids and his smile scares me. I shake it off a little and try to get past him, but he grabs me. "Soon we're gonna be the last two people on earth, eh? And it'll just be you and me".

      I shake him off, angry, and hiss that that's only in his dreams. I find the road ahead blocked, so I turn back the way I came, but he follows me, shouting things to me as I go. Suddenly he runs in front of me, kicks my feet from under me so that I'm on my knees and grabs me by the throat. I see that he's not old anymore. Luckily he has eyelids.

      I squirm as he talks to me, he's hurting my neck. "Think you could get away from me so easily?" He shakes me slightly and I grit my teeth. "You recognise me, don't you?" He smiles slyly. Yes, he looks familiar but I can't put my finger on it.

      "Please don't hurt me" I manage to say, but it's hard because although his smile has softened, his grip around my neck has gotten stronger.

      I realise it's Loki, from the Avengers. I faintly know I'm dreaming, but his smile vanishes and he tosses me away from him. He vanishes, and pieces of paper float down from where he was standing. I pick them up before they're swept away by the wind.

      I look up to find a teacher from my primary school. I call to her, almost in tears, and ask about the paper.

      [Dreamskip] She's taken me to what looks like a large warehouse, with huge crates strategically laid out to make rooms and hallways. She leaves me alone and I drift through them until I come across a large opening.

      I faintly realise I can change things in the dream. There's a boy sitting on the floor in front of something, so I sit in front of him and ask him to keep still. His eyes are dark, so I raise my hand slightly and focus on turning them blue. They eventually shift colour. I manage to what seems like change the contrast of his skin, like a picture.

      There's a noise behind me, so I look back to find my close friend J emerge from some smoke. God, I'm so happy to see him after all that's happened. I run up and hug him, but he unlocks my arms from around him and coldly tells me he can't talk to me anymore, because he has a girlfriend and she feels threatened by me. This pisses me off. "Screw your girlfriend! She doesn't trust you very much does she?" but he shrugs it off.

      A man comes out with a bow and declares that today's activity is archery. He hands me the bow and takes a few of us up to a top crate. There's boards set up and I've to shoot them. I manage it pretty easily and he's surprised, so he take the bow back and adds a mouse trap to it.
    3. Old Friends/Aussies

      by , 03-19-2012 at 08:06 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid Semi-lucid Lucid


      I went to bed at 9:30 (early I know, but I'm sick and had nothing better to do) having read The Final Empire for an hour. I had set my alarm for 3:30, however I couldn't sleep again for the second night in a row. After two hours of tossing and turning I read again and fell asleep shortly after that. I woke at 7:15, but went back to bed half an hour later. I woke up at hourly periods after that, up until 11.


      Old Friends

      I am in the shelter at school. It's a gorgeous, sunny day which I'm taking full advantage of, until the Rector strides over. He stops at the floor to ceiling glass wall which shows a staircase, and several sleeping girls beneath it. I gasp as he pushes in a glass pane, which swings open, and expect the whole thing to come down, which it doesn't. The girls slowly awaken, groaning and stretching, lifting their heads from their schools bags which they'd used as pillows. I recognise one as my old friend Sarah. She snaps at the Rector - which is quite unlike her - and he leaves.

      I notice that Sarah doesn't look herself; she has light blonde hair instead of it's usual bright red and pairs this with a pair of dark, smokey eyes and an air of confidence she doesn't usually possess. She jumps up, grabs her bag and rushes out with a "bye guys!"

      I turn my head to find I'm sitting on the ground in a circle with a group of friends. "Is it just me, or is something different about her?" I ask. They nod in agreement.


      F opens the door to the Asda freezer and peers inside. "What's in there?" I ask. He smirks, as if it should be obvious. He grabs a bag of frozen vegetables and waves them in my face before putting them back and slamming the door. I wander off to the end of the store, where there's a line of vending machines. As I think about what sugar filled, carbonated drink I want, it unexpectedly churns out a dark bottle of Vimto. Ew, I hate Vimto. I pick it up gingerly, placing it on the nearest counter.

      As I feared, a shop assistant rushes up to me and demands to know whether or not I paid for it. I explain that it just dropped out F shouts over to me that he wants a Coke Zero. Well he can get it him bloody self.

      I remember that my dad had sent me to to supposedly buy a car. That's strange, a car? I'm not even old enough to drive yet... But I find a till and ask to see their cars. I feel quite stupid considering Asda don't even sell cars, but the man surprises me by leading the way out. I recognise a girl following us that I knew from primary school, she notices me and smiles, telling me she wants to buy a Ford.

      Out in the car park, I glance around awkwardly for a small, cheap one. It's not exactly hard since they all look rather old and run-down.

      Under the shelter of the walkway, I notice Andrea waving her arms wildly and beckoning me over. She points to a large group of boys in sunglasses and beach shorts. What..? One of the boys turns round and grins at me. I recognise him as Alex
      (Dark_Merlin) . I run and jump on him, giving him a tight hug, excited to see him. He's taller than what I expected. "What are you doing here!?"

      He says something I don't quite catch. He's brought a lot of friends with him and they're all talking at once. God, was his accent always that strong? "I can't make out what you're saying..." I tell him, frowning in frustration. One of his friends announce that they want to go to Starbucks, so we set off walking.
      I find it difficult to believe that they're here on holiday, and the confusion makes me faintly believe that it's a dream, although it doesn't register. I babble nonsense to Alex, and start to feel like I'm annoying everyone with my constant stream of chatter.

      It's very, very hot and I try to fan myself in order to cool down. An Australian girl with dark hair and really badly applied purple eyeshadow rolls her eyes at me. What a charmer.

