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    1. A few weeks ago

      by , 09-01-2010 at 01:11 PM
      I had a very cool but strange dream within a dream.

      I am going to see Inception again with my girlfriend Angela. People at the theater keep talking during the movie, and I can't pay attention, so I decide to go to sleep. I wake up dreaming that I'm in an art gallery. I walk around for a little, and see one very strange artist who makes me realize I am dreaming! I freak out and wake up - back in the previous dream. So weird.
    2. 7/30/10

      by , 07-31-2010 at 04:24 PM
      For the first half of the night, I was drunk, so I did not recall much of anything. I woke up around 6:30, went to bed about an hour later, and dreamed.

      I'm with my girlfriend, Angela. We're in a weird house where people are having a party or something. There's a movie playing. I can't remember what it was about, but it stirred up some passionate conversation among the people watching it. I feel like at some point I was watching it, but like I said, I gots no memories of it. At one point, I'm sitting at a table of Pitt Trumpets, telling them how I really like everyone in the trumpet section and I want them to get along. Later, Angela and I wind up at the apartment of two of my former roommates. Ange keeps telling me how she doesn't like the one and doesn't want to be there. I tell her that I know, I'm sorry, and we'll leave soon. We eventually go to her house, where I watch her mom and her make lasagna. Her mom leaves, but then my puppy is there! He learned how to open doors (in my dream only ) and he opens the door for my dad, who brought us spaghetti and meatballs 'as a snack.'
    3. 7/29/10

      by , 07-30-2010 at 11:24 AM
      I went to bed last night stating my intention: I will have a lucid dream because I will recognize the dream state.

      It worked!

      I am taking a test about Star Wars, or something. I put my test in a book and put it aside while the teacher talks. Then, I take it back out, and the answers are filled in and it's graded with a B! I am distraught by this so I call the teacher over. She doesn't understand either. Later, I am outside a house on the opposite side of my block, talking with my girlfriend. She tells me about her 'neighbor,' a girl whom I went to high school with. Following that, I go to some weird dinner party where a bunch of my friends are sitting at long tables. I see my friend Jeremy, and he tells me that this is a dream. I am ecstatic! I jump up and thank him profusely for telling me that I am dreaming, for I am now lucid. I try to spin around, but I forget to close my eyes, so it doesn't work; I'm still in the banquet hall. I look up at the ceiling and try to float through it, but I notice my mother and float over to her. I start dancing with her, and she says something like "Don't you think this is a little inappropriate?" "No, mom, I'm dreaming!" I respond. I spin her around and kiss her cheek, telling her I love her and I'm so happy about this. I rub my hands together and the dream feels more intense. Then, I look up to the ceiling, and determined to fly through it, I wake up laughing. It's a false awakening, though I fail to realize it. I was impressed, though (with myself), because my first thought was at least to write the dream down. So, I woke up downstairs, which should have clued me in, but I turned off a bunch of lamps because they were too bright, which did not serve to alert me to my state. I grabbed a weird notebook which happened to be full of drawings of 3 guys doing goofy stuff, and I wrote like a damn 3-year-old (should have recognized that, too; I wrote the word 'dream' as 'dreem'). I then 'went back to sleep' and had another dream.
      I'm walking through some strange caverns that lead to my old high school. I see the Avatar and other strange floating characters; I observe that each of them has some weird spirit guide floating next to him/her, but Aang's is a copy of his own foot. Weird! I meet some people from work out in the lobby and we go sit down at some tables and eat vegetables. But then it feels as if I am driving and I'm at a dark intersection; I see 'French' to the left and 'British' to the right; I head left and run into some strange spy-sniffer person, but I'm not a spy and have nothing to fear.

      wake up, try to MILD WBTB, no success

      I'm in my neighbor's back yard, and they're setting up for dinner. I don't know why I'm there; these people hardly ever talk to me. It's even weirder when they all say hi. I start petting a dog that they don't have. I let him off the leash because he's whiney. The father wants me to put the leash back on, so I do. They invite me to sit at the table with them. There is a lot of random food, and I don't really remember eating anything. A belligerent grandpa figure comes to the table (he's not there IRL) and tells us about a movie he played the villain in recently. It looks like it's going to rain, so we go inside, and I help them put the food away; specifically, I clear some vegetable scraps from the counter, and then I put some pizza in a box to go in the fridge.
    4. 7/27/10

      by , 07-28-2010 at 01:18 PM
      1 I feel as if I am living in the Digimon world. There is a little girl who can summon/control monsters by turning words into a numerical code - each letter represented by the alphabetic ordered number, minus the vowels. There is an evil lady who tries to take this power from her. At the foot of a mountain, I find a weird subway station where I play a weird game that reminds me of YuGiOh. It is my turn, and I am able to turn the game to my favor. After the game, I board the subway cars and sit with 3 other people - little kids, 2 girls and a boy. One girl is tomboyish and has a huge crush on the boy. The other girl starts hinting that SHE likes the boy as well, which makes the first girl incensed. She yells a lot, and she is annoying.