      We stop outside what I thought to be a holiday inn but is now a cafe. I stare at it for a few moments in shock. "I did not know this was here. Since when was this here?" I splutter to Andrea, who sits on the grassy bank and is looking really rather tanned. I sit beside her, and a blonde boy from the group joins us. He and Andrea already appear to be acquainted.

      "How many boys have you...?" He winks. What, sex with? A blunt question.

      "None." I reply, rolling my head back to face the warmth of the sun.

      "No," he chuckles. "Liked."

      "Ah... now that's a different story." I say, smiling faintly at the boys. Andrea giggles beside me. But I'm so hot it's getting to the point where sweat's starting to run down my face, so I decide to head home for a change of clothing.

      The Australian girl smirks and says "what, can't handle a bit of heat? You're so full of yourself. I bet you're going home to slap on some makeup so you can get in someones pants."

      Who the hell is this girl? Didn't she hear what I just said? Alex has some pretty bitchy friends, it seems.

      "No, I'm going home to change because I feel like I'm melting. You might be used to this heat, but I'm from Scotland, remember? It isn't usually like this. I'll run home, and won't be long."

      Alex nods at this, seemingly amused by our little spat. The girl sulks and crosses her arms.

      I run home, faster than what's possible. When I get home I find it's night, which confuses me. I open the blinds in my bedroom to see next door's having a party, fireworks and BBQ included.

      Night time? I bet they didn't even wait on me! I look at my phone to see a couple of missed calls from Alex. Since when did he have my number? I run outside, planning on running back to Starbucks. I get to the park nearest to my house and see a ghostly woman in a floaty, shapeless white dress floating in the air, a shocked expression on her face.

      I sigh. Another distraction, Alex must be getting really pissed off with me. "I know this is a dream, but this is ridiculous." I tell the ghost woman.

      I pause, thinking about what I just said. A dream... A dream! Of course I'm dreaming! I feel like face-palming over how long it took me to realise. I should have known as soon as I saw Alex in the Asda car park.

      I stick my finger through my palm and cheer in excitement. It's been ages since I've had a lucid dream. I rub my hands together, but it doesn't do much. I run to the nearest tree - amber coloured leaves like in autumn - and try to see as many details as possible. They start swooping in and out, as if the world is tilting, so I can't get a good look at them.

      Alex appears from behind a tree and comes over. I'm about to speak to him, but I wake up.

      Tonight I plan on reading until I feel really tired (reading in bed usually puts me straight to sleep) and then set my alarm that way, so I can do a proper MILD tonight. I figured it's time to start LDing again

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    4. Hospital Trap

      by , 09-17-2011 at 01:49 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid

      I'm in a hospital visiting a friend. I go into the main hall, which is cold and long, and I can't see the ceiling. The floor is blue, with two yellow stripes at either side. At the side of the giant hall are rows and rows of giant cages.

      I step into on and find my friend. She sits, not looking up at me, doing nothing. Just staring blankly, like a zombie. I sit down next to her and put my hand on her back. She does nothing. "Hey this isn't too bad, you'll get out when you're better."

      She says nothing.

      [Dreamskip] I'm in Italy, on holiday with a friend. It's sunny and we're going traveling. We get to the next hotel and dump our stuff. My mobile rings. I pick up and someone tells me to look at the tv. I do and see to very small men in dark suits on CCTV. The person on the phone tells me they're here to get me.

      I look at my friend in horror and we look around for an escape route. But in no time at all, the two men burst into the room. They point guns at us and threaten to hurt us if we don't do what they say.

      I forget about my friend. I feel a mix of terror and fury, but I do as they say as to not get hurt. They take me to another friends house and make me ask him for a lift to the hospital, the one I went to visit. Now I don't feel like this is a good place at all. The two men smile to my friend, but secretly point a gun at my back.

      Once we're at the hospital, which is set on gravel, surrounded by water, I try and mouth to my friend to not let me get out. He doesn't notice and drives away.

      I think of attacking the men. They're not allowed to kill me, but that wouldn't stop them from hurting me. They seem to sense this and one of them tells me to shut up and not get hostile.

      I'm not scared now, just furious. I stalk into the giant hall and they shove me into one of the big cages. The cage is on a slope. There's a bed and a drawer. Since it slopes up steep I can reach a bar across the ceiling to sit on. I'm sharing the cage with another girl.

      Everyone here seems to lifeless. There's nothing to them. I tell myself that I'll give everyone who works here as much trouble as I can, even if I get hurt for it. They call this place a hospital or a facility, though I have no idea what I'm doing here.

      A girl comes into the cage and flops onto the floor near us. She turns to me and glances me over. "Got any condoms?" she mumbles. I look at her for a second, and then shake my head. She mumbles something else and then leaves.

      I get out of the cage and walk along the middle of the hall. People stick to the two lines on either side. One line walks up the hall, another walks down. Someone grabs me and drags me over to one of the lines. I'm about to complain when he shushes me and whispers "you can't walk in the middle, they'll beat you for it."

      The guy is quite tanned, with grey eyes and dark hair. I've never seen him before, but he doesn't have that dead look about him that everyone else does. In fact, he even gives me a small smile. I'm about to ask him why i'm here and how long he's been here, when he moves away and I lose sight of him.

      I don't know how long I spend in the "hospital". The workers get keep an eye on me because i'm aggressive towards them.

      Suddenly i'm out in my street. I'm out? I'm out in the sun for the first time in ages. I look around in disbelief.

      I'm on a pavement on a hill, unsure of what to do. I remember someone telling me that trackers are on everyone and that if you get out, they hunt you down. Now i'm terrified.

      A guy on a skateboard skates down the hill. I recognize him and he throws me a smile. "Wait! Don't I..?" But then he's gone.

      I hear sirens and a van skids around the corner. Men jump out, grabbing me. I kick and scream, trying to fight them off, but they're too strong and I know they've got me. They throw me into the van.

      I'm tied up and notice the guy on the skateboard is driving. He's the guy from the line! "What are you doing here?" I hiss at him. It dawns on me that he was trying to warn me that they had found me. "So that's why you..." I shut up, realizing I could get him in a hell of a lot of trouble if the others found out.

      We're on a plane now, flying over the hospital. It appears to be out in the ocean now. As soon as I'm let out, I dive into the water, desperate to get away again. I don't care if I can't swim long enough to get away. I'm not going back there.

      The water is clear. I see the guy dive in. He doesn't try and catch me, just points upwards. I decide to give him a chance. When we're above the water he looks at me curiously.

      The rest is a blur. I vaguely remember a tracker being cut from my arm and then running to a cage. The guy gives me a legup to a certain bar which leads above the cages and into a pipe big enough for me to fit through. I clamber onto the top of the cages, and slide into the pipe and out of site.
    5. Hunted By Fictional Characters...

      by , 08-18-2011 at 04:50 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid Semi-lucid

      I've sneaked into a huge, golden skyscraper that i'm certainly not supposed to be in. If I get caught, I get killed because this is highly secret stuff. I have no idea what i'm doing. It's just that i'm curious, and I guess finding out what's in here is worth the risk.

      There's nothing in the polished, white and gold hall. I run the the left side, where there lies a single lift. As I wait for it to come down, I fidget nervously. Anyone could be around the corner, waiting to attack me.

      The lift doors open and I quickly jump inside. In front of me is a counter (white and gold of course) with a stack of high profile things. My eyes widen at the site of the array of tiny vials of liquid potions, and the neat line of needles. I grab the needles and a few of the vials before the lift doors ping open.

      I turn and ice cold fear sweeps over me. Standing just outside the doors are a group of burly looking men in suits, and in the middle, the Joker from The Dark Knight. I repeatedly press the close button, and as the doors shut, I see a psychotic glint in his eyes and a menacing smile as he looks at me.

      The lift seems to have gone up instead of down. I grab more of the vials, though I have no idea what to do with them. I reach the roof and jump out, running across into the middle.

      The Joker steps out a few moments later. Very slowly, he brings out a very sharp, curved dagger. With exaggerated slowness, he steps closer, polishing the knife with his jacket, eyes fixed on me.

      Out of nowhere, Asher shoots down from the sky, landing with a crash that blows up smoke and hides both of them from view. I hear a manic laugh and the sounds of weapons clashing. I want to run, but there's no where. I get to the edge of the building, looking out over the city at night time, and wait with my heart thumping erratically.

      "Get out of the way!"

      Asher throws himself over me, knocking me to the ground. A dagger flies past, where I was just standing. He grabs the needle from me and hisses "use this!"

      The Joker comes over, ready to kill me, and I plunge the needle into his chest and inject him with the liquid inside. He splutters, clutching his heart, and falls to the ground. He soon dies.

      Asher and I stand over him, breathing heavily. Asher soon collects himself and looks through the vials of potions i've collected, studying each carefully. I'm still standing in shock. I realise I've got slashed in the stomach, and there's blood all over my white t-shirt. Asher comes up with an orange vial. "Put this on it," he says gently.

      I spread the liquid over the wounds. It stings like a bitch and I have to grit my teeth to hold back tears. Pain? Why is it so painful? I thought this was a dream.. a dream?

      But the thought vanishes as Asher starts explaining which vial does what. He says that these are my gifts and weapons, as they only work for certain people. He says that i'm in danger and that i'm being hunted. "Why?" I ask, very confused.

      I don't get an answer, because a few seconds later a giant serpent. It appears to be the one from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. There's no way i'm getting anywhere near that to inject it with a deadly poison. "Leave this to me!" shouts Asher, and he flies up with a sword to attack it in the air.

      I don't get to sit and watch. Spiderman has jumped down from a web and advances on me. He appears to be electrified, so again I can't inject him. So I run. Like other dreams, i'm almost impossible to catch and can climb and jump better than those around me.

      I sprint to the opposite edge and throw myself off. The wind catches me a moment, and then drops me onto a roof lower down. I notice little ramps and boards on the edges to run off.

      Spiderman shoots out web and swings down. I have to keep moving. I leap from building to building, panicking more and more, determined to get away from him. There's one time when he swings to land in front of me, and I skid to a halt. I inject him with electricity, and then feel like shooting myself because there's crackles over electricity passing over him anyway. But it seems to paralyse him. I run and jump onto the edge of a water tank, feeling like I have limited time until he can move again.

      I can't get to the top of the water tank. I clamber and kick my feet, starting to make little crying noises from fear. Eventually I manage to scramble to the top. Stupid Spiderman. He forgets he electrified and swings onto the water tank, causing him to explode and die.

      Asher beheads the Serpent just as I leap onto his roof again. I'm shaking and pretty near to passing out. I drop and he catches me.

      I black out.
    6. Travelers, Travelling, Flying...

      by , 06-22-2011 at 06:08 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid Lucid

      I'm in my local park, in the car park to be exact. I look around, and see a cluster of caravans in the corner. There is washing lines hung out, pots and pans. I stare for a little while, waiting on something but i'm not quite sure what.

      A group of people come out, and see me. There hands turn claw like and their eyes narrow. They scream high-pitched screams, which sends shivers down my spine. My eyes widen and I run in the opposite direction, to the road. I hear snarls from behind and twist my head back to see how far away they are. I whimper as I see they are no longer people, but small, hard skinned dinosaurs with lines of jagged teeth and red eyes.