      2 I forget how, but by some weird magic, I have created a soulless puppet whose head is made of a pop bottle, I think. He creeps me right the hell out, so I decide to put him near danger so he will die quickly. I challenge this biker gang leader lady to a fight, and she whips out her two swords. The puppet gets stabbed in the head and dies eventually. The biker lady really tries to wound me hard! I see her attacks in a sort of comic-book format. After she calms down, she starts deciding where we will go next.

      3 Sciulli and some old man and I are walking around a strange neighborhood. Sciulli and I talk a lot about philosophy. I try to run ahead, but never make it that far. We step into a small house momentarily and check it out. There are weird paintings and old furniture.
    5. 7/26/10

      by , 07-27-2010 at 11:33 AM
      library - I'm looking for a book on logic at the library where my friend Sara is apparently working. (should have RCd). I'm with Alphonse Elric, the giant suit of armor from Fullmetal Alchemist (should have RCd). We are antagonized by some strange robot, and I perform alchemy with a set of steel marbles. They go flying across the room at my will. I can recollect them with another action.

      sammich race - I'm playing a videogame against a group of boys to win a delicious, delicious hoagie. I win and only have to pay tax.

      Devil went down to Shaler - I'm a street near my house, and a vicious mentor is mediating a trumpet battle between me and a friend from high school. I am determined to show her that although we're both good, she's better than me at trumpet. She is convinced that I think I'm the best at everything, which makes us both mad.

      South Park - I have a dream where I am sort of watching an episode of South Park from within the episode. Me and three other kids are playing some sort of game that Cartman is trying to ruin. Later, we try to take a kid to the dentist to have a strange robot removed from between his teeth. He doesn't want to go through with it, so we have to force him.

      last one - I am driving to the pharmacy at which I used to work with my old boss and his son, who, for some reason, is acting quite rude and spoiled. I try to help him look for his prescription when we get there, but it's not ready yet.

      On reflection, the version of the pharmacy is totally different in my dreams from real life. I should probably RC every time I go there or think about it.
    6. 7/25/10

      by , 07-26-2010 at 02:23 PM
      I am at a friend's house. He and his fiance have both received new HTC phones, and Chief, Todd, and I are there hanging out with him (Matt). Suddenly, I am in a forest, and I am observing a strange tree that has grown new shoots and leaves. I feel as if I was once connected to the tree. The scenery shifts again - I am moved to a cash register at Giant Eagle, and I am trying to help my brother get someone through the line. I show him how to scan the barcode of each item, and I swipe the man's credit card (unsuccessfully, a few times). Once that is over, I am outside, trying to get across a bridge (on foot) while several cars attempt the same thing. The scenery is woodsy and very snowy. Three wolves dance around the bridge, challenging the cars. One of them seems to be fixated on me. I try to cross the bridge once the cars have gone, and the lone wolf is left watching me. She comes at me slowly (for a wolf) and I batter her around the nose. This seems to keep her away long enough for me to get where I want to go. As I get further away from the bridge, the wolf sits down and whines. I am overcome with the desire to pet her on the head, but my initial fear of attack keeps me away. The final change of scenery leaves me in some kind of house resembling my own, but there is a strange woman walking around, shifting through dream portals. I am wary of her; I do not know her intentions. The entire time, I am on the cusp of realizing it is a dream; however, the realization never fully dawns on me.
    7. 6/15/10

      by , 06-15-2010 at 01:23 PM
      I am in a large city, in an open street. There are many trucks all around with large boxes in them. There are suited people nearby. I ask one man, "What's in those things, Magic cards?" And as he tells me, I realize, no, they're vending machines. Someone hands me an open 12-pack of Coca Cola and we start running. I guess I'm supposed to deliver it somewhere, but as we get farther from the heart of the city, there are more areas that are not good for running through. The man and I come across a group of people sitting near some trees. I stop to talk to them, but there is some sense of urgency and we are off again soon.