      But something's not right. It clicks. This is a dream.
      This is a dream...

      I stick my finger through my palm to confirm it, then breath through my nose. I stop, then turn to the dinosaurs. I run at them, yelling wildly. They stop, making small squeaks, and run off.

      I turn around to find myself in the downstairs hall in my house. My auntie's there. "This is a dream." I tell her. She scoffs. I repeat that this is a dream. She pauses, then looks around in amazement. I don't know whether it is actually her or not.

      I go into my garden. There's a guy there, i'm not sure how old he is, maybe mid-twenties, swinging around a sword and a pole. I lift up my hand and swing it gently to the side, making the sword and pole tug from his hands. I make a thowing motion, and the floating objects speed off into the distance.

      I smile, and approach the man. He's very cute, I may as well have some fun. He's about to speak, but I wrap my arms around him and kiss him.

      After awhile I decide to fly and see what's out there. I take a few steps back. This dream is very clear and i'm not sure if I can do it. I run and jump, willing my body off the ground. At first I think i'm going to fall back down, but then I steady myself in the air and rise up and forward.

      Above the hill behind my house is endless green and orange fields, a common colour scheme in my dreams I find. There are also giant blooming red flowers that trail off into the sky. I lean forward and zoom faster. I try to make sure I don't lose my lucidity. I don't think I will, but don't remember anything after that, except shouting out for Asher because I would like to see him.

      I became lucid another two times that night but i'd rather not put them on here...
    7. Letters

      by , 06-06-2011 at 01:24 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid

      I'm walking out of the front doors of school. It's a beautiful sunny day, and my friends wave at me to come over. "Paul's looking for you," she said quietly into my ear. "He told me to give you this."

      She took out a parcel wrapped in blue. I glance around and ask her to put it back into her bag. "What's this for?" I whisper, wishing we were at her house instead of at the school gates. We start walking.

      "He's going to ask you out," said Rochelle, with a teasing smile on her face. I groaned internally. I still haven't made a decision about him yet. It's a well known fact between us that he has a crush on me. I mean, we're friends and in fact I used to like him. Maybe still kinda do. But I just don't know if he's boyfriend material. God...


      I hear Greg behind us. I look around to see a group of guys, all of who I'm friends with, walking behind us. Shit, Paul's there.

      "Open your present!" Greg shouts, the guys all jump about and whoop excitedly. I roll my eyes with a grin and tell them affectionately to shut the hell up. But Sophie pulls the present from her bag and hands it over. I sure hope this isn't embarrassing.

      I rip open the paper to find a bundle of notes. They're sealed in an envelope, with a heart on the front. Oh god, hearts? I blush, but start reading.

      There's a lot to read through, so I skim over it mostly. It's not entirely to do with me, mostly it's a few compliments and jokes. In fact, it's really sweet. The guys behind us cheer and start to act out.

      Greg turns to Sean. "Oh sweet darling, will you be my lover?" He projects loudly, in a clipped, clear voice, sweeping his imagined hair back and fluttering his eyelashes.

      "Oh," begins Sean, looking to the sky and pouting his lips. "Why yes, sweet darling, I shall be yours forever!" He sighs dramatically and they fall into each others arms. Everyone cheers and laughs, and I even smile to myself a little, they're still funny even though they're taking the piss.

      I walk ahead of the others and sit on some steps with Sophie and Rochelle. They mutter insults at the boys, though they're grinning and I hear fondness in their voices. They are really the biggest bunch of idiots i've ever seen, but they're awesome. I hear Paul behind me. Y'know what? Why not? He's sweet and I like him.

      I stand up and smile.

      This has just confused meee.....
    8. My New "Best Friend"

      by , 06-04-2011 at 06:47 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid

      I'm in some girls room. There's paper models hanging by string from the cieling, and loads of photos of me and her on the wall. I don't actually seem to know her but.. I must because she seems to know me. She greets me with a huge smile and tight hug. I feel nervous because she's really chatty, and doesn't seem to notice something's up.

      Suddenly she strips off. I feel incredibly awkward and turn away. She tells me to join her in the bath and then leaves. I stand frozen in a state of shock. What the actual fuck.

      I look at the door, my heart racing. Is she my girlfriend? Have I woken up a lesbian?! I instantly reject the idea. If she thinks she is I better put her straight. I clear my throat, then walk into the bathroom.

      I find I'm wearing a super tight bikini. God, this just gets worse and worse. She's in the bath and I feel my cheeks reddening. I look away, looking at the sterile looking white washed walls and sink. She seems to get the message because when I glance back she's glaring at me. She stomps out the bath, grabbing a towel and pulling it around her. I can't think of anything to say, so she storms out.

      (Dreamskip) I'm outside my school, at night. She's there and still not talking to me. She heads off, and I'm really getting frustrated now. God, why am I doing this? Sorry I hurt your feelings sweetie but I'm not into you. Great apology..

      I run after her, but am stopped by an old woman. She grabs a fistful of my clothes and pulls me down so I can hear her properly. I'm about to protest when she tells me to get the girl another friend so everything can be forgotten and I can finally get away from her with a clear conscious. She points to a girl from my year, not a nice one, and tells me to get them talking.

      Her? Really? Better than me I suppose. I run after them, but they seem to be out of reach no matter how fast I go. Ah, what the hell, she'll get over me. Maybe I should be looking for boys instead.

      My first ever lesbian dream and to be honest it scared the shit out of me. At least I'm certain of my sexuality!
    9. Skiing Under A Moon of Cheese

      by , 06-03-2011 at 07:41 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid

      I'm in the local leisure centre's combat room. I crouched up on a pile of mats. A blonde boy walks in and spots me, he looks familiar. He smiles, his face lighting up, then he calls to me. I leap off the mats, landing with a few steps forward, and stand. "Do you remember me?" He asks. I say nothing, but try very hard to recall where I've seen his face before. I think he senses my frustration because he says "Never mind, wanna go for a walk?"

      We end up in my school quad. It's nighttime, which is the only time the school is actually nice. I find the guy is very warm and friendly, and it seems we've known each other for ages. Eventually it gets late and he leaves.

      (Dreamskip) - I'm in the school crush hall, it's day now. People are bustling about, but only people from my year. We're going on a "trip" apparently. We're told to grab someone to sit with on the bus. I see the guy from last night, and latch hold of him with a grin.

      We walk down to Touch, an estate down from the school. The bus is in sight when I stop. I gaze down a road. Suddenly there's snow on the ground. My eyes narrow, and then I'm skiing down it. I build up such speed I find it hard to see, then sid to a stop. It's dark out now. My phone rings.

      "We're waiting on you."

      I look around. I don't know where I am. Everything's in shades of blue. The moon is huge, it raises itself over the horizon, all silver with patches of blue. It occurs to me that it looks like a giant blob of cheese floating through the air. There's a bite mark at the top, as if someone bit a chunk out of it. It's quite creepy, actually.

      [Dreamskip] I've found my way back to the group, who are all pissed I left for so long. I run up to Rochelle to tell her about my skiing, but she chatters over me. Eventually I quieten down and we walk ahead of everyone else. It starts to get muddy, and my foot catches in a rope, which pulls me upside and I hand in midair. Snape from Harry Potter comes along and sneers at me, I curse at him, violently swinging around, trying to punch him in the face. I don't succeed.
    10. Other Worlds

      by , 05-17-2011 at 08:29 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Been awhile, I typed out a load of dreams yesterday but then was signed out. I'm just gonna summarise these dreams and not write in too much detail.

      Awake Non-Lucid Vivid Lucid

      I'm in a dark corridor. The only source of light is a small window to my left. The air feels thick and strange, which makes me RC. My finger refuses to go through my palm, so I breathe through my nose instead.

      Lucid. I open up the window and crouch on the ledge. Below is my school astro. The drop is high and about three stories high. I gulp down my fear and throw myself out. I land without any pain. I run, but can't seem to run fast.

      On the astro there's groups of people and a game is declared. We've to steal the other teams energy. I play for awhile, until it becomes apparent that the game is very dangerous. I start to feel my strength dying away with each touch from the other team.

      I notice a creepy man on the other team watching me. I run towards a small wooden shack in an attempt to evade him. I begin to really panic. Inside there's another window. I can't reach it though, it's too high up. I scramble against the side of the shack, but can't reach. Eventually the man comes and hits me over the head, knocking me out.

      I wake up, feeling drowsy. I'm lying on my side on a hard metal floor, my wrists tied behind my back and my ankles tied. I'm also gagged. The room has a red light cast to it, and there appears to be stairs at the walls and multiple floors, though everything's metal and there's no windows.

      There's a circle on the floor, which I think opens up. I keep note of this in case I need it.

      A girl appears. She's small and blonde. I realise it's Katie, back again. She laughs and says I gave her the perfect oppurtunity. I don't know what she's talking about... Until her features morph into mine. I feel my face change, and I assume I now look like her. I try to shout past the cloth in my mouth, but only manage pathetic moans. Katie winks and walks away.

      As soon as she's out, two doors set into a wall open up and out falls the twins, who I met in the City of Spires. They quickly untie me, and I nod my thanks. An alarm rings, and I realise in astonishment that we're in a space shuttle. Guards storm into the room. One of the twins hit a button and the circle on the floor opens up.

      "C'mon! Jump!" They shout over the roar of the engine. I'm terrified as I stare wide-eyed at Jupiter below. Of course it's Jupiter... Asher said that's where he lives. Fuck... What am I doing here?

      It's so far away. But the twins grab me and then throw all three of us out. I fall so fast that everything blurs and I can't see anything, but the twins direct our path.

      I crash full force through the cieling of a building, landing heavily. The wind is knocked out of me. Eventually I open my eyes and gasp in amazement. I'm lying on a white floating rock. One of many, as the air is littered with them, each various heights and sizes. The room is huge and dome shaped, with white-washed walls.

      I notice Asher and Katie -who still looks like me- on a rock not too far away. Asher turns and glares in complete hatred.

      "It's me! Looks at her, that's not me! She's Katie!" He reluctantly looks at Katie, and at first I don't think he believes me. Then his eyes narrow and he jumps back defensively.

      Katie's head whips toward me and she hisses, baring her teeth. Then with blinding speed she leaps into the air and flies into me. She tears at me with her nails and teeth like an animal, but I push her away and we land on seperate rocks. I look to Asher, but he stands calmly watching. This is my own fight, then.

      I fly up higher, Katie following. I fly and grab her, clinging on, pummelling her with my fists. I fly faster, and soon she starts trying to escape my grasp. I smash her full force through a wall of the dome.

      Catching my breath, I settle onto a rock, shaken. I pass out.

      I wake up again, in a bed. It takes awhile, but eventually I get up. I figure I'm in another space shuttle, from the red light and the metal structure. I find myself back in a room with the opening floor. I find the twins there, sitting staring out the hole and eating.

      They smile, and I grin back in relief. They pull me into a quick group hug, then I gaze back at Jupiter. I see other shuttles splattered around and above it, so I guess this is where the people live. We're closer this time, so I can make out individual buildings, though I can also see the planet as a whole.