      I am outside my house, standing in my street. I brush my hair forward over my face only to realize it is long in the back, and sticks up like a Super Saiyan's. I try to take a picture with my phone, but all the shots turn out blurry.

      I am at some theme park with my friend Bryan. He and I are supervising some kind of log ride that lectures about history. A man and his extensive family are waiting to get on, and they try telling us why America is flawed and evil. They keep stopping mid-sentence to stuff their faces with food that they brought. Bryan and I try to talk some sense into the people. We keep coming to the same conclusions and voicing them at the same time. We get fed up and decide to leave and go behind the ride to a beautiful park with a view of the lake behind the water ride.

      Bryan and his girlfriend Lynette and I are all in my room, but instead of my normal bed, there is a king-size bed, and we are all laying on it in our bathing suits, talking about random things. My parents burst in and act as if they had caught Bryan and Lynette having sex or something, because they start pulling extra clothes on and apologizing. I get mad at my mother and grab her by the wrist, demanding an explanation for her irrational actions.

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    8. 6/13/10

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:23 PM
      I am in a strange house where my dad is sitting at a computer. I call my friend Tom on my cell phone, but for some reason we either get disconnected or I hang up. I text Tom my next thought (about playing Bomberman on GBA) and he responds in his snappy way that it is tactless to text someone you just hung up on. I reply that it is only tactless if Bach inspired you to do so (WTF??).

      I woke up at 4:50, so I decided to write this one ^ in a notebook and then go back to sleep. I tried to MILD by repeating 'I will realize that I am dreaming' to myself, but it didn't really work. I do remember the dreams, though.

      I am in a strange city with not very many people. I sit on a bench with a boy and his girlfriend, and when they ask me who I am, I tell them they're not going to believe me, but I'm from the future, I've been sent back to kill someone, but I don't want to. I want to tell them to meet me in the past and tell me to not go back, but I realize that this could create some paradoxical problems.

      I am going to work at some office where a small Indian man is our boss. He tells us that he wants to try new foods, forsaking his country's sacred cow. I put some kielbasa in the microwave for him.

      Vampires are trying to round up and kill a lot of humans, but their plans go awry when only one shows up to the outdoor movie screening they planned. I discover this covert operative and the humans all rebel against it. RAWR. Then I see my friend Starfox with his girlfriend Peggy as we watch the movie. Starfox is smoking a cigarette. I leave and run into some strange man outside of what I believe to be a library. He wants to use my card to get some books, but I hold off until Starfox arrives. Apparently the man is Starfox's (nonexistent) brother. We hang out and watch the sun rise.

      I am in my livingroom at home when my girlfriend Angela comes over. My mom has found a trailer for some new Disney movie about reptiles. It seriously looks freaking awesome, better than Avatar, and I want to see it. Angela and I want to go to the mall or something for a snack, and then my parents decide they want to go too. Angela and I run into some people who think I flipped them off from my front door, but I assure them I was just waving. The mall is weird, and I find Sonic the Hedgehog soft drinks that have codes to download Sonic games on the underside of the cap. I show my dad; he thinks they're cool.

      I am at a party at a house of a family friend. At first I am shooting arrows off their balcony, but then I go downstairs to get a drink. There is a man who is singing while he is peeing, and I finish the line he last sings.

      I am IN that weird made-up Disney reptile movie, and I'm marrying a reptilian version of Angela. Their living place is very weird but decorative. Everything that's going on in this dream is really too confusing to remember.
    9. You're the Dream, Unicorn!

      by , 06-11-2010 at 08:59 PM
      Quote Originally Posted by Ravemaster7 View Post

      A friend, Jon, and I are at some kind of basketball thing for Pitt, but it's in a small building that does not have a basketball court; it kind of resembles my church's fellowship hall. Pitt is on the verge of some groundbreaking win, but they need a little oomph to get them there. I recall something that I own that would help them - an orange button/pin that makes the whole team perform better. I don't have it on me, but Jon tells me that he has one at his house, so we go. We're there in a timeshifting few seconds, and most of his 'house' looks like an outdoor garden. We bullshit around a little and then find the pin in a shoebox. I notice that his is different from what I 'remember'; it has an LCD display that allows some sort of skill adjustment. Jon tells me to hide because his mother and sister are home, so, confused, I follow his shoving motions into a nearby bush. His mom sees me, though, and tells me to come out and talk with them. Jon's mom is blonde, yet this woman's hair is black (in retrospect, I realize it to be another friend's mom). I can't recall what was said between us, but as far as I can tell, we got the pin to the game and helped Pitt win. Go us.