      We jump, and they direct me to a stadium filled with people. I float in the centre, wondering what people are doing. It looks like a celebration or a festival.

      Asher swoops up to join me. I smile, but he looks concerned.

      "You shouldn't be here, you didn't get rid of her y'know. This is dangerous." he murmers quietly.

      "Well I wasn't exactly safe on Earth was I." I mutter back. I feel guilty when I see the hurt cross his face.

      An alarm sounds. Fuck. People shout and the same blue guards from the first shuttle fly overhead. Asher grabs my hand, but I feel myself fading.


      "Are you sure you know what to do? You're important you know that?"

      I sit on the edge of a riverbank, chin on my knees. The Leader of the Sea Creatures is beside me. He looks pretty much human, except he has crab legs instead of human ones. Every other member of the group has some for of water creatures features, except me. I'm look entirely human.

      My job is to sneak into the Land Creatures base -our enemies- and destroy their eggs. Eggs are very valuble, as there are few and hard to come by for new members of each group. We have six, we don't know how many they have.

      "I know what to do."

      I was chosen for this job because no human -except me, a rare case- looks just human except Land Creatures. I also have both attack and defend powers. Usually a creature only has one type of power.

      [Dreamskip] I'm in their base, a large room filled with Land Creatures. My skin crawls, and I think I might throw up from nerves. No one gives me a second glance though. I turn invisible and keep a distance from the ones with fur because they can smell the salt on my skin, a feature of a Sea Creature.

      There's a blonde young man shouting instructions to different groups of Land Creatures. He looks just human, no animalistic features. Each person has a band around them, yellow for defence and blue for attack. Shit, I don't have a band, and my energy that's keeping up my invisibility is running out.

      The room empties and I'm left alone. I become visible again and I see a barred door. Grinning, I try to get through. No luck, it needs a keycard.

      "What are you doing?"

      I spin around. The blonde guy is standing, arms crossed. "You don't have a band." He says. Shit. My mind races. There's a keycard attatched to his belt. How can I get that?

      I get closer. "Do I seem like an attack... or a defence?" I say winking, running a hand across his shoulders. He leans closer.

      "I... can't tell. That's... interesting." He leans forwards. I snatch the card and using my high-speed, knee him in the balls and make a run for it.


      I stand, the shovel in my hands. I'm in a small area, the sun beating down on me. Wired fences block us in. Dead grass shoots up in random parts, the rest is gravel. I stare at the sun until my eyes seem to hurt, then look down. I keep digging.

      "This is your fault." I snarl to the guy next to me. He takes offence and argues. "This would never have happened if it weren't for you! YOU made him punish us."

      "You don't understand" he says. "We're free people. He enslaved us. We don't belong here." His eyes are fierce, and I notice something familiar in them, but forget it after a moment. His hair is red and short, he has lots of freckles.
      (The guy from the time I was thrown into the cell. Just didn't recognize him!)

      "We belong to him!" I snarl. But I get back to digging, because the guards stand with guns and we're not supposed to talk.

      The guy throws down his shovel in a rage. "I'm sick of this shit." He hisses. "I'm done with this, we are NOT his property!"

      I shrink back as the guards rush up to him and beat him down with their guns. They grab his arms and drag him bloody over the gravel into a building. He fights back, eyes wild and blood gushing over his face, but no one tries to help him. He's thrown into the building and the doors closed shut tight. For a minute everyone stares, then we mindlessly continue digging, occasionally staring at the sun.


      It's lunchtime. My friends and I wander into Steven's the bakers, chattering amongst ourselves. We line up without trouble.

      A chubby blonde woman appears and asks what we want and I watch in amusement as she quickly forgets what my friends ordered. People start to roll their eyes and mutter. She asks what I'd like.

      "Steak bridie please, and a chocolate fudge muffin."

      She goes to the oven, but stands mortified. "A London bridie you said you wanted?"

      "Uhhh... No, a steak and a chocolate fudge muffin."

      Her head whips around and the counter disappears. The lights grow dark and the room expands. Everyone suddenly becomes bone-skinny, and starts cackeling like witches and dancing around in a frightening manner. I sit down and shut my eyes tight.

      "Everyone!" Booms the woman in her sharp witch voice. I hear shrieks. "Guess... who is the odd one out."

      I shudder, but keep my eyes closed. A finger lands on me. "You." She whispers. A chill runs down my spine at the sound of her voice. "Happen to be the only one, who is asleep."

      I freeze for a moment, not understanding her words.
      Then I do, and wake up.
    11. The Last Game

      by , 09-20-2010 at 07:29 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      September 20th 2010

      Quick note: Once again I found it hard to sleep, which screwed up the whole night. I lay in bed for hours and finally got to sleep at about 1:30, then I had to get up at 7... So my recall was very poor last night It was quite linear though, no dream skips.

      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid

      They welcome us into the entrance hall. A large room, pale blue, with flags of all different coutries hanging from the walls. We descend the steps and wait patiently at the door, I never truely see the people I am with.

      "You're missing some flags." I murmer to the guard at the door. He tells me his master does not hang flags he doesn't like. I snort in disbelief, but keep quiet. He opens the door and I go in, cautiously.

      The main Hall is like a bigger version of the entrance hall. The flags are banners and tapestries. I quickly jog down more stairs, and stand opposite the throne. I feel on edge and ready for anything. Sitting upon the throne is a man with very pale blue eyes and greying black hair.
      (This is my dad, but I didn't realise this then).

      "You're missing some flags." I sneer. His eyes flick over me, taking in my weapons and black clothing (I guess I was a ninja )

      "Todays Game should be fun, it is your last one after all." He laughs as the sneer drops from my face and my gaze turns icy cold.

      "What do I get?"

      He throws something over and I snatch it from the air. I open the navy blue pouch and something pastes itself to my hands. I study them; my palms and fingers are navy blue, coated in a shiny, rubbery material I've never seen before. There are tiny hooks in it, to help me climb. I look up, and a slight nod tells me the Game has started.

      I throw myself to the right, his guards are already after me. There are rafters though. I take off to my right and use my palms to quickly run up the wall. Arrows fly past me, but I'm moving too fast for anything to hit. I run along a rafter and jump through a gap, leading me outside. I land in a cornered off area, a mix of concrete and grass. I hear a snarl and pivot around.

      Before me is a huge, green monster on all fours, eyes bulging. A metal plate of armour strapped over it.
      (If you play Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Final Fantasy, it's like a cross between some of the monsters in those games ) I grab the pole that's strapped to my back and leave no time to waste. I run straight at it, sliding along the floor at the last minute and whacking it under its legs, unhooking the armour. I manage to get a tiny bomb under it aswell.

      I smile slightly as I watch it explode into pieces.

      "That's all good, honey, but I think that's enough fighting for now..."

      I spin around, it's my mother. There's a random sink in the middle of the cornered area, she's washing a large stack of dishes.

      I pick up a slimey eye from the monster and hold it up. "Yeah, but washing dishes isn't going to help me." I mean, Jesus Christ, I'm trying to win my last fucking Game here...

      My dad comes ou, and I recognise his as the man who first laid the Games on me. His hair is white now, he's came to settle things himself. I'm about to run toward him when he pulls out a gun and shoots me.

      "Not... fair..." I splutter, as I fall to the ground. My mother screams. My last thought is that I lost the Game.
    12. The Warren

      by , 09-18-2010 at 03:53 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      September 18th 2010 05:01-08:39

      Awake Non-lucid Semi-lucid

      It's night time, I'm lost in a forest. There are trees everywhere, all tinted blue from the darkness. I cannot see the sky, there's a slight breeze. It should be peaceful... but it's not. I sense danger. I move up a gravel path until I hear someone shout. I instantly tense up, awaiting danger.

      "C'mon!" I hear someone shout. Looking downwards, I see a strong rushing river. It's slanted, but no water leaves the banks. I know that if I land in it I'll die. On the opposite bank is a teenage girl. Her brown eyes are wide, chin-length hair ruffled. She gestures to me, obviously afraid of something.

      I run and jump, miraculously landing on the other bank. She grabs my arm and sprints forward. "They're after us!" The gravel path turns to slippery mud. I have no idea who "they" are, but I know it too. I name the girl Mae. She's smaller than me, with delicate features. A fast runner, too.

      "They have bombs!" She screams, terrified. Then I hear it... a sort of disturbance in the air. An engine. "We need to get underground." She sees a wooden plank, sticking up out of the mud. Relief floods onto her face, she knows what it is. She yanks the plank from the earth, catches my eye, and jumps into the hole where the plank was. The mud swallows her up. I find another plank. It has "the Hag" written on it. For a second I don't know if I should, but then I hear the bombers getting closer. I rip the plank up and jump.

      I land on my back with an "oomph!" I'm now in an underground room. Luckily it's bare, with no hag. Thank god...

      A tall boy with bright orange and red hair walks in.
      His name's Jay, he's a friend from school He takes me to his room, where his brother is too. I look around, a little suspicious. I even check in his black wardrobe. He laughs, and lets me look where I want. He tells me this place is called the Warren. I feel like a rabbit. I wonder where Mae disappeared to.

      [Dream Skip - A few months later] I am now a member of the Warren. They are protecting me from the ones who want to kill me. They treat me as if i'm special, I think they know something I don't. But Mae says they'll tell me in time. The entire situation confuses me.

      I stand in a field across from the main entrance to the Warren, which is a grey, stony cave. When you go inside, it leads down underground. There are two "guards" standing at the Cave. It's a gorgeous sunny day, flowers are everywhere. The sun brings warmth to my skin, but as always, there's a breeze. The wind never truely leaves this place.

      There's something going on over by the Cave. I run over to see. Mae is there. She's pushing someone in a wheelchair, an old man with wild eyes. He stares at me, and I get that creepy danger feeling again. There's something not right about him, something I don't trust. He's one of them, he's here to kill me. I try to tell them but they don't believe me, they say he's harmless, a cripple.

      I flee, sprinting past the Cave into the field of Golden Thorns. It slopes downwards. Somewhere during my sprint, I morph into a wolf. I'm crashing through the thorns on all fours, panting. Nothing matters except the instinct to get away from that man. I'm trying to get as deep as possible into the thorns, where the crippled man cannot find me. I stop and lay down flat in a hollow, whining. I stay there for awhile.

      [Dream skip - a few years]
      I stand on top of the stone steps. They lead down to a road, and then across that is my hometown. I run a leap, flying. Everything is sharper and clearer than before. I have more control. I use my large, golden feathered wings to propel me into the air. I fly to the field, landing. Everyone is amazed, but they already know my abilities.

      Is it just me, or is Mae looking slightly jealous? I don't trust her now. She brought the cripple here, and even after these few years, I still believe he is trying to kill me. He's just waiting for the chance. I see him watching me from across the field. Shivers travel up my spine. I resist the urge to flee.

      "We need to talk." Mae declares.

      "See you at the castle." I say. I take off, souring to the castle.

      [Dream skip - a few minutes]
      I'm sitting on the wall of the castle. It's so high up, I feel like I'm floating on the highest cloud. The wind threatens to throw me off the wall. Below me are hills, but they're tiny from this height. I can see the forest, and can imagine the Warren running underneath. I can see the Cave, and the field. I can see the golden thorns behind it.

      Mae stands next to me. "Are you going to kill me?" She asks quietly.

      I swing my legs over the edge of the wall, wondering what would happen if I fell. I'd fly, of course... And live. A part of me just wants to fall and see what happens.

      "You saved my life once, so I won't take yours. But you brought the danger to me, so understand that I'll never trust you, Mae."

      She sits on the wall beside me. I feel calm, something I've never felt since I winded up in that goddamn forest. I stare out across it, and I can feel her watching me closely. I wonder if she thinks she can kill me. Instead, the unexpected happens.

      "I'm sorry." She whispers. Then her body slips off of the wall. I don't fly down to save her, I don't do anything. I continue to stare across, wondering whether or not I should tear the cripple to pieces with my wolf teeth. A small part of my mind tells me I'm paranoid. All he's done is watch and listen. Maybe that's all he needs.
    13. Toilets and a Kiss

      by , 07-25-2010 at 12:44 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Dreaming Semi-Lucid

      So I'm not going to record every dream that I dream here from each night, because that would just be TOO much.

      So my second semi-lucid (or lucid, you could say. That would be the first) was unexpectedly achieved. I'd gotten up at 9a.m this morning, had my breakfast and gone back up to my room to get changed. I sat on my bed and started reading, but I felt so tired because I'm trying to get my sleeping pattern back on track and I've been missing sleep.

      I decided to just "rest my eyes", and I fell asleep. I remember vaguely that my dad came in, chuckled a little to himelf and then switched my light off.

      It's sunny, but I'm wearing the long black coat I wore in winter. I'm also wearing jeans and trainers, which I find odd because it's just so warm!

      For some random reason, I just feel so happy... It feels like joy is radiating from me, so I begin to skip down my street, not caring what people think. I get to an old estate I used to live in, and where a friend of mine (Andrea) still lives. But it's not her on the street, it's my three younger cousins; Declan (12), Sean (10) and Dylan (9).

      The boys are pointing at rocks they laid down in two rows on my friends front garden
      (front "yard" to the Americans ) they're large and earthy colours such as greens and browns. I look at them closer, they're twisted and knarled, not like regular rocks, I think to myself. I think about touching one, but I can't. Some mental barrier is holding me back.

      Unfortunatly, Dylan touches one instead. He screams at in uncurls and I realise in horror that the rocks are snakes. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I'm afraid of my cousins getting hurt. "Get away from them!" I shout to Dylan. He falls back and manages to shift backwards until he's at a safe distance.

      "We need to get rid of these..." I say to myself. You don't find snakes in Scotland, so people would freak out if a whole bunch suddenly appeared from nowhere. I decided to go get help. "Stay right here," I tell the boys firmly. "Don't go near them."

      I spin around and run into a lift behind me.
      (There's obviously not a lift in the middle of the street in reallife) Hitting a random button, I wait there and think to myself. Suddenly there's a woman with me (she looks a bit like Nanny McFee or whoever) and I think she's the woman I called on for help, although I can't remember doing that.

      I try to remember, and then I start to think how strange that there are snakes in scotland...
      I knew I was dreaming, I had a little control but I wasn't thinking straight AT ALL and I was doing wierd things... haha.

      I feel great knowing I am dreaming, but I remember to keep my emotions in check so that I won't wake up. The lift doors open and I'm in a white hallway. I run (pretty damn fast I think...) and jump, going higher and further than is possible. When I hit the ground I look around the corridor. My vision is blurry and I remember some of the techniques to make it clearer.

      I try touching the wall, but nothing happens. So I shout to increase vividness and everything clears up. I walk through the door at the end of the corridor, wondering where it will take me. It takes me into a filthy, deserted public bathroom. There's dirt and graffiti everywhere, but I don't care.

      "How conveniant," I think. "I need the toilet aswell..."
      Luckily when I pee in dreams I don't pee in my bed... . I see a mini bin full of toilet paper. "Why not? I'm dreaming anyway, I can do anything I want!" So I pull it over and pee in it. Told you I wasn't thinking straight!

      I decide to experiment. I focus on some toilet roll, stretch my hand out, and curl my fingers inwards several times. The end begins to unwind and come towards me. I grab it, then drop my hand. It stops.

      I'm very pleased with myself at this point. I look in the mirror, but I can't see myself because my image is blurry. I shoot gentle fire at my reflection and find it funny that she doesn't do it too. I decide I've had enough of this loo and walk out the door.

      I'm in my friends house. The upstairs hallway in fact. I walk into the bedroom on the left. There's a man and a teenager on a bed playing an Xbox. I quickly shut the door, I don't want to spend my dream time playing the Xbox. I walk into another door across the hallway.

      It's the same type of bed, but there's someone in it. Curious, I lift up the cover gently (I was trying not to wake them up) and gasp. The first thing I notice is his hair, it's jet black with subtle streaks of green in it. It's jagged and getting in his eyes. His skin is the palest I've ever seen, and flawless.

      He moans, not opening his eyes, and tries to pull the duvet back over his face. But I cling on because I want to keep looking at him. His eyes slowly flicker open and focus on mine. He says nothing. His eyes are deep pools of black. He seems to be doing something to my brain because I can't think properly. I wonder what it would be like to kiss in a dream and if it would be the same.

      So I think "what the hell" and kiss him. He doesn't object. It's the sweetest, tenderest kiss i've ever had (so yeah, he's a good kisser also. If only he was real!! ) I don't stop, but I soon get too caught up in it... and wake up.

      So when I woke I realised that I wasn't in full control and was thinking like a drunk person but what the hell!! I'm really excited!!